Art Deco Interior Design Ideas

Art Deco Interior Design Ideas

After the disillusionment of World War I, the world craved for something glamorous and lavish to exemplify the enthusiasm and exuberance of the new world and its many innovations and inventions.

The Art Deco design style offered people an exciting and optimistic glance at the new era that was dawning. The peak of the Art Deco style’s popularity was in the 1920s and 1930s. The style has had many revivals since then, remaining popular to this day.

Many famous buildings hailing from that era, like the Chrysler Building in New York, built in 1928-1930, are illustrative of this decorative design style.

What is the Art Deco design style?

Art Deco design merged architecture, jewelry, interior design and fashion with smooth lines and glossy surfaces. Modern materials for the time formed the basis of this style, with a strong emphasis on geometrical shapes and innovation.

Sometimes, pictures or shapes suggesting new inventions from the period such as cruise ships, skyscrapers and airplanes are incorporated to embody the spirit of optimism and wonder that accompanied the new age after the war, while non-traditional materials like reflective surfaces and opulent fabrics creates a look of luxurious beauty and abundance.

Using metals, stones and glass  like the Contemporary interior design style, the Art Deco interior design style is all about shapes, modernism and glamor.

How to get the Art Deco interior design style in your home

Working with Art Deco interior designers is clearly the best way to go about creating that authentic Art Deco glamor and glitz.

Guidelines that can help you apply the Art Deco interior design style to your home.

  • Furniture: Art Deco mainly uses furniture with clean and uncomplicated lines. Furniture should be highly decorative while still comfortable and even slightly exotic. Combine strong single pieces rather than sets, while materials like chrome, aluminum and lacquered wood are just the thing to create glossy, brilliant surfaces. Curved edges and sleek lines can complete the look.
  • Structures: Plain yet reflective and polished floors and tiles are perfect for the Art Deco look. Linoleum or white and black square tiles are also common, as are classic marble flooring and highly lacquered wood. Other structures should be bold and geometrical. If, for example, you consider placing a fireplace, it would be rectangular with a tiled surrounding. Other structural considerations would typically include an abundance of simplistic and utilitarian uses of mathematical and geometrical shapes and curves.
  • Colors and lighting: You would use daring colors like yellow and red together with minimalistic colors such as whites and creams, blacks and grays and silver. Light fixtures and lamps would typically feature females holding the light, while chrome and etched or sandblasted glass were also typical.
  • Fabrics and rugs: Place large rugs with serpentine curves or angled shapes over the polished flooring. Handmade rugs with rich textures are often used, while leather and velor are great choices for furniture or accessories.

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