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    How to Pick Paint Colors for Your Ceiling

    A lot of times the ceiling gets ignored. I like to think of the ceiling as the 5th wall in the room. Painting your ceiling can give any room an entirely new dimension and overall feel. Some typical in [...]

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    How to Make Your Home Look More Expensive

    Would you like to make your home look more expensive without breaking the bank?  I have 5 tips for getting that luxury look for less.  I call it more splash then cash. #1 on my list is Crown Molding [...]

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    What about the hoops? Orbits, the unique urban chandelier

    As the new generations become sensitive about our planet’s fragility and more excited about reclaiming, recycling and upcycling, the need of combining quality with innovative design becomes esse [...]

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    October’s National Kitchen & Bath Month – Time To Get Started!

    Inspiration can come from just about anywhere. It can change a life, a company, a relationship, a mind, or much more. Us? We’re inspired by a Non-profit organization based out of Richmond called Wor [...]

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    Why Space Planning Affects Your Organization Culture.

    Starting out our adventure to a new office, we want to share with you the ins and outs of our office move so that you can learn from our journey. Generally, at the launch of the full interior design [...]

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    Designer Insights with Tamara Romeo

    Get Inspired! This week, Tamara was featured Terry’sBlinds Designer Insights. A blog featuring prestigious designers around the globe. Take a look at this awesome post featuring Tamara’s design in [...]

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    WOMAN OF THE YEAR: Translating Vision Into Reality

    Our own Tamara Romeo is featured as a nominee for San Diego Magazine’s WOMAN OF THE YEAR award. She is an outstanding leader and motivates the San Diego Office Design team to thrive under her gui [...]

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    Stand Out!

    Stand out! No matter the size of your office space, work environments have the power to produce profitable outcomes and make lasting impressions. We want to tip our hats to the beautiful design of Me [...]

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    Better By Design

    What if all of the time we spent in places like the office, a hospital, or transport stations, could have a positive influence on our happiness and wellbeing? What if the design of an office fostered [...]

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    How to choose the best Pendant lighting for your home

    It’s the classic way of lighting the home – pendant lighting. Well-placed pendant lighting functions as excellent accent lighting in a room. A pendant light on its own often doesn’t give out suf [...]

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    16 Fantastic Examples of Adaptive Reuse in Restaurant Design

    16 Fantastic Examples of Adaptive Reuse in Restaurant Design   There’s nothing quite like enjoying a good, frothy cappuccino in a converted public toilet, right? All snug up against the c [...]

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    3 Principles of Interior Design

    The 3 Principles of Interior Design Account for function, mood and personality in any decorating project with these pointers. By Shari Hiller and Matt Fox   A beautifully decorated interior not only [...]