8 Reasons To Consider Remodeling

Have you walked into your house and paused with a sigh as you looked around wishing you could do something about your Kitchen Design that still has burnt orange Formica left over from the Brady Bunch era? Does getting up in the morning to get ready for work mean setting your alarm clock back an hour just so you can beat everyone else to the bathroom?

Maybe it’s just the fact that everyone is now elbow to elbow (in what used to be a spacious home) now that the kids have ceased to be small – and you think to yourself how nice it would be to stretch out without tripping over someone’s feet?

Consider Remodeling

Luckily, by choosing to remodel your living space, you can declare war on that orange kitchen counter top – or even add on an entire new room for a ‘no waiting in line’ fabulous Master Bathroom.

The wonderful thing about remodeling is that there are no rules – you are only limited by your budget and your heart’s desires. If you’d like to concentrate on remodeling in smaller chunks so as to address the minor issues – or if you want to redo your home on a grand scale by knocking down walls and/or putting up additions – it’s all perfectly doable and is a valid option for updating and creating value to your home.

Reasons to Consider Remodeling

  1. And Then There Were Eight: What once was a dream home built for two has now become a Cracker Jack box for an expanding family. Elbow room is an important commodity for any family during it’s growing stages. With the addition of a Family room, an extra Bedroom, or even taking out a wall to combine two small rooms into a Great Room, you’ll be able to breathe a bit easier and enjoy the family more as it grows.
  2. Keeping in Style: Perhaps you started off enjoying a Contemporary Design many years ago, but that style has changed and evolved throughout the years – after all, orange Kitchen counters were once all the rage. Updating your tired Kitchen Design would increase your home’s resale value and allow you to enjoy the latest in new home decor trends.
  3. Just Moving In: This ideal time for remodeling affords you the perfect opportunity to do a little updating in any and all areas that would require more extensive work. Even relatively simply projects such as Painting is much easier to accomplish before you unpack your bags, rather than after.
  4. Increasing Closet Space: Earlier built homes weren’t so concerned with closet space, but in today’s real estate market a Closet Design can make or break the sale of your home. Choosing to add closet space will not only add to your comfort level but will increase interest in your home if you ever decide to put it on the market. It’s a win – win.
  5. Adding Entertainment Value: A Home Theatre Room is a wonderful way of amping up a living space within the home. Remodeling a spare room that would benefit the whole family (not too mention the savings you’ll enjoy by staying in instead of going out) would be an exceptional value.
  6. Creating Sunshine: Enjoying the outdoors from the comfort of your own home can be accomplished by adding a Sunroom Design to an existing porch or creating a new patio on the front or back on the home. If you enjoy entertaining or bringing nature indoors, remodeling an area on the outside of the home may be something you’d like to consider.
  7. Welcoming Guests: Turning a spare room into a Guest Room would be a welcoming retreat for family and friends and create a whole new level of comfort to the home.
  8. And Then There Were Two: Coming full circle; the house that was built for a family now has empty rooms that beg for occupancy. Consider adding a Home Office, Library or even that hobby room you’ve had your heart set on for years.

Seek Professional Advice

Many factors will play into the decision to remodel, including budgets and time constraints, but one decision that should always be considered is to seek the advice of a professional. With an array of Professional Interior Designers that specialize in remodels, make-overs and even construction, you will have a much clearer understanding of the whole process – which in turn, will create a much smoother remodel and a happier overall experience for you and your family.

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