Teen Bedroom Design Ideas

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Teen Bedroom

It is said that on average a child’s attitude and behavior changes about every three years. When it comes to a teenager, however, it may seem at times that happens more in minutes rather than years – which is why, when it comes to designing a Teens Bedroom, consideration during the designing phase should reflect a means of style which can be changed up, or completely redone, as they age and their tastes in style evolves.

There’s nothing more exciting to a Teen than being able to have a space to call all their own within the home. A space that is reflective of their personality, where they can retract from the rest of the world and get caught up in their own. A place that allows them a little distance from the family – while still affording them all the security that having one offers.

Boy's Teen Bedroom

Boy’s Teen Bedroom

Creating a Partnership

When your child was younger, designing their Playroom or Nursery was perhaps a bit easier as you had a larger role in the designing process with your own personal influence and Interior Design Ideas. However, when you are in the planning stages of a Teens Room, it becomes more of a joint effort as the child is now more vocal about his or her likes and dislikes. Thus, designing now becomes more of a partnership in which their opinions will come into consideration as the plan is laid for the overall design of their room.

Girl's Teen Bedroom

Girl’s Teen Bedroom

Tips for Achieving the Perfect Teens Room

  1. Communicate: A critical stage in the process of designing – whether it’s with a Professional Interior Designer, or your child, communication is a key factor. Bring them to the table with their thoughts, ideas, suggestions and take notes. Listen to their needs and requests with the option of compromising.
  2. Define the Function of the Room: Most Teenage Bedrooms serve a multi purpose function; a place to study, a place to sleep, a place to read, a place to watch TV, a place to entertain – and an overall place to just relax and be themselves. Discuss the items you’ll need to incorporate into the room that will satisfy those desires and functions.
  3. Organize for Efficiency: Clutter (although sometimes a staple in a Teens room) only serves for disorganization. Create a plan to store and organize personal belongings, books, equipment, etc. A “place for everything” will give the room a cleaner feel and create an overall less stressful and happier environment.
  4. Choose Multi-functional Furniture: Now-a-days a bed doesn’t have to be just a bed – it can house extra storage or create extra seating for guests, or perhaps it’s where they do their homework. A dresser can serve as a computer docking station, a nightstand or a desktop. There are oodles of creative, functional pieces that a Teen can implement into their bedroom to obtain the maximum benefit out of their space.
  5. Keep it Personal: To a Teenager, their room is their sanctuary. Allow their personality to shine by utilizing their own belongings as much as possible, such as; displaying trophies, photos, collages, books and other items that bring them comfort and familiarity.
  6. Choosing Color: With an abundance of color hues on the market today, Colorization is an important element in a young adults bedroom – which is often the one that causes the most concern for the grownups. Obviously, if you have no problem Painting all four walls purple, there is no issue, however – if keeping the walls a neutral color is more to the your liking, perhaps allowing the Teen to use removable wall art or stencils would be enough to satisfy the occupant and the homeowner.
  7. Light it Up!: Pulling the room together will require a joint effort when choosing the final accessories. With form and function in mind, there will be the need for a comprehensive Lighting Design; such as a table lamp for homework, overhead lighting for daily tasks, and perhaps even an option for ambiant lighting to put a little fun in the room – think Lava Lamps, funky chandeliers, or themed lighting that fits their personality, hobbies or interests.
  8. Window Treatments: Depending on the gender of the teenage occupant, a Window Treatment can be as extravagant – or as simply – as the decor suggests. Taking privacy into consideration would require blinds or shades, but throwing in a fabric selection will also soften the room and add a touch of glamour, coziness and comfort. For a retro look, new options such as Beaded Curtains have returned on the scene and would aid in your Teens quest for a unique twist to their room.
  9. Accessorizing: Final touches to a room can define the personality behind your Teen. They will undoubtedly have an opinion as to which additional components they’d like to see in the room, such as; wall decor, posters, photos, clocks, signs, favorite or special inanimate objects, and other personal selections that helps them to feel at home. Don’t forget to include mirrors in this final selection process – whether male or female, a teenager will enjoy a full length or partial mirror.
  10. Flooring: Whether current flooring is already established or not – a simply throw rug over an existing carpet or hardwood provides an additional touch of color, softness, comfort and another means of bringing personality in your Teens room. If a desk is being utilized, a chair floor pad might be considered to protect any hardwood flooring, as well as allowing the chair to glide easier on any carpet.

Teens Bedroom

Creating a Teen Bedroom Everyone Will Love

With any Interior Design, choices and compromises will part of the planning stages – a Teens Bedroom will prove to be no different. However, by choosing to acknowledge their input, wishes and desires, it may just end bridging the gap between parent and child and will go a long way in pleasing everyone in the household – and wouldn’t that be the perfect end result?

Teen Bedroom Designed by Tracy Garfield

Teen Bedroom Designed by Tracy Garfield

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