Philips Omega: SOL6 LED Luminaire

Advances in LED technology have contributed to drastic reductions in energy consumption, while still allowing for excellent luminaire performance.

Philips Omega has placed itself at the leading edge of this revolution by bringing efficient, technologically advanced lighting solutions to the marketplace. One of the most recent additions to their LED product offering is the SOL6 luminaire: the thinnest 1000 lumen LED system in the world.

The SOL6 is a precision lighting instrument with contemporary styling that blends with the architecture of a space, allowing visual components of the luminaire to be a subtle surprise to the eye. The SOL6 offers unmatched quality, performance, and efficiency.

The SOL6 embarks on a new era in lighting as it transforms environments while enhancing the lighting experience. New form factors have emerged and designers are no longer tied to traditional ways of providing functional lighting to a space. The SOL6 helps create an atmosphere that strengthens the concept of the design, while providing more efficient lighting that will replace conventional light sources.

The outer rim of the SOL6 luminaire interfaces with the ceiling, ensuring the smooth visual integration of the fixture in the space. The technologically advanced optical LED system redirects the light output from the array of 16 LEDs outward with maximum efficacy and glare control. Dimming is standard on all SOL6 luminaires which further allows for a pleasing lighting experience.

Available in semi-recessed, adjustable and pendant mount, the SOL6 luminaire is the perfect solution for offices, retail spaces, meeting rooms, corridors or other spaces requiring impressive lighting.