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Interior Design Ideas

Sunday, December 21st, 2014

Georgian Living

Georgian Interior Design Ideas

Back at the turn of the 17th century, as the traditional English style of design was fading, a new style of interior design was emerging. Not only would it change the way homes were decorated, but it [...]

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Caribbean Interior Entrance

Caribbean Interior Design Ideas

Wanna get away? Don’t we all. Escaping to a tropical island where the beaches are white, the mountains are a shade of blue, and the orchids and begonia’s are always in bloom, may not be beyond the [...]

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5 Library Interior Design Ideas

You don’t have to be an avid collector of books – or even like to read for that matter – in order to entertain the thought of adding a Library Interior Design to your living space. Perha [...]

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Interior Design Ideas For Playrooms

Growing up we all wanted our own space where we could just be a kid – usually that meant somewhere outdoors. Now-a-days children seem to be more confined to the inside, but that doesn’t mean t [...]

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Home Staging

The Benefits of Home Staging

Have you been, or are you thinking of, trying to sell your home? We all know that in today’s market that can be challenging. By utilizing a few techniques for Home Staging, you’ll be attracting ma [...]

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Painting Splash of Color

Painting: Hiring a Professional Painter Makes Cents

Have you been thinking of heading down to the local hardware store to buy a gallon or three of paint, a cheap paintbrush, maybe a drop cloth (if you remember it), the paint roller and pan that’s on [...]

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Gothic Inspired Kitchen

Gothic Interior Design Ideas

Surrounded in mystery and misunderstood for centuries, the term Gothic is usually summed up in two words; dark and medieval – but that would actually be a bit misleading. Mythical, religious, ri [...]

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To Blog or Not To Blog

How Blogging Attracts More Clients to your Interior Design Business

Many interior designers often ask us why blogging is so important and how it can benefit them. This article (which is in our blog section) will help explain what blogging actually is and its benefits. [...]

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5 Kitchen Interior Design Ideas

As the saying goes, “the kitchen is the heart of the home”. No matter how much square footage your kitchen may boast, it still remains the one true heartfelt focal point in your living space. It [...]

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Sheer Origami Orange

A Digital Perspective

This article was contributed by guest author Cheri Freund, a digital media artist. The wonderful thing about being a diversified Digital Artist is the unlimited creative applications. Industries serve [...]

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