Art Nouveau Interior Design Ideas

Art Nouveau Interior Design IdeasThe Art Nouveau Interior Design style began forming roots back in the early 1890’s as people were looking to move away from the heavy, Victorian era of decorating.

Although there is controversy on where the term “Art Nouveau” originated, everyone generally agrees that it’s literal meaning of “New Art” was seeded in the desire to reflect the present times instead of complying with past traditions.

This included updating their decorating style with (the then) current day arts and crafts, furnishings and color schemes – in attempt to be more modernized.

A Divine Design Style

Much like we use the decorating term of Contemporary interior design today, Art Nouveau interior design reflects the same principles: less clutter and cleaner lines. It also gathered inspiration from it’s current surroundings and latest trends; both local and abroad. This is especially evident when exploring today’s Art Nouveau design photos; take of notice of how the decor is very modern and in-line with today’s expression of art, which appears to include elements from many cultures.

You might be surprised to learn that this style of decorating was not easily accepted when it was first introduced. The lack of enthusiasm for change basically caused the Art Nouveau design style to die out around World War II; however, it re-emerged in the 1960’s as the industry of arts and crafts once again began to take hold. Today this interior decorating trend continues to be prominent  – as the 21st century looks to modernize it’s surroundings.

Bringing Art Nouvea Home

You can easily bring this creative and contemporary style of decorating into your home by following a few basic guidelines; although those guidelines can be adjusted to fit your own personal style and tastes. To gain a a better understanding of this type of designing process, you may want to consider talking with an Art Nouveau interior designer. With their expertise, they can guide you on the journey of turning your surroundings into a livable work of art.

The Design Elements of Art Nouveau

  • You’ll find hardwood is common; both stained and varnished. Plank flooring continues to be a favorite of Art Nouvea, especially if it’s adorned with an oriental or colorful area rug.
  • Tiffany lamps were extremely popular when this style of design first originated.  Of course, in today’s market, you can find many lamps that will replicate the Tiffany design; stained glass is appropriate in not only the use of lamps, but on the windows as well.
  • Colors seem to be a personal choice as long as it’s kept fairly light and intriguing; sage greens, browns, mustards, lilacs.  Wallpaper was starting to fade away from interior decorating when Art Nouvea design came to be; however, it’s still perfectly acceptable – especially with today’s wide array of patterns and textures.
  • Your furnishings should reflect the style of the times, although using an “ornamental” twist on exposed arms or legs of furniture will add to that “adorned” look that was influenced by Oriental art back in the 1890’s.

Art Nouveau Style Interior Design

Art Nouveau Not for You?

Perhaps Art Nouveau is not your cup of tea? You’ll find many more inspirational ideas by browsing our selection of interior design ideas and photos.  Professional help is also available no matter what style of design you have in mind; simply check out our interior designer directory to be connected with a designer of your choice.