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Interior Design Ideas

Monday, December 22nd, 2014


Patio & Porch Design Ideas

Try to imagine a hot summer day, your lemonade glass perspiring in your hand, a neighbor waving to you from across the street or stopping by to shoot the breeze, your family gathering after dinner … [...]

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Aishah Coleman Interior Designer

Interior Designer Aishah Coleman Delivers Peace, Comfort & Serenity

What does your home represent to you? That can be a very big question for a homeowner as it can mean many different things on many different levels. According to Aishah Coleman of AC Design & Deve [...]

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Decorative Painter Anita Roll Works Magic With Murals

Interior Designing is a common term most of us are acquainted with, however, it is also a very broad term when it comes to all the many different skills designers can possess – just ask Anita Ro [...]

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Many choices of media for art production…

This article was contributed by guest author Cheri Freund, a digital media artist. The  advantages of being a digital artist is the choice of medium in which the final work of art can be produced. Th [...]

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Facebook: Business Pages Vs. Personal Profiles

Have you discovered the benefits of using Facebook for your business? In a nutshell, they are numerous and growing every day! Using Facebook to promote your business only makes sense given the explosi [...]

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Insitute for Patient-Centered Design, Inc.

Patient-Centered Design Empowers The Patient

Every once in a while someone steps forward to bring attention to a cause, an industry, or a service that has potential to change lives for the better. Every once in awhile someone will roll up their [...]

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5 Retro Interior Design Ideas

Are you partial to the way homes use to be decorated in the 50’s, 60, or 70’s? Do you miss your Mom’s shag carpeting or the black and white checkered linoleum floor that you found down at the di [...]

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6 Master Bathroom Interior Design Ideas

There are very few places in your home, if any, where you can go that will result in the ultimate escape – where you can feel pampered, revived and rejuvenated. However, the good news is that if [...]

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How To Find an Interior Designer

How To Find An Interior Designer

Whether you have recently moved to a new home, a new office, or simply have been staring at the same sofa in the same spot for the past twenty years … you may be at the point where you are consideri [...]

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Bring Nature Indoors

This article was submitted by guest author Jan Hales. Jan is an Allied Member of ASID located in Louisiana. If you like this article, leave a comment below and we’ll make sure to invite Jan back [...]

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