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Posted by: Sheree Vincent

Designed for Summer Parties!

  • Fireplace Detail

    Fireplace Detail

    Found this vintage cat in a local Mid-Century Mod. shop
  • Patio Overview

    Patio Overview

    This Patio features 3 distinct areas for entertaining. The dining area, Fireplace area, and Grilling area. In addition there is also a childrens area!
  • Dining Area

    Dining Area

    Tri-angular shaped table
  • Dining Table Detail

    Dining Table Detail

  • Dining Area

    Dining Area

  • Fireplace Lounging

    Fireplace Lounging

  • Fireplace Detail

    Fireplace Detail

  • Grilling Area

    Grilling Area

  • Fireplace Entertaining

    Fireplace Entertaining

  • Childrens Area

    Childrens Area


This Mid-Century Modern Outdoor Room compliments the interior of the home and offers 3 wonderful areas to entertain in!