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  • Vintage Dresser Adds Charm to Teen Rooms

    Does your teen love the look of old and new creatively mixed, living side by side in one room? Since the second largest furniture item in a bedroom is usually the dresser, a vintage dresser is the per [...]

  • Fab Friday with Julie Thigpen of Belle Maison!

    Welcome to the (almost) weekend! I am SO excited to present Julie Thigpen as todays Fab Friday! Julie is known for her interior design work, her Modern Chic Home boutique, and above all, her absolutel [...]

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    Portfolio, South Shore Decorating [...]

  • Design Challenges: The Lofty Living Room

    We all love high ceilings! They make a room feel spacious, bright, and open, which is why so many homes feature an impressive two-story living or family room. Tall windows flood the space with plenty [...]

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    Designer’s International Antique Carpet Showing by New York City’s Vandenloom

    New York City, a strong and demanding market for Antiques, will be the focus for collectors of traditional, tribal, and village art from European and American private collections starting November 28 [...]

  • Awesome Vintage Beds in Teen Rooms

    Bedroom design often starts with selecting the rooms largest furniture itemthe bed. A vintage bed that has been brought up to current safety standards, gussied up with beautiful bedding, and fitted wi [...]

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    Terena sofa

    TERENA tribe is one of the biggest communities in Brazil, because they have an intense contact with the regional population. Therefore, they had been called by "urban Indians" what had inspired TERENA [...]

  • A Home Based Interior Design Business

    These days many people are considering starting their own business from home to increase family finances. Some people may be redundant or unemployed, while others may have young children at home or de [...]

  • Fab Friday with Monique Valeris

    Are you ready for your daily dose of fab? I'm here with Monique Valeris, the writer behind Decor Musings…one of my go-to sources for inspiration in the world of home decor! Robin Baron: Welcome [...]

  • Tropical Interior Design Trends in Oahu Mansions

    You don't have to search far when it comes to finding ideas for decorating a luxury home in Hawaii. Inspiration lies just outside the door in the beauty of the natural surroundings. The most stylish d [...]

  • Creativity and Your Dreams Last Night.

    I am a serial dreamer. During the night, my mind seems more active than all of the creative thoughts and problem-solving it performs during waking hours. And let me tell you, this is tangent-girl talk [...]

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