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Saturday, December 20th, 2014

Antique image

Designer’s International Antique Carpet Showing by New York City’s Vandenloom

New York City, a strong and demanding market for Antiques, will be the focus for collectors of traditional, tribal, and village art from European and American private collections starting November 28 [...]

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David Schaf

New Jersey Designer Sees Projects as Sum of Their Parts

David Schaf sees interior design as a sum of its parts. It isn’t enough, he says, to choose a pretty pillow or a piece of art – a designer has to capture the client’s unique personality [...]

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New Jersey Interior Designer Grew Up Immersed in Industry

Jennifer Pacca grew up immersed in the construction and design industries. The president of Jennifer Pacca Interiors, which she founded in 2012 in Hillsdale, N.J., developed a love for fashion and th [...]

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Custom Wallpaper by Artistic Homeowner

Monroe NY Registered Nurse Doubles as President of Mural Ecommerce Business

Lisa Herbik balances working as a registered nurse with serving as president of Artistic Homeowner. The business, founded in  2005 in Monroe, NY by experienced internet business owners, graphic ar [...]

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365 Gathered Truths

Belle and June Offers Unique Holiday Gift Possibilities

With the holidays just around the corner, many people are searching for unique gifts for their loved ones. Belle and June, a Chicago-based home decor company, is one option for those searching for unu [...]

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Krish Deco Limited Offers Premium Drapery Hardware

The finishing touches make all the difference. When it comes to decorative hardware for drapery, quality should come first. We recently came a cross a Canadian drapery hardware company, Deco & De [...]

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BK Barrit Waiting Room

BK Barrit Offers Innovative Seating Solutions

BK Barrit works with the owners of  a variety of businesses or facilities to create chairs perfectly suited for their respective situation. The business, based in Valley Forge, Penn. and founded in 1 [...]

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Purificare-US Brings European Style to American Bathrooms

New York City’s Purificare-US fuses style with wellness with its modern, state-of-the-art European bathroom  products that transform garden variety bathrooms into spas. The importer/distributor [...]

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