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English Country Interior Design Ideas


The wonderful thing about choosing an English Country interior design for your home is that it allows you to draw inspiration from many different eras, or periods of time. If you think about it, this particular style of interior decorating makes the designing process a whole lot of fun – as you will surely feel like you are on a treasure hunt when selecting your furnishings and decor.

Rich in colors and patterns, and almost elegant in style, the English Country design usually consists of furnishings that are representative of a time past – or they have a generational meaning such as a family heirloom that has been handed down. Unlike Contemporary interior design, which dictates a minimalistic approach to decor, the English Country style leans in almost the exact opposite direction – the more “stuff”, the better.

English Country Interior Designed Living Space

Accessorizing is Key in English Country Design

Accessories are one of the main components to decorating with an English Country design in mind. Everything from collectibles to furniture to wall art is permissible and encouraged. Which is why this style can be such a creative and enjoyable experience! If you relish in having the things you love out and about and on display, then you’ll thoroughly enjoy this designing process! English Country is so embedded with history and old world charm that your home will feel as it always has a story to tell. However, pulling all the elements together for just the right tone, may require the use of an experienced English Country interior designer, who specializes in helping you achieve just the right balance suited to your lifestyle.

English Country Bedroom

This beautiful and inviting bedroom is representative of English Country interior design. Notice the rich, dark pattern on the bedding, which contrasts with the elegant punch of color on the throw pillow and highlights the softness of the cream comforter. This bed is overstuffed, over accessorized, and at the same time it’s luxurious, indulging, and very welcoming. The dresser at its side is also abundant with accessories; lighting, florals, candlesticks – more “stuff”. The wall is deep in color and framed with photos that compliment the color scheme and literally tell a story about this home and its occupants. A perfect retreat for the end of the day.

Elements of English Country Design

  • Walls and Floors: Colors and patterns are one of the most prominent features of the English Country style. Depending on your taste, you can select from bright and vivid color combinations all the way down the scale to dark, rich, earthy tones. You’ll find that floral wallpaper is usually the status quo, but if that’s not to your liking, the use of deep, rich colors will serve you nicely. Floors are generally finished in deep hues of hardwood, but don’t forget the throw rug to tie it all together.
  • Window Treatments: A major element for the English Country design. Heavy draperies with a floral or “busy” pattern is the norm. Tie the pattern and colors in with other accessories such as throw pillows, throw rugs, and table linens.
  • Furniture: Leather and velvet are popular options, however, the emphasis should be on period pieces – items that have a worn, old fashioned look – furniture that resembles days long gone. Bulky, overstuffed pieces are as acceptable as dainty and proper pieces. No matter your decision, your aim is to be comfortable and inviting.
  • Accessories: Less is not more when going with an English Country interior design. As previously stated, the more stuff, the better. Throw pillows, collectibles, florals, artwork – all of these and then some should be considered. Oak cabinets, hutches, dressers, tabletops, all work well for displaying your treasures.
  • Lighting: Lamps, lamps, and more lamps. Try selecting unique pieces that will add another chapter to your story telling. Choose brass over chrome or other metals – wood will also do nicely. Lamp shades should be used where ever possible to pull off that warm, cozy, comfty feel.
English Country Interior Designed Living Space

English Country Style Living Space

English Country Design – Not Just For England

Although the English Country style has deep roots in England, it still works beautifully in today’s society no matter what country you call home. Don’t be afraid to explore this fabulous and creative way of staging your living space.

If you’d like to explore more designing options for decorating with an English Country feel, or perhaps you’d like to be inspired by more interior design ideas, please check out our Interior Design Photos Gallery or browse our Interior Designer Directory for qualified design firms.


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