100 Interior Design & Decor Blogs We Love

Thank you, to all our members who submitted their favorite design blogs. We’ve compiled a list of 100 noteworthy, inspiring, and informative design blogs based on your recommendations. We hope you enjoy them all!

1. Apartment Therapy : One of the most popular interior design websites on the internet, Apartment Therapy showcases innovative works from 6 different American cities.

2. Ikea Hacker : Popular among the budgeted, postmodernist, and DIY sets, IKEA furniture has much more to offer than sitting there and looking very, very European.

3. COCOCOZY : This eclectic blog by a Los Angeles-based interior design hobbyists covers a nice variety of different styles.

4. PadStyle : Fans of unusual and innovative design will appreciate everything that PadStyle discusses, which tends towards postmodern and contemporary furniture and accessories.

5. Breathe Modern : LateMag showcases the latest trends and ideas that come to shape modern design as it exists today and as it will appear in the future.

6. Material Girls : Interior designers from 5 different American cities discuss the latest decorating trends and events in their respective areas.

7. Design*Sponge : No matter what readers are looking for in regards to interior decorating, Design*Sponge has plenty of advice for a wide range of styles, budgets, and spaces.

8. Tiny-Ass Apartment : Apartment and loft dwellers seem tragically underrepresented when it comes to interior design blogs, but this one offers up quite a bit of advice to suit their restrictions.

9. Patricia Gray Interior Design : Stay updated on all the latest decorating trends and tips from an award-winning interior designer from Vancouver.

10. MoCo Loco : Although the blog features a non-traditional layout that some may find difficult to peruse, MoCo Loco is a must-see for anyone who enjoys modern and contemporary pieces.

11. Carolina Eclectic : The Carolina Eclectic blog loves featuring a broad variety of stylistic preferences appropriate for residential areas.

12. decor8 : No matter the taste or the space, decor8 has something to offer anyone in need of a little design inspiration.

13. Hatch : Quirky, funky, and extremely creative designs and designers alike comprise the majority of the content featured at Design Public’s official blog.

14. The City Sage : Fashion and interior design merge together to provide an interesting, informative resource for anyone hoping for a little decorating inspiration.

15. Inhabitat : House or apartment dwellers concerned about living within environmentally-friendly standards ought to check out the latest developments from the highly respected Inhabitat.

16. decorology : Classic and modern sensibilities converge to offer up inspiration suitable for a wide variety of personal aesthetics.

17. Yanko Design : Yanko caters to readers with a fondness for minimalistic, industrial design work, though every once in a while something that is not attempting to linger on the cutting edge will crop up.

18. Velvet & Linen : Brooke Giannetti enjoys more rustic, classic designs, and her blog serves as a great starting point for anyone needing a bit of inspiration.

19. avant-garde : Anyone hoping for a few ideas in the vein of edgy, postmodern interior design and fashion will find quite a bit to enjoy on this blog.

20. Dezeen : Look over all the latest trends in architecture, interior design, and fashion with this stylish, cutting-edge blog.

21. beachbungalow8 : Though a somewhat general lifestyle blog, the vast majority of entries on beachbungalow8 pertain to interior decorating with a rather casual style.

22. belle maison : belle maison features beautiful home décor items and some striking pieces of furniture to inspire its readers.

23. Decorator On Demand : Interior designer Marie Cole weighs in on almost every element of her art to provide ideas for her readers.

24. CoolBoom : Read about the latest cutting-edge trends in not only interior design, but architecture and fashion as well.

25. Beautiful Bones Design : Browse this excellent blog for information on some intriguing new products and movements within the interior decorating industry.

26. DesignBoston : Though emphasizing design as it relates to Boston, anyone, anywhere can still appreciate and find interest in all the postings.

27. Good Bones Great Pieces : A highly respected mother-daughter team of interior designers offer up their insights and experiences to help readers find looks that work well for them.

28. Daily Icon : Browse through stunning photos depicting amazing architecture and interiors for ideas and inspiration on designing personal spaces.

29. The Decorating Diva : The Decorating Diva is one of the most comprehensive interior design blogs available, with a wealth of information for every room, budget, space, and style.

30. Poised to Move : Updated monthly, Poised to Move serves as a sort of blog-newsletter hybrid that summarizes the latest news and developments in easily digestible chunks.

31. HAUTE*NATURE : Taking inspiration from green initiatives, HAUTE*NATURE proves that style and sustainability are not mutually exclusive.

32. Simplified Bee : Frazzled mothers needing durable designs that withstand contact with often clumsy small children love the tips and tricks offered by Simplified Bee.

33. Apartment 123 : In spite of operating a general lifestyle blog, Apartment 123 writer Christina Ramirez provides quite a bit of advice on stylish interior design along with her recipes and fashion tips.

34. Addicted 2 Decorating : Aspiring interior decorators with a love of DIY projects and stories of trends and news within the community ought to drop by and see what Addicted 2 Decorating has to offer.

35. Home Design Find : No matter one’s personal style, Home Design Find has something new and exciting that may pique their interest.

36. Decoist : Decoist features some of the latest trends and innovations in contemporary, postmodern design and architecture.

37. coochicoos : Everything on coochicoos revolves around babies – not only the interior design for their nurseries, but their clothes and accessories as well.

38. High Fashion Home : Anyone looking to decorate their homes or offices with trendy designer pieces will greatly enjoy browsing High Fashion Home’s extensive archive of photos and advice.

39. the interior motive : Jazz Waheed discusses renovations, trends, and news from within the interior decorating community.

40. Modern Design Blog : Discussions on issues relating to contemporary interior design, fashion, architecture, and home décor and goods comprise the bulk of this blog’s content.

41. The Love List : Fans of Southern style and sensibilities will enjoy seeing how Jessica Nell Graves infuses a sense of edge into old traditional standbys.

42. Chair Blog : Like a good rug, a chair can really tie a room together. Stay updated on innovative, creative, and traditional chair designs to learn how to pick the very best for a room.

43. Green Your Décor : Learn how to decorate a home using products made using sustainable practices and materials in order to reduce negative environmental impact.

44. 2Modern Design Talk : Beyond interior decorating, 2Modern also looks at art, architecture, books, food, and many, many, other elements of design

45. A Schematic Life : Michelle Moreland shares sketches and photos of her myriad interior design projects as well as others she finds valuable to anyone hoping to decorate their home.

46. Simple Solutions : Interior design does not have to be a headache for those involved. Simple Solutions offers exactly what the title implies.

47. Designspotter.com : Home décor is one of the many amazing things featured on this fantastic resource for all things contemporary and modern.

48. Home-Designing : Home-Designing covers almost every facet of interior decorating, making sure to cover an extensive variety of items suitable for most tastes.

49. The Adventures of Tartanscot : Interior designer Scot Meacham Wood shows off the pictures and trends that inspire his own work with the hopes that others may find them useful as well.

50. Diana Paparo Studio, Ltd. : Keep track of the projects Diana Paparo Studio deals with on a regular basis, usually with an eye towards luxury.

51. ::Surroundings:: : New England Home Magazine’s official blog travels through that particular region of the United States to bring readers the most dramatic and aesthetic examples of interior design.

52. The Design File : The Design File purposely seeks out some of the most fun, quirky, and interesting pieces of furniture and home décor it can find to share with its viewers.

53. GrassrootsModern : All of the design work featured at GrassrootsModern is picked specifically for its affordability and fashionable, appealing style.

54. Brilliante Home Décor & Staging : Fans of Italian (specifically Milanese) design will adore this sophisticated blog that updates with news and trends from one of the leading fashionable nations.

55. Yossawat : Browse a stunning showcase of ornate and simplistic interiors for inspiration and ideas for the home or office.

56. Molly Frey Design : Experienced interior decorator Molly Frey enjoys creating spaces that look clean and laid-back, and her blog reflects these sensibilities.

57. qerat : Amman-based furniture designer qerat creates and shows off some absolutely beautiful modernist, postmodernist, and contemporary pieces for the discerning interior designer.

58. desire to inspire : Find inspiration with the myriad photos, news, trends, tips, and tricks offered up by a bevy of respected, experienced interior designers.

59. Pure Style Home : Read through Pure Style home for a few DIY projects and ideas for simple, stylish home décor.

60. STYLEBEAT : Marisa Marcantonio served as the style editor for both House Beautiful and O at Home, and here she shares her thoughts on new trends and innovations within her field.

61. Contemporist : Peruse the extensive and impressive archives of Contemporist for ideas and inspiration about, of course, modern and contemporary design.

62. Meade Design Group : This impressive “Renaissance-studio” works in both interior and graphic design, blogging about both as well as their interactions with one another.

63. Dale’s HD Inspiration : Although Dale’s HD Inspiration focuses on trends in hotel and hospitality design, house and apartment dwellers will still find something of interest when it comes to furnishing limited spaces.

64. escapade : Declaring itself “in search of a life more fabulous,” escapade explores trends and ideas in regards to home and apparel style.

65. DesignTies : Bloggers and interior designers Kelly James and Victoria Lambert show off their projects with the hope of inspiring others to find styles and sensibilities that suit them.

66. sub-studio design blog : Alongside home décor, the sub-studio design blog also discusses trends and fashions in clothing and accessories as well.

67. Remodelista : Anyone hoping to remodel or renovate a home ought to seriously consider some of the techniques discussed in this amazing resource.

68. The Style Files : Stop by The Style Files for more than just inspiration for home décor – fashion and design trends get covered here as well.

69. zaINTERIORA.net : Anyone seeking edgy new design work absolutely must stop by this incredible blog that provides information and ideas for a funky new look.

70. CribFashion.com : Fans of quirky, creative, and eclectic designs will love the photos and advice found through CribFashion.com.

71. Trendir : Interior designers and homeowners with generous budgets and refined, modernist tastes should use Trendir as one valuable resource.

72. Concept Interior : An interior decorating firm in Bath that shares many of its inspirations – not only limited to home accessories, either!

73. Trendoffice : As the name implies, Trendoffice focuses almost exclusively on new movements, motions, and ideas that crop up in the interior design industry.

74. On the Move Interiors Interior Design Blog : Though emphasizing multiple facets of interior design, On the Move Interiors also frequently discusses architecture as well.

75. Lushpad Blog : For fans of the modern, postmodern, contemporary, creative, and eclectic, Lushpad Blog provides some excellent pieces of eye candy for inspiration.

76. freshome : With an eye for the contemporary and cutting edge, freshome caters to interior designers both amateur and professional who enjoy staying a fashionable step ahead of the crowd.

77. HomePortfolio : No matter what room needs furnishings or renovations, the fantastic HomePortfolio has suggestions and advice to suit almost any need.

78. Dorset Custom Furniture : Regardless of one’s tastes, it certainly behooves DIY or professional interior decorators to know exactly how quality custom furniture goes from creative idea to finished product.

79. Casa Diseno LLC : The innovative, intelligent, and creative Casa Diseno takes artistic concepts and finds ways to incorporate them into unique rooms.

80. phorm-design-life : Steven Stewart and Ian Wrightston show off the styles that inspire their eclectic projects and discuss some of their favorite interior decorating trends.

81. the lacquered peacock : Readers who enjoy gazing at pictures of and reading about the latest in home fashions will love many of the products and ideas featured on the lacquered peacock.

82. Interior Arcade : No matter the style, Interior Arcade will likely have many blog posts to browse for ideas on products and concepts.

83. Oliveaux : This blog by a Brisbane-based interior decorator acts as a virtual “design board” to share her favorite pieces, tips, and tricks from around the community.

84. DesignShell.Com : Anyone who delights in unusual, visually catching décor will enjoy many of the conversations pieces featured at DesignShell.Com.

85. The Designer Insider : With a concern for the consumer, this blog showcases a number of different pieces of furniture and home décor only available through the ones who designed them so nobody has to miss out on a product they want or need.

86. Twenty Twenty-One : This intelligent blog focuses on mid-century and modernist designs, including not only home décor, but the closely related fields of art and architecture as well.

87. Mid Century Modern : Retro-futurism, modernism, and mid-century design form the core of this fun blog that can find the beauty in the kitschy.

88. Dwell : Dwell magazine’s online presence covers the same trends, news, and product reviews regarding architecture and interior design as the print edition.

89. Design Milk : Keep up with all the latest news, trends, and developments in the design world with one of the most popular, relevant sites on the web.

90. shelteriffic : This eclectic lifestyle blog posts about the fun and creative new furniture and home décor products available today.

91. CasaSugar : CasaSugar predominantly features eclectic, feminine, and trendy home design tips, tricks, and products.

92. ShelterPop : DIY projects join up with the usual photos for inspiration and information, with a number of different styles and sensibilities represented.

93. Retro Renovation : Interior decorators amateur and professional alike hoping to channel their inner Betty Draper will absolutely adore the ideas and styles presented here.

94. Oh Joy! : Anyone who enjoys fun design work that brings a spark of happiness and light to a day ought to see the myriad home décor products featured at the Oh Joy! blog.

95. Blue Ant Studio : Study the interplay between architecture and interior design with Blue Ant Studio’s stunning photography of some very, very cool places and things.

96. Interior Warrior : In spite of being a relatively new blog, Interior Warrior posts up some excellent articles on the latest news from around the design world.

97. Living With White : Living With White boasts one of the most unique interior decoration blog concepts, focusing on design elements using a very popular neutral.

98. Re:fresh Design Studio : Katie Raadt has a lot to say about interior decorating, sharing the latest developments at her studio and showcasing many of the people, places, and things that inspire her.

99. Splendid Willow : Traditional standbys receive a distinctly postmodern, Swedish twist to create unique, aesthetic pieces for the home.

100. The Mid-Century Modernist : Another great blog catering to the aesthetic sensibilities of those who enjoy mid-century modern and retro-futurist designs.

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