Making Something More Out of Your Home Library

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Create a lovely home library in a double level room
Create a lovely home library in a double level room

Create a lovely home library in a double level room

Are you a lover of books? Then, it is not surprising if adding a home library to your dream house plan would be on the top of your list!

As a book lover, you want your possessions to be displayed not just in their good places. You want them to be safe as well. But more than that, you want that place to be nice-looking and comfortable for a perfect reading atmosphere.

Well, making that possible is no longer a hard task today. For there are now places and professionals where you can find the help required in making your dream home library, a reality. But before you proceed with the interior design plan for your dream home library, you need to take care of the overall design of your dream home first. That’s what the Acadiana Home Design can help you with!

Going back with your dream home library, you should know by now that modern homes are no longer just about bedrooms, living rooms, dining space or bathrooms. Yes, all these spaces constitute the basic rooms in any homes. But, an increasing number of home owners now desire to add more dimensions to their dwelling places. In any case, this just answers the necessities of a home library. In fact, this is just a necessity now. It even became one of the hottest trends in the world as well.

What a Home Library Symbolizes

Home libraries do not just symbolize aptitude anymore. They became the best way of expressing their love to books. By expressing your love to books, it covers keeping them at a comfortable and elegant place within your home. What better way to meet these two requirements than implementing interior design ideas!

Home Library Interior Designing – Something Important to Keep in Mind

A secret door (bookshelf) to your home library

A secret door (bookshelf) to your home library

Books may simply piled high on the floor. But, as someone who respects the value of these items, it is in your utmost desire to place your most loved possessions on nice bookshelves.

Having good bookshelves is the most important thing you need to keep in mind. After all, it is also the most basic requirement you need to include on your home library home design.

More than how the bookshelves look, you also need to ensure if they can secure your books. See if the bookshelves are installed well. Also, it is better to choose simple –looking shelves for your books. Avoid adding a lot of decorations on them, such as the wood carvings.

Just leave them to where they should be. There are book arrangements and accessories you can use to add depth in it. Of course, it is also important to choose the right bookshelves that suit your home library and the specific interior design you have in mind.

Make Your Home Library More Homey, But with a Look of Elegance. How?

Home libraries are distinguished most of the time by their cozy and comfortable decors. Most of the time, these make your home space a favorite place for homeowners. It does not matter if you are going to make this space as your office and utilize it as a place where you can comfortably read. You’d want your home library to look attractive and offer that touch of elegance for your benefit.

How can you do that?

First Things First

DIY your own window seat and built-in bookshelves

DIY your own window seat and built-in bookshelves

To start with the interior designing of your home library, you need to first choose best space for the home area. It is best to choose a place that offers enough wall space. If not, that’s when more of your creative and innovative skills will be of use. It is possible to create a beautiful, comfortable and elegant home library. All you have to do is incorporate decoration elements as well.

What are these decorating elements of home library?

  • Walls – Paint It!
Creat a cozy reading nook

Creat a cozy reading nook

You are a book lover. Thus, it is expected that you’ll spend a lot of your time at your home library once it is all completed. Hence, you’ll also want to make a cozy environment out of it. One good way of doing that is by painting the walls with favorable paint colors for reading. Brown and dark gray are good color options.

Dark colors are good options for a perfect backdrop for the space. These are good options as they automatically create that classic library appearance while featuring that traditional or Victorian look. Don’t forget to let the walls stand out.

Simply combine the walls with crisp doors, moldings and white. For the ceiling, it would look better if it will have an additional height feel with the use of white paint. For the finishing touch, accent the wall by applying damask wallpaper.

  • Furniture – Add!
Add a mini home library in your sitting room

Add a mini home library in your sitting room

You’ve got the bookshelves. To give you more idea, you can get bookshelves made from dark-stained wood. You have the option of getting floor-to-ceiling or simple bookshelves. The arrangement of the book also plays an important role on how your library would look.

So, make sure to arrange them well. When there are books, there should also be seating furniture! Incorporate a couch or chair in the interior design. Feature seating furniture that uses comfortable fabrics like chenille or leather. To complete the design of home library, an end table and coffee table must also be present.

  • Lighting – Install a Variety of Them!
A bookworm's dream place

A bookworm’s dream place

Your own library is a place where you will probably spend most of your time inside the house, reading books or some papers. Therefore, it is important for the home library space to have an adequate light. There are various options for lighting that you can add up. You can have a floor lamp that can be placed next to a chair or couch, brass-base lamps, recessed ceiling lights and more. For the finishing touches, you can add a fireplace to bring that soft flow and create a cozy appearance if you prefer.

  • Accessories and Décor
Partition with a huge bookcase

Partition with a huge bookcase

There are a lot of décor options you can use and add to your library. You could lay a rug on the floor, hang some artwork, decorate some Boston fern and place a knit throw on the couch’s arm to add up comfort while reading. Use enough accessory items to keep a home library atmosphere.

You’ve got what you needed. What’s next? If you wish to ask help from a professional, you can always do so. As what’s mentioned above, you can use Acadiana Home Design for their home designs if you are just starting your dream home library. Then, simply hire a professional interior designer to take care of the interior of the house and your library, or do it yourself.