7 Tips For Decorating A College Dorm Room

If you have ever had to call a College Dorm Room “home” – or if you’ve sent a child off to live the college campus life, then you know that Interior Design for College Dorms isn’t something that was given much thought to during the conception phase, or any stage of the design for that matter.

College Dorm Interior Design Ideas

These compartmentalized and often drab spaces will become temporary housing for many of those embarking on their college career path to bigger and better things. These dorms will be a place where dreams are planted and goals are realized, all while transforming children into young productive adults who will take the memories of their college days with them to replay over and over again.

College Dorm Ideas

Home Decor Is Not Just For “Home” Anymore

Interior Design for a Dorm can be a bit more challenging than decorating your own home, but the reward is that the student will feel more relaxed, calm and comfortable – which translates into better performance academically, as well as feeling more at ease emotionally and socially. When your student actually feels more comfortable in his/her surroundings it will make an impact on their daily life and overall well being.

College Dorm Ideas

Use Color to Create Personality and Flair

7 Tips For Decorating a Dorm Room

  1. Lighting is probably the most essential element when considering making changes to a room – and a dorm is no exception, especially considering the amount of reading and studying that will be done (or should be done). Most dorm rooms already have the Lighting Design established with overhead fixtures, so the focus should be on bringing in additional light such as with table and floor lamps. Using mirrors on the walls will also serve to reflect both daylight and artificial light, thus providing additional lighting without the added fixtures.
  2. Store and Stack all things possible. College Dorms are not known for their spaciousness. Taking advantage of a few items that you can find down at a local home improvement store will work to your advantage and keep necessities within reach and yet out of sight. Consider utilizing bed risers to create additional space under the bed with crates, boxes, baskets and other bins which could hold everything from personal belongings to books to clothes and bedding. Other items such as wall mounts and hooks (if permitted) get things up and off the floor to allow more room for movement and create a more spacious feel.
  3. Furniture especially designed for the college life is a bonus, but not necessary. You can easily make do by keeping your furniture choices simplified with clean lines. If a desk isn’t provided consider one that has a glass top to give the appearance of more space. Utilize under the desk with file cabinets or more storage bins and keep your chair comfortable albeit downsized to accommodate the smaller area.
  4. Wall Decor is another great way to personalize the dorm room. Most students will enjoy hanging posters, however, decorating a dorm wall can also mean turning it into a functional workstation. Considering putting up cork bulletin boards, magnet boards or dry erase boards to help keep track of schedules, work assignments and personal photos. Vinyl lettering can be added to further personalize these areas and create an atmosphere that is fun and engaging to guests and the student alike – and it’s easily removable.
  5. Window Treatments are another way of bringing comfort and color into the drabness of a dorm’s small space. Providing a Window Covering will not only ensure aesthetic appeal, but the right Window Treatment can also serve to keep light in – or light out – and offer a level of privacy. Extending the covering beyond the frame of the window and across the walls using removable hangers is also a clever way of concealing any concrete walls while softening the room.
  6. Floor Coverings add an additional layer of comfort and warmth to the room while adding a bit of design style to the space. Concrete or tiled floors are typical in the average dorm room and make the room feel cold and dreary and do nothing to help the student feel comfortable. Layer it up with rugs and the room will feel instantly more like home.
  7. Bedding should be given strong consideration as most beds in college room dorms are more than just a place to rest your head – they are utilized as coffee tables, couches, dining tables, and a study halls. Choose a comforter that is easy to wash, and keep it looker cleaner longer by purchasing one that has a rich colored patterned fabric as it aids in hiding stains.
College Room Ideas

Under the Bed Trundle for Guests or Use Space As Storage

Consulting the Roommate

Sharing a dorm with another student (or two) should certainly be a factor in your Dorm Design Style decision making. Coming together with ideas, suggestions and a clear and concise understanding of decorating the common area in which you all live is as important as deciding who gets the upper bunk. A good College Dorm Design should be a reprieve from even the worst day at school and a retreat worthy of your friends and family.

For more information on Interior Design for your home, office or business, please visit our interior design ideas gallery where you’ll find inspiration waiting on every page. If in doubt on where to start with your decorating dilemmas, consider consulting a professional Interior Designer in your area today.