The Decorista, Interior Designer Ashlina Kaposta

The DecoristaIs there a secret to an interior design that results in “domestic bliss”? According to Interior Designer Ashlina Kaposta, domestic bliss is not only a state of mind, but it’s easily achieved in your living space as well by using a bit of imagination and thinking outside of the box when it comes to gathering Interior Design Ideas for your home.

Ashlina, founder and creator of ‘The Decorista’, believes that the key to designing a successful interior lies not only within your creative imagination, but in seeking out the perfect inspirational piece that will serve to sew the entire patchwork of ideas together, thus creating the perfectly designed room for your family and lifestyle.

Located in New York City, Ashlina’s Interior Design style has been cultivated and perfected by collaborating alongside one of the top Interior Design firms in Los Angeles, California. With extensive knowledge gained from working in residential and Commercial Interior Design, as well as utilizing a distinct set of skills acquired via visual merchandising for large retail chains, Ashlina has brought forth a creative and successful approach to fulfilling any clients desires.

The Decorista website and blog has not only become a calling card for Ashlina, but a productive means as to where she showcases her thoughts, ideas, inspirations and Interior Design advice for all that wish to enter into the world of - in her words - “a life well styled”.

The Decorista Decor

Choosing to utilize Ashlina’s services, whether it be online or in person, affords you more than just her expertise and knowledge in Interior Design - her infectious, positive attitude to a fresh new start will leave you re-energized and looking forward to a new day.

The Decorista Style

Shabby Chic Inspired - Decorista Styled

With your newly designed interior by Ashlina in check, along with a personal renewed energy achieved from the life changing experience - “domestic bliss” will no longer be a secret, but a reality that you get to come home to every day.

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