The Jewel Box System by Tracy Glover Studios

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Jewel Box System

What’s “old is new again” has never been more evident than when you analyze trends in current styles of Interior Design. Take, for instance, this stunning beaded curtain from Tracy Glover Studios’ Jewel Box System. Although reminiscent of the 1960’s, this beautifully designed, jewel tone, glass curtain definitely brings a 21st century glamor to any residential or business space.

Jewel Box System

Tracy’s unique and creative approach to this stunning version of a Window Treatment begins with hand-blown glass orbs that are made to order in several different variances of shapes – and then attached to a stainless steel cable to create the length you desire. The color hues available are endless, as well as being able to select a complimentary pattern of stripes, lace, bubbles or even ribbed glass.

JewelBox Drawing

An Artist’s Rendering of Using Jewels Above a Counter

Tracy’s debut at the 24th Annual ICFF (International Contemporary Furniture Flair) has propelled her Jewel Box System to the forefront of the Interior Design Industry as being a multi-functional, delightful and vibrant means of bringing an accessory into any room that hungers for a touch of style within its current decor.

So Much More Than a Window Treatment

JewelBox PendantAlthough utilizing these dazzling, glamorous glass beads in front of a sunlit window is an obvious choice…it’s not their only purpose – which makes this Jeweled Box System all the more alluring and compatible within a multitude of spaces and decor.

It’s so easy to envision these vibrant glass orbs partnering with a current Lighting Design – whether accessorizing the light fixture or simply accompanying one. Or perhaps drape from the ceiling as a stunning, conversational room divider that offers form and function for the design style at hand. The ideas are endless.

No matter which use you choose, whether in combination with an existing decor element or as a stand alone accessory, Tracy’s Jewel Box System will afford you another means of providing a creative, unique approach to decorating and designing any job on your agenda.

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