Modern Interior Design Ideas: 3 Ways to Modernize Your Home

Interior Designing in today’s world leaves many interpretations when it comes to understanding or defining certain design styles’ names. For instance; when you consider using a Modern Interior Design in your surroundings, it would only make sense that the word “modern” would mean the “here and now”, “current”, or refer to decorating in modern times – but surprising, that’s not the case.

Blending Form With Function

There is some debate on where Modern Interior Design originated, but credit is generally given to a group of European designers and architects that started the German Bauhaus School of Design back in the early 1900’s – using the Bauhaus philosophy that “form should be combined with function” in interior design. This resulted in a change in the industry’s use of designing materials, as it introduced glass and metals to be incorporated into household furnishings and other elements of design.

Utilizing the form and function aspect also integrated features that would be found in a Japanese home interior. These homes were designed to be predominately uncluttered with geometric architectural elements. The Japanese believed that the use of space should be given as much consideration as the placement of furnishings, as well as establishing a focal point for all living spaces – which was also the underlying factor in a Feng Shui Interior Design.

How to Achieve a Modern Interior Design…

  1. …With Your Furnishings: The furnishings for your living area will incorporate clean, sleek lines that reflect a delicate balance of simplicity and comfort while incorporating elements of metal, chrome or glass that results in an overall slimmer silhouette. Many say it would be the exact opposite of a Traditional Interior Design, which in contrast incorporates bulky furniture and wood elements. Keep in mind, the use of the “form and function” method is prominent with a Modern Design – so the placement of the furniture is just as important as the type or style of the furniture.
  2. …With Your Walls and Color Scheme: When incorporating your color scheme you will discover there is a certain “coolness” that needs to be achieved to reflect the feel of the Modern Interior. Toned down colors add to the effect when using tone on tone or white for paint choices. Inspiration is pulled from the sleek, metal lines of the furnishings to create a soothing backdrop which adds to the simplicity and aura that a Modern Design Style encompasses.
  3. …With Your Fabrics: Texture will play a role as it will offset the rather sleek lines of your furnishing elements. Keeping the colors of the fabrics neutral will add to the cohesiveness of the room, but the texture will be what makes the room resonate with warmth. By using fabric drapes for your Window Treatments, you will pull in softness and add comfort – but choosing to go with blinds will also be complimentary to the overall simplistic theme of the design. Both options will work well and will depend on the overall function you require.
  4. …With Your Accessories: Many Interior Design themes have a minimalistic approach, the Modern Interior Design style is no different as its basic platform is “less is more”. Choose understated accessories that blend rather than demand attention – unless it is the focal point of the room. The use of metal and glass are prominent in accessorizing, as well as framed art or other wall hangings. Remember to emphasis clean lines and “de-clutter”.

Modern Design vs. Contemporary Design

Depending on the source, Modern Interior Design has been noted as being compared to a Contemporary Interior Design. Many argue that while these two designing styles have similarities, they are not one in the same. The confusion can arise due to the Contemporary’s simplistic nature – a common denominator it has with the Modern style. However, keeping in mind the basics of a Modern design which emphasis “form and function” (the ultimate desired goal of the design), it serves to distinguish itself from the otherwise comparable Contemporary style.

Designing your home or office to incorporate a Modern Design Style can be a bit challenging when trying to differentiate it from others that seem similar. To truly have the end result that this style was meant to have, you may want to consider seeking the advice of a professional Modern Interior Designer who can alleviate the guesswork and create the space that meets the requirements of this design style – while still preserving all the aspects needed to make your house your home.

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A modern look is great when you want to refresh and brighten your home. A modern home is usually decluttered and looks fresh and clean. As the year is coming to an end, it is a great time to think about changes you can make in your lifestyle and your house.

Updating your home need not be a stressful process and can be something you slowly implement into through phases. It also does not need to cost you a lot of money. Below are just a few tips to help you achieve a modern look to your home.

3 Ways to Modernize Your Home


The first thing you should do is take a good look at what is already in your home. Before you start buying anything new, get rid of what you do not need. Holidays are a great time to do this as you can donate what you do not want to a local secondhand store. Tackle one room at a time. Do not become too overwhelmed if it seems too much to do at first. Start in the kitchen, and make your way to the bathrooms, bedrooms, etc.

If you do not want to get completely rid of items that may mean a lot to you, you can at least declutter it from the room. Try to aim for only two to three items on a shelf or desk. By only choosing a few items to display, you can mentally decide what is important enough to keep and what you may not want.

Add Light

Lighting can make or break a room. It is extremely important for the atmosphere you are going for at the time. Changing your lighting does not need to be a huge task. You can start out simply by changing your light bulbs. If you have static light switches change them to dimmable light switches. Consider buying desk or floor lamps that suit the style of your room. By replacing or adding just a few lamps, you will be able to transform a dead space completely into a lively, bright place.

Make sure that your window spaces are not blocked, and natural light is allowed inside of your home. These are often the most beautiful places in your home, when you can see the sun coming through your window. Consider changing your curtains to white or a light color so that more light can shine.

Change Colors

If you are hoping to make your home feel new, a quick way to do this is change your color scheme. For a modern touch, consider lighter colors, preferably white. Of course, you can always pair this with another accent color of your choice. Consider this to be a color that will pop. You can also work with textures too, from wood to metal.

You can take this as far as you would like from repainting your entire home to just adding a few accent pieces in your home. An easy way to do this without spending too much money is to repaint a piece of existing furniture or a cheap one you can find at a secondhand store. Even adding in one new different thing can make a big change in the atmosphere of your home.

By applying these three simple changes, your home is already on its way to feeling like an entirely new space for you and your family to enjoy. Do not get too caught up on the whole process, but just take one step at a time, and soon you will feel that you have a brand new home.