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7 Garage Organization Ideas


If you are like most people, Garage Organization is somewhere on your “to do” list and doesn’t rank very high on that list, either. No one likes to give up their weekend or free time to organize the garage. However, with a little bit of creativity, and the use of a few strategically placed gadgets, you can achieve a Feng Shui Interior Design experience right where you park your car!

No longer simply a means to store your vehicles and outdoor equipment, the garage has (now-a-days) become an extension of your home; and like your home, there are many creative ways you can tackle the clutter and create a space that is organized, stress free, and actually enjoyable to be in.

DIY Garage Organization

DIY (do it yourself) projects for organizing your garage are becoming increasingly popular due to the easy access we have to home improvement stores. With a few simple items in your cart, a little commitment, and a few hours to spare, you can well be on your way to an organized, de-cluttered garage that will cause you to leave the garage door open for all your neighbors to admire.

However, for those of you who can’t seem to actually get those purchased storage items out of your truck and into the garage, you can always enlist the help of a professional Garage Organizer to take that responsibility off your shoulders.

Garage Organized with Totes and Brackets

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Simple Essentials for Garage Organization

  • Rubber Totes: A must have in any garage, no matter what system you incorporate for storage. Use them to stash everything from tools, to Christmas paper, to overstocked household supplies. Employ a labeling system to mark the outside of the totes accordingly for easy identification. Totes are easily stacked and perfect for keeping out moisture, dirt and other elements.
  • Shelving: Visit your local hardware store and you’ll be overwhelmed with shelving solutions. Free standing units are the easiest and most popular method of organizing the totes and other individual items such as gardening supplies, hardware and tools.
  • Pegboard: An easy organizing solution to securely hang items up – instead of leaving them on the floor. Simply secure the pegboard to your wall and use peg hooks, baskets and bins to organize everything from your kid’s bicycles to nuts, bolts, tools, rakes, shovels, ladders, and all that’s in between.
  • Plywood: Using a sheet of plywood accomplishes basically the same thing as pegboard, except you don’t have to use specialty hardware – any type of hooks or screws will work. Using plywood to adhere the hardware to will also save your drywall from being damaged.

Professional Garage Organization

Taking Garage Organization One Step Further

  • Cabinets: Installing ready built cabinets not only contains the clutter, but it hides it beautifully as well. Once again, these are easily purchased from your hardware store, or have them custom build to your specifications.
  • Professional Storage Systems: More than shelving alone, a professional storage system will consist of everything you need to get the most out of your wall space, including; brackets, baskets, shelves, hooks, and maybe more importantly; a plan to put it all together. Many different variations are available depending on your particular needs and garage size.
  • Lighting: Probably not something you would have considered when first deciding to organize the garage, but definitely worth looking into. If you think about it, one of the main reasons you might have clutter and disorganization is simply because you can’t navigate in the dim light that is generally installed in garages. Strategically placed track lighting will make it much easier to put things where they belong, as well as allowing you to easily find that rubber tote marked “Christmas decorations”.

Organize Your Ideas with Pen and Paper

No matter which option – or combination of options – you choose when implementing your organizing ideas, you should always start with the same set of tools: pen and paper. Sketching out your ideas beforehand should always come first so as to help you avoid making mistakes, which could lead to huge holes in your walls, or having to move heavy shelving units – or worse yet; wasted time. Taking ten minutes to sketch out your plan of action will save you many headaches down the road and make the project a breeze to complete.

To gather more ideas and inspiration that will help you in all aspects of designing your living spaces, visit our gallery of Interior Design Ideas and Photos. Professional help is also always available when you need it by stopping by our Interior Designer Directory and browsing our highly qualified designing firms.


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21 Responses to “7 Garage Organization Ideas”
  1. Margaret says:

    Saved as a favorite, I really like your site! :)

  2. Wall organizers are great choice for holding different things and tools. It will also help you save a lot of space inside your garage. 

  3. This is a very helpful post. Most homeowners would really neglect organizing the garage however it is nice that there are tips like this that can help them into transforming that garage. 

  4. This is a very nice post. Majority of people would really put off organizing their garages. It is good to note that there are resources available that cam make this task fun and enjoyable. 

  5. The best way to start organizing your garage is to sort through all of the stuff you will be storing there. Make separate piles of gardening tools, work tools, sports equipment, etc. Keep things that are similar together or things that you will use the most often together.  

  6. plumbing says:

    Most of us are not aware on how to organize our garage. And because of our busy  days, we neglect to organize the things inside our garage. Sometimes we need to give time doing it or else let the professionals do it for you.

  7. It is a fact that a lot of homeowners do not prioritize the organizing of their items stored in their garages that much. By organizing your garage, you can sort out items and throw out those that are no longer needed. Also, much space will be saved just by doing this.

  8. plumbing says:

    We need to be organized not only in our things but also in our life. Because being organize in our tings keep this in proper location. Being organize in our life  help us to make a better decision.

  9. Gone are the days when a garage was merely an area for parking the car as well as storing items that are of little or no use. The garage is now being given a better life of its own, home owners are now realizing the significant space that can be maximized and transformed into a more functional part of the house.

  10. Well if you want to find your tools they are best putting them into the garage and making it the home of your tools..otherwise you will waste time searching the home for a screw,hammer etc.

  11. DIY Garage Storage says:

    Go check out if you are looking a great but also AFFORDABLE way to organize your garage via garage shelving kits.

  12. Kerita Kantz says:

    Bulls-eye on the pen and paper! In essence, that’s the first step to an organized garage, as you take into account the current state of your garage, allowing you to properly plan out what it needs to improve. You can also set a schedule to map out a route to avoid wasted time once you get started on work.

  13. Equipping an imaginary staircase into furniture is really a fun and creative idea to add a spice up to your old set! However, if you’re really thinking about people climbing up your furniture, be sure to have it done in the sturdiest way. Furniture where entertainments sets are on are among those you might be thinking about.

  14. The garage is a very useful room because it can be used as a storage area aside from the conventional purpose of being a parking space. In recent years, this room is also being utilized for other purposes such as a studio or even as an additional bedroom. Whatever purpose your garage is serving you, it is important to keep this organized to maximize the space. These ideas you have shared are very useful and will certainly benefit anyone who has a garage. Thank you for posting.

  15. The garage need not to be taken for granted as this space can serve a variety of purposes aside from its original purpose which is to keep cars safe. The items that we keep in the garage can be organized in such a way that we are able to maximize the use of the space with the help of proper stacking and the addition of shelves as well as cabinets for starters.

  16. Excellent tips.. The information is very useful for me in all the ways.

  17. it is some nice information.. thanks


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