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Interior Design Ideas

Friday, December 19th, 2014

Facebook Send

How to Use Facebook’s Newly Announced “Send” Button

Facebook, on it’s continual journey to improve its site and its functions, has just announced the release of the new “Send” button. Almost marking the one year anniversary since the “Like” b [...]

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Maison Bertet Karma Sectional Sofa Set

Maison Bertet Delivers The Extra Ingredient in Customer Service

Basing your company’s integrity on the product that you offer your consumers and clients is a worthy achievement in which many businesses strive hard for … however; when you are a furniture compan [...]

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Pure DKNY Rainwater Bedding Collection

DKNY Pure Comfort Bedding Collection

Sweet dreams abound with this Pure DKNY Pure Comfort Rainwater Bedding Collection by Donna Karan Home Collections. Your bedroom will never again leave you feeling deprived of a luxurious night’s [...]

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Wall Art by Carol Ruth Weber

Interior Design Tips for Hanging Art and Accessories

This article was submitted by guest author Carol Ruth Weber, of Weber Life Design. Carol, an Interior Designer and Personal Life Assistant, has 27 years experience in the field of design. Sip a cup of [...]

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Suzanne Lasky Interior Designer

Interior Designer Suzanne Lasky Delivers

Interior Designers are known for their expertise in transforming otherwise lifeless or non-functional spaces into undeniable works of living art that positively influence those that reside or even vis [...]

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Color Wheel

Why Should You Hire a Color Consultant?

Whether you are in the process of moving and want a fresh coat of paint for your new surroundings, or if the outside of your home is in need of a little Color Consulting of its own, you will be faced [...]

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Sunroon Conservatory

Sunroom Design Ideas & Tips

As a homeowner, you are faced with many Designing Questions – from the very beginning of design planning, all the way to end. One decision you may want to consider is adding a Sunroom Design. No [...]

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facebook questions screenshot

Use Facebook’s Question Tool For Your Interior Design Page

Many Interior Designers have discovered the power of social marketing to attract new clients. Facebook is quickly allowing the Design Industry a unique, multi-functional platform in which you can Enga [...]

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Volcano Color Lava Stone by Couleur

You’ve probably seen this timeless, beautiful, natural element on numerous products that you’ve encounter everyday; lamps, tables, sculptures, garden statues, kitchen and bathroom areas … bu [...]

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Feng Shui

Common Feng Shui Mistakes

This article was submitted by guest author Manuel Gil of Feng Shui At Work located in Dallas, Texas. Feng Shui At Work was founded by Michael Schnippering in 1999 and offers services in the United Sta [...]

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