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Go Bohemian in the Bedroom

More than any other interior design concept, Bohemian can be a lifelong obsession for a well-balanced theme. The idea centers on specific memories and tastes, seemingly eclectic, and collected piece by piece rather than simply put together over a few…

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What Is a Certified Interior Designer?

Have you contemplated hiring an Interior Designer? Have you wondered if you would be able to know if the designer was certified, licensed or even qualified for your project – and what, exactly, can a Certified Interior Designer Offer You that an unce…

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Principles to Consider When Hiring an Interior Designer

Sometimes, even when we ask all the right questions and take our time making a decision as important as Hiring an Interior Designer, the basic principles of doing business can be forgotten … common courtesy, customer service, trustworthiness, and com…

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What Interior Designers Can Do For You

Choosing to pick up the phone and call an Interior Designer is a decision that usually doesn’t come easy or without hesitation. Most of us might be a little intimidated to call on professionals for projects we are considering to tackle. But the truth…

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10 Questions Your Interior Designer May Ask YOU

Have you recently come to the conclusion that you are ready to take the next step towards hiring an Interior Designer? You’ve done your research, you’ve set up a couple of interviews with local designers, and you’ve armed yourself with the Questions …

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How To Find An Interior Designer

Whether you have recently moved to a new home, a new office, or simply have been staring at the same sofa in the same spot for the past twenty years … you may be at the point where you are considering hiring an Interior Designer.

So where do you s…

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How Much Does An Interior Designer Cost?

When choosing to hire an Interior Designer, you are not only paying for their services, but perhaps more importantly; their knowledge.

Whether you are needing your entire house transformed into a glamorous Georgian Interior Design, or you simp…

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Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Interior Designer

Most of us hem and haw over important decisions (especially those that will cause us to open our pocketbooks) for fear of making a mistake – or worse yet; having regrets. Choosing to hire an Interior Designer would fall into that category – it’s an i…

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Coastal Interior Design by Valerie Pugliese

Interior Designer Valerie Pugliese

Finding inspiration for your Interior Design is half the battle when considering a room make over, or tackling a remodeling project. Interior Designer Valerie Pugliese, owner of Designs by Valerie, be [...]

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Z Gallerie Announces Contest to “Chill” at the W Hotel

Everyone loves a good party – and Z Gallerie is determined to make sure their loyal clients, customers, and Facebook fans get a chance to do just that by offering not just one, but two contests [...]

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A Virtual To-The-Trade Showroom Opens Its Doors

A New Online Concept For Members Of The Design Community, a new online showroom that provides the opportunity for the interiors community to design, specify and purchase products [...]

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Brasa Avanti

Brasa’s Ventless Fire Lamp

If your idea of romance and warmth involve snuggling by a glowing fire emanating from beneath a beautiful hearth with just the right measure of flicker and flame – but you are denied the comfort [...]

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7 Restaurant Interior Design Ideas

Eating out is nothing new in our culture, even in a down economy the Restaurant business seems to be holding its own as we still seek the pleasure, convenience and ambiance of dining out. Recognizing [...]

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