Robert Petril

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Robert Petril Interior Designer

Robert Petril Interior Designer“Anyone can recognize when something is beautiful, the secret is … to take the time and learn why it is.” That is Interior Designer Robert Petril thinking outside the box. It is with this type of creative, edgy approach to design that has catapulted Robert into becoming one of the hottest new furniture and Interior Designers in the country.

Creator of the new “Lounge” line of furniture that is being featured everywhere from the Las Vegas Marketplace to the showroom floors of SofaMart and Rapport International Furniture, this Pennsylvania Interior Designer is proving to be a force to be reckoned with – inside and outside of the home.

Robert’s talent as a designer came a bit later on in life after a lengthy and successful career of following in his father’s footsteps as a “mesmerising” furniture salesman. According to Robert, his dad was the “best pitch man” that ever was and he had high hopes for his son building on those inherited genes and procuring his own spot on the ladder of salesmanship.

Robert Petril Interior Design

However, after years of following his dad’s lead and successfully gaining ground and notoriety as a salesman in the furniture business, Robert ditched the suit and tie and decided to unleash an untapped area in his heart, one that may have been instilled by his earlier years of observing the crafty nature of his mother – a creative side that taught him happiness comes in many different forms.

Robert Petril Apartment Design

Robert Petril Apartment Design

Robert’s true passion was unveiled when he was given the chance to use his creative influence by conceiving and designing a furniture piece. It wasn’t long after his initial design was created and sold that his untapped talent emerged and became embedded in his heart which proved to be a turning point in not only his life and career, but in his ability to find happiness.

Robert Petril Living Room Design

It’s no surprise Robert has become a major player in the field of product design, product development, merchandising, marketing and consulting. His creative blog “Design on the Edge” has allowed him to showcase his works in all categories of design, be it; Residential Interiors, commercial, product creation or even his own line of T-Shirts.

Robert Petril Lounge Collection

Robert Petril Lounge Collection

“If you can dream it, you can do it” is a philosophy Robert Petril believes in and successfully achieves for not only himself, but for those that entrust him with their own wants and needs of finding the perfect product, creating a fabulous retail display, or whipping up an amazing interior design.

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