7 Restaurant Interior Design Ideas

Eating out is nothing new in our culture, even in a down economy the Restaurant business seems to be holding its own as we still seek the pleasure, convenience and ambiance of dining out. Recognizing the consumer has multitudes of choices on where they spend their hard earned dollar, eating establishments are focusing more and more on their Restaurant Interior Design in order to offer their customers more than just fabulous food choices.

As most businesses are coming to realize, sometimes it takes more to be successful than just offering a product or service – it takes making the client and consumer feel special while creating an experience that keeps them coming back time and time again. Dinner should be no exception. Even in fast food restaurants you can find a themed Interior Design that offers enjoyment for all your senses – not just your sense of taste.

Restaurant / Bar Design by Joel Snayd

Restaurant / Bar Design by Joel Snayd

Everyone Still Enjoys Dining Out

The latest statistic is that the average American enjoys dining out 198 times a year, which results in approximately 855 million dollars in revenue for the Restaurant Industry. That’s a lot of french fries. With that kind of time and money being spent on food, it only makes sense that the Diner’s Interior Design around the corner would give extra consideration as to be able to claim a piece of that pie – no pun intended.

Restaurant Re-Design by Ragan Corliss

Restaurant Re-Design by Ragan Corliss

Food For Thought When Designing a Restaurant

  1. Trend Upwardly. Staying on top of the latest trends, color schemes, and other decor styles, will ensure that the Interior Design offers an aesthetic appeal that the consumer can relate too. Market research is vital in determining which Design Style your Restaurant should focus on. Whether you choose to go with a themed design, or simply an elegant and classy feel, knowing the latest in color and decor fashion will help you achieve that goal successfully.
  2. Have A Web Presence. The age of the Internet is here, and it should be utilized via Social Marketing no matter what type of business you operate. Many Restaurants not only have a web presence but they take advantage of allowing the consumer to order online, make reservations, get directions and view their menu. When it comes to your decor, posting professional photos both inside and out of the business will aid in attracting your target market as well.
  3. Exhibition Cooking Area. Consider allowing the chef(s) to be viewed by the consumer by making their cooking stations visible from the dining area. The public will feel a sense of entertainment as they watch their meals being prepared – which will serve as useful marketing tool on its own in addition to bringing your decor and design style to a new level.
  4. Entertain. As with the Chef example above, the consumer is looking forward to an experience when they dine out – almost to the point of attending an “event”, of sorts. Creating an atmosphere that provides enjoyment beyond the fabulous food will help you establish a repeat customer base and set you apart from the Diner down the street. This can easily be accomplished by color alone, or bringing in decor pieces that attracts the consumers’ attention.
  5. Customer Service. It goes without saying that a Restaurant is only as good as its employees. When designing the kitchen and dining area, keep in mind that the easier it for a server to tend to your guests, the happier the guests will be. Design isle ways, Entry Ways, and create traffic flow patterns that makes their job easier – resulting in the customer being happier.
  6. Professional Help. Seeking the advice of a qualified Restaurant Interior Designer will not only ensure a successful Interior Design for your eating establishment, but it will free your hands to take care of the other end of the business by providing a wonderful product with outstanding service. It’s a win-win.
  7. Have a Clear Message. Knowing your targeted market will allow your design style to shine. If your main dish is chicken nuggets and fries your goal is to attract those that enjoy that particular dish – which is whom you will be catering your design too. You may have the best Chef in the entire country, but if you have a kids’ bouncy house in the middle of the dining area you won’t be attracting the clientele needed to keep him busy. Remember to use decor that targets your market.

Restaurant Interior Design Style

The Bottom Line in Restaurant Decor

Everyone likes to feel appreciated and cared for, we especially enjoy being treated as if we are the only customers seated in a restaurant receiving the best food, the best service, and the best experience – ever. When considering a design for a Restaurant, knowing what your consumers’ needs and wants are will be the determining factor in establishing a successful Interior Design – as well as a successful business.

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