Asian Interior Design Ideas

You may be surprised to learn that although an Asian Interior Design has been influenced by the Chinese and Japanese,  it’s actually a combination of cultures from many of Asia’s countries. China, Japan, India, Singapore and Thailand, as well as many others, have all contributed to the exotic and some-what opulent style of Asian interior design.

Asian Interior Design Ideas

Asian Inspired Dining Room

No matter which culture you prefer, combining elements from all of Asia will result in a seamless integrated Asian designed home. To truly indulge in the Oriental style of design, you may want to consider speaking with an Asian Interior Designer whose expertise will make your designing process a great deal easier, as well as helping you to achieve authentic results.

The Versatility of Asian Interior Design

The truly wonderful thing about using an Asian interior design, is that it’s so versitile. Depending on your own taste, you can be as exotic or as neutral as you’d like. For instance; focusing on the Chinese style of interior design will result in drama – rich in reds and blacks, folding screens adorned with calligraphy, and a dragon accent (or two) thrown in for good measure. But – choose a Japanese style and you will reap the benefits of a more tranquil living space with neutral colors and earthy, natural objects for accessories.

Asian Inspired Living Room

Asian Interior Design Elements

  • In an Asian interior design, it’s just as appropriate to consider texture as well as color. In almost all of the Oriental styles you’ll find the decor includes natural wood and shiny elements. Bamboo is a common denominator and is used in everything from furniture to accessories. Texture is also achieved with paper surfaces, rocks, and green plants.
  • Floor coverings are a prominent accessory to the Asian style. Oriental rugs play a huge role and introduce character, color and warmth into the room.
  • In some instances, furniture is not only kept smaller, it’s multi-functional. The reason being that homes in the Oriental culture were smaller and more compact in size, so functionality (as well as size) is a deciding factor when choosing furniture for your Asian interior. Folding screens can be found in many of the cultures, as well.
  • Window dressing can be an expression of your tastes as well as being true to Asian culture. If your interior design is exotic and rich in color, then use a complimentary style of treatment for the windows. Adorning your window with ornaments, tassels or other pull backs are perfectly acceptable as well.
  • Acessorizing around your Asian interior design would not be complete without one additional element: water. Both seen and heard, water is a basic element in this decor style. It can be achieved easily through an aquarium, wall art, or a planter that has a water spigot which dribbles into the container.

Modernizing the Asian Design

Although very rich in culture, history and tradition, you’ll notice that an Asian interior designed home has become a bit more modernized. Like many things today, you will find current elements mixed in with past traditions that create a more up-to-date appeal – while still being able to use an Asian influence.

If you enjoy the clean lines and overall style of an Asian interior design, you might also take a liking to an Art Deco Interior Design, as it has the overall appeal of being oriental – but with subtle American touches.

To explore other options and design ideas, try browsing our selection of interior design ideas and photos. Professional help is also available no matter what style of design you have in mind; simply check out our interior designer directory to be connected with a designer of your choice.