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Interior Design Ideas

Saturday, December 20th, 2014

Move Your Interior Design Inventory With Studio Webware

This article was submitted by Wallene Reimer of A&B Professional Services, Inc. Nearly all new designers that I work with are very insistent with me that they do not need to know how to deal with [...]

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ballet table1

Ballet & Lounge Tables

Ballet and furniture mixes well in this ballerina-inspired stunning piece aptly named the “Giselle lounge table” by designer Anna Neklesa. In this passionate and exquisite art piece the de [...]

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Recyclable “Butter Chair” For The Nature Lover In You!

Nicholas Karlovasitis and Sarah Gibson teamed up together with their ideas and sustainability practices to produce nature-friendly pieces and the “Butter Chair” is one of them. You’d certainly t [...]

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The Maxhedron – A Jewel Of A Find

Geometry has never been more appealing in this one-of-a-kind geometric lamp by Bec Brittain. The translucent and mirrored surfaces of the “Maxhedron” make for an interesting and dynamic light piec [...]

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Erich Ginder’s Dot/Dash Lamps For Your Home

Have a hankering for great lamps with a unique touch? You will surely be captivated by Erich Ginder’s Dot/Dash lamps available in a variety of colors either opaque or translucent. They make for an i [...]

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Sneak Peak at Dwell on Design 2012

DWELL ON DESIGN: MODERN BEYOND EXPECTATIONS The West Coast’s Largest Design Show Explores All Aspects of the Modern Lifestyle LOS ANGELES, CA (March 13, 2012) – Dwell on Design (www.dwellondes [...]

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open loft

Building Out an Open Loft for Your Children

Designing your children’s room may be somewhat difficult especially if you do not have any ideas on how to organize the space properly. If this is the case, you can try an open-loft design in which [...]

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Course Materials For: “Get Qualified Leads Without Buying Them” Training Session

If you attended our first training session about how to get qualified leads without buying them, we’d like to thank you for joining us. There was a great turn out, and even better, you provided [...]

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What to charge for Interior Design

What to Charge for Interior Design

Know What You and Your Services Are Worth Individuals and companies across the globe eagerly spend large sums of money for interior designers who are worth their weight in gold. These private and corp [...]

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Following the success of SBID’s inaugural design awards at Maison & Objet, in September 2011, SBID is proud to accept submissions for the 2012 International Design Awards. This year the prestigi [...]

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