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Interior Design Ideas

Sunday, December 21st, 2014


Interactive EyePlay™ Brings Magic to Interior Design

Transforming every day, ordinary living spaces into magical, interactive wonderlands just got a bit easier with the latest invention of EyePlay™ – an interactive gaming system designed by Eye [...]

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The Decorista

The Decorista, Interior Designer Ashlina Kaposta

Is there a secret to an interior design that results in “domestic bliss”? According to Interior Designer Ashlina Kaposta, domestic bliss is not only a state of mind, but it’s easily achieved in [...]

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Mark Candelaria

Exquisite Architecture by Mark Candelaria

It all begins with a concept that’s formed when the pen meets the paper – and the rest is then history. Mark Candelaria, owner of Candelaria Design Associates in Phoenix, Arizona, makes it [...]

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dwell on design logo

Dwell on Design 2011

Press Release LOS ANGELES, CA (May 31, 2011) – Dwell on Design (, the West Coast’s largest Design Event, returns to the Los Angeles Convention Center June 24-26, 2011. Cu [...]

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Interior Designer Jan Hales

Discovering what life has in store for us is a wonderful journey all on its own.  Interior Designer Jan Marie Hales, owner of Jan Hales Designs in Birmingham, Alabama, knew her life path would invol [...]

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Modern Corporea Collection Tiles

Corporea Collection of Tiles by Keros

Transforming walls into works of art is a challenge many Interior Designers face in the midst of designing for a client. When thinking outside the box, you may want to consider The Corporea Collection [...]

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Carmella Abella

Home Staging and Interior Design by Carmela Abella

Accentuating the positive, increasing traffic flow, and transforming the ordinary into the spectacular is what Carmela Abella, owner of Abella Home Staging and Redesign in Long Island, New York, accom [...]

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Outdoor Seating

Interior Design Tip: Moving Outdoors for the Nice Weather

This article was submitted by guest author Carol Ruth Weber, of Weber Life Design. Carol, an Interior Designer and Personal Life Assistant, has 27 years experience in the field of design. With the sun [...]

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modern laundry room design idea interior

Smart Laundry Room Design Ideas

It happens to everyone … you have a gathering at your home for family and friends and eventually one of your guests wanders off to take a peek behind closed doors – and that’s when your dirt [...]

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