7 Technological Advancements in Interior Design

Like any industry, Interior Design has learned to fluctuate, change and evolve over time. Although many of your favorite Interior Design Styles are still prevalent and very much desired, the Design Style themselves are evolving to reflect current trends that seem to be affecting many markets, such as becoming Eco-Friendly, energy efficient, and technologically enhanced to embrace the scientific knowledge of the 21st century.

Kitchen Design by Domenico Raimondi

Changes such as these are especially evident in Kitchen Designs – which is where you’ll find most of the Eco-Friendly design advances surfacing. Bathroom styles have also been affected by new energy effective technology – along with many purposeful and necessary elements found in all rooms of the home, such as in the Lighting Design and basic overall construction from the ground up.

Meeting Room Design by Shamsul Khan

The Latest In Technology For a Meeting Room Designed by Shamsul Khan

Design standards are always on the rise with enhanced aesthetics appearing in all aspects of Design, including appliances, hardware, flooring, counter surfaces, and the general overall construction of a home. Which means that you sometimes need to look under the beauty of it all to discover there is a whole new world in the art and science of Interior Design.

Bathroom Design by Lena Blonsky

Bathroom Design by Lena Blonsky

21st Century Advancements in Interior Design

  1. Cabinetry Upgrades: Although not new to Interior Design, today’s pull out shelving is being revolutionized in a manner that allows for better organization and integration – not only within within the Kitchen, but throughout the home. “Touch Activated” cabinetry – where access is gain by simply touching the doors – is becoming increasingly popular. Lighting is being adding inside cabinets for easier navigation and better control of contents. Going green in the kitchen is prevalent with slide out trash and recycling bins being built in most homes today.
  2. Water Saving Features: Water saving toilets and showers have been in the marketplace for quite some time, but there is a resurgence in their popularity as the Design Industry strives to be more Eco-Friendly. Bidets are becoming increasing popular as environmentalists promote their paper saving features, as well as taking advantage of technological advancements in filtration systems, drains, shower heads, and many other items in the home that control the purity and flow of water.
  3. Techno-Savvy Hardware: LED touchscreens are being seen in household mainstays such as the new “smart toilets” – where with a simple touch you can have your feet warmed, music played, seat height adjusted, and lights to help you find your way. Over by the bathtub another LED screen contains memory features so that every user will be able to retain their favorite settings, offer advanced bacterial filtration, and provide an enhanced level of comfort with minimal effect on your water bill.
  4. Outdoor Entertaining: Barbecuing just got a whole lot easier when you utilize the latest technology in gourmet grills with a “hybrid fire” technology that allows you to combine wood, charcoal and gas all within a single grill. The Patio and Porch Design of a home has certainly evolved as well, as builders strive to bring entertaining to a whole new level by providing an aesthetic and Eco-friendly means to extend your Kitchen.
  5. Hands Free Faucets: Prevalent in Commerical Design, touchless faucet systems are becoming more affordable and increasingly desirable for every day living in homes of all sizes. Keeping the faucet a breeze to clean with less bacterial contamination is one prominent reason for indulging in a touchless system, although equally important is the ability to control the flow and amount of water being used.
  6. Lighting Fixtures: Energy Efficient Lighting has been on the scene for a while, but it has never been so prominent as it is in today’s homes. LED technology allows for easy touch screen operation of your entire Lighting Design. Taking it a step further, lighting isn’t reserved just for under cabinets and overhead fixtures anymore – it is now being stylishly installed in hardware and fixtures such as; towel bars, tissue holders, toilet seats, door handles … and just about anything else that makes navigation around your home easier, while offering cost saving advantages to power usage.
  7. The I POD Era: With the advancement of electronics, it’s becoming an ever increasing popular option to install integrated docking stations throughout the home. Wireless capabilities are found everywhere from your computer to your television to the LED panels that can control almost all aspects of your interior home components, and even the home itself – with more advancements yet to be discovered.

Modern Designed Kitchen

George Jetson Would Be Proud

No one knows for sure what the future of Interior Design might hold, but what is for sure is that it will be technologically and ecologically driven. Consulting with a professional Interior Designer is one of the best ways to get the most out of designing, remodeling or building your home with all the latest that technology has to offer.

The Design Industry is continually evolving with a commitment not only to style and beauty but to employing all the latest in technological advancements – advancements that will make your life within the home easier, more cost-effective, greener, and overall more pleasurable, while delivering the utmost in Interior Design Style.

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