American Standard Champion 4 Review: Pros, Cons and Price

Its height is such that you neither have to struggle to sit not to stand up no matter of what age group you are!

Are you looking for a toilet to change your old restroom experience into a completely new and better one? And confused about what would be the most appropriate choice for this?

If so then let me tell you that I am here with a perfect solution for you. After doing a research of 1 week I came up with a review of such a toilet that you will be mesmerized to get introduced.

I am going to share my review with you about The American Standard Champion 4, which will surely reduce your hard work of finding a perfect toilet for you. And I know how important it is to have the best one at home!

Things to consider:

  • Check if the flush is okay or not.
  • See if the bottom part is level and adjustable or not.

So, what are you waiting for just joining me in my journey of knowing my review about the American Standard Champion 4

As I have told you earlier this is going to change your restroom experience. This a complete package of elegance and comfort. Starting from its design to functioning it is really tough to find any flaws in it.


  • It is a unique bone colored toilet that will go well with your restroom making it look even more classy. It’s slightly dark color with making your restroom slightly different from others which you will surely feel like showing off every time someone visits your home!
  • It also has an elongated shape. Thus, it fits easily in any corner of your restroom. So, no matter if your restroom is small and clumsy it will easily make a place for itself. And if your restroom is a large one then you can enjoy the freedom of decorating it with other things too along with your toilet.
  • Now let me move to its functioning. It simply has the best and perfect functioning ever. It has included all the parts very carefully with its perfect unique action. And all of it works together to make it the best one!
  • It has the largest flush valve among all the toilets. It is 3 times faster than any 2-in. flush valve. Pushing the water at the fastest speed through the bowl it makes itself efficient leaving all the others behind in the race.
  • The flush is made in a piston style. So, as soon as you just have to pull it down it will start its action. To enable the speedy action, it has a connected tank to bowl kit and bolt caps and a trip lever. This all acts together to give you the fastest and best flush ever.
  • Not only that it also has the largest siphon than all other toilets in the industry. Now you must be thinking what’s the use of it.
  • But it has a great use indeed. Having 2-3/8 in wide outlet it has availed the capacity for holding and washing away 70% greater waste than any other toilets. And for your assurance let me tell you that it can hold about 1000-gram water at a go! So, enjoy the freedom of using your restroom in your own way using this toilet!
  • To add to its great features let me tell you that it is made with such materials that it helps itself remain clean all the time. So, no matter at how many days interval you to choose to clean your toilet you will still find it as clean as ever.
  • It keeps bacteria, molds, and mildew away. Thus, keeps your toilet as well as your restroom free from any germs and bad odor. Thus, keeps your restroom fresh and provides you with a hygienic lifestyle. And as you know “Cleanliness is the best medicine to keep sickness away.”
  • This toilet is designed and made by keeping your comfort it minds. It’s super spacious design lets you sit comfortably and have a satisfactory time in the restroom. Its height is such that you neither have to struggle to sit not to stand up no matter of what age group you are!
  • It comes smartly in one piece. That is, you do not have to take the trouble of cleaning many things at a time. So, you can clean it as easily as you can use it. So, to make your life easier you can never have a better option than this.
  • This smart toilet also thinks about saving water. It uses only 1.6 gallons of water per flush. So now you do not have to worry about the precious water being wasted just to flush off your waste. This matter is completely taken care of by this best toilet.
  • It also has a 10 years warranty on manufacturing defect. So use it as much as you want to be carefree. Because the manufacturers are always there to take care of any manufacturing defect for 10 years!

Now as I have told you a lot about its features let me tell you about some of its pros and cons to give a better American Standard Champion 4 review.

  • This toilet has unique bone and linen color that is found in hardly any other toilet.
  • It has the largest 4 in. flush valve.
  • This flush works the fastest and cleans the waste even more efficiently.
  • It has the largest siphon.
  • It can hold 70% more waste than any other toilet.
  • It is very comfortable and made of just the perfect height.
  • This has an elongated design thus takes very small space.
  • It is easy to adjust and easy to clean.
  • It comes in a one-piece design.

We know everything in this universe has some flaws. So, during my research even I encountered with some of its cons. So here I am going to share those…

  • Some said that the base of the toilet was not even.
  • Some also complained that the whole where the seat was to be attached was not even.

But overall, I found this toilet to be a good one to be a part of your everyday life. Hope my review of American Standard Champion helped you enough to know this toilet and take a wise decision.