14 Baby Girl Nursery Ideas & Decorating Themes

If you are looking forward to welcome a princess in your family, you need to prepare a nursery for her where she grows up. Setting up a special bedroom for her can really make it special occasion for you. As she grows up, she will remember the little details and things that she had as she was growing up. There are so many baby girl nursery ideas so you can pick the one that you love the most.

It is important to keep in mind your budget before you start setting up the nursery. With so many wonderful themes, you will definitely be able to find out the best one for your little girl. It is always best to choose a color palette that you love the most or the one that will be timeless. An evergreen setting will keep the room looking entertaining as well as fresh for a long time. Following are some baby girl nursery ideas to help you find the best one.

1. Canopy Princess

Canopy Princess baby girl nursery idea
Source: Decorpad.com

If you are looking for stunning baby girl nursery ideas, there is nothing better than setting up a canopy for your little princess. You can purchase canopies that come with ruffles made from net fabric and set it up with satin ribbons along the crib. You can also set up the canopy yourself by using a material of your choice. Pink, beige and white are the best colors that look adorable and give a cooling effect to the nursery.

You can also make canopies from glittering material that will look even more charming. To complete the princess setting, add faux flowers, cute furniture pieces and decoration to the girl nursery. There are special chandeliers for baby bedrooms in smaller sizes and colorful lamps.

2. Disney Queen Theme

Disney Queen baby girl nursery Theme
Source: Rosenberry Rooms

Another way to pucker up your baby girl’s nursery is by adding Disney princesses to the setting. You can purchase dolls of Disney princess, cushions with prints and framed pictures as well. You can also decorate the brand blue Disney shade to set up the room and make it look like your baby girl lives in Disneyland. Furthermore, you can paint the backdrop a light shade like faded pink, white or baby blue if you want to post wall stickers of Disney characters.

This is among the best baby girl nursery ideas because every girl grows up looking up to Disney princesses like Cinderella, Princess Jasmine, Mulan and Belle. Having their story books, stickers and other Disney knickknacks around the room will make the room perfect for baby girls.

3. Rustic Fairy

Rustic Fairy baby girl nursery design
Source: Project Nursery

Another intriguing baby girl nursery idea is the rustic setting which is a unique interior décor. It is also quite in fashion to add rustic look with woodened panels, rustic cribs and other furniture pieces around the room. For this look you can make color combinations like walnut brown with shades of pink which is an evergreen color contrast. In addition, the pink will pucker up the brown and give a charming touch.

On the other hand, rustic brown panels with white and beiges will look more elegant. It is a trendy combination that can be completed with white crib, bedspreads, beige rugs and other decorative pieces in the room.

4. Glam Girl

14 Baby Girl Nursery Ideas & Decorating Themes for
Source: BabyBeddingandAccessories.com

If your baby girl is the queen of glam then why should her nursery be any less? Set up a glamorous nursery using fancy chandeliers and mirrors around the room. An easy way to incorporate glam inside the nursery is using luxurious materials like faux fur rugs, velvet chairs, heavy drapes and charming furniture.

Another way that you can make the nursery look glam is using pale shades and beiges which are associated with high-end looks. Set the nursery to look more spacious and trendy instead of cramming too many objects around and you will easily have the glamorous baby girl nursery.

For decoration, use gold or silver objects such as frames, abstract art or vases around the room that will further bring out the fashionable look of the nursery.

5. Super Mod Nursery

Super Mod Nursery baby girl nursery ideas
Source: WorldDivided.com

If you want your little lady to follow the pace of the world then you should set up the ultra-modern nursery for her. This is one of the easiest among baby girl nursery themes because you can find many products and settings that are made for modern looks. However, it could be challenging to pick the right objects. Using wallpapers with polka dots or horizontal lines will make up for a nice background for the setting.

Plus, using minimal art for the walls, small decoration pieces in the room is an ideal way to set up modern girl nursery. Try to stick to a color palette that does not feel overwhelming. You can also use various shades of the same color for beddings, curtains and carpets for this look.

6. All Abstract

All Abstract girl nursery ideas
Source: ElisabethMcKnight.com

One of the coolest baby girl nursery ideas is using abstract art for the nursery. This nursery setting requires having a keen eye for good abstract art which can either be colorful or black and white. Besides using frames around the room, you can also get beddings and curtains that have similar color palettes and artistic prints.

Another great thing about this theme is that you can mix and match various colors and patterns around the room. You can decorate a white crib, wooden dresser, navy drapes and so much more for this look. Putting some pots and vases with flowers will naturally make the nursery look brighter and charming. In short, this look is perfect for parents who want to play around with the idea of setting up a nursery for their baby girl.

7. Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite

bohemian nursery for the little guest
Source: TheGlitteringPlain.com

Setting up bohemian nursery for the little guest might be the cutest ideas among baby girl nursery ideas. An interesting way to make this idea unique is using beddings and warmers that have tassels and beads. Besides that you can add dream catchers on the wall beside crib, by the windows or generally anywhere.

Another interesting thing about this idea is that there are multiple types of dream catchers available in multiple colors that will go along with rest of the colors that you will be using in the bedroom. Plus, adding tapestries to the walls will further make the nursery look spiritual and calming. If you own any crystals, placing them as decorative pieces in the girl nursery will complete this look.

8. Her Territory

Her Territory girl nursery idea
Source: Coolanz.com

Do you want to raise a boss lady who knows her territory? Adding her name to the wall will do the magic. You just need to find motifs or alphabets made from various materials that will spell out your baby girl’s name. You can also get the name letters which light up as they will make the room look even more special.

You can add name letters to any type of background like wallpapers, plain paint or wood panels. Moreover, this look will fit different sizes of nurseries as well. No matter what type of setting you are doing, adding name will give a warming welcome to the newcomer and mark her domain. She should get her special place in the family.

9. The Nautical Adventurer Theme

The Nautical Adventurer Theme
Source: Nautical by Nature

One of the most adorable baby girl nursery ideas is nautical setting for the nursery. To set up a nautical nursery, you can paint a light blue or navy blue backdrop with tiny anchors all over the wall or one big anchor sign wherever you prefer it. Moreover, there are bedspreads and beddings with nautical prints that you can easily find online. One more way to make the nautical setting is adding pictures of sea creatures to the room.

There are stuffed toys shaped like octopuses, whales and star fish that will look quite lovely placed across the room. Even in this setting you have the opportunity to decorate a touch of girly shades like pink, red and orange that will suit the nautical setting quite well.

10. Flamingo Dancer

Flamingo Dancer nursery Decorating Themes
Source: Style Me Pretty

Flamingos look really nice when they are added to interiors because of the pale pink color. For this flamingo baby girl nursery idea, you can paint the wall a decent color with flamingo stickers all over. If you want to make the wall look more spacious then you can either add one big flamingo sticker or leave it as it is. You can always use flamingo stuffed toys and beddings if you want to add them to the bedroom.

There are also flamingo framed pictures that you can place around the room as a way to decorate the walls and make them look more charming. In short, flamingos give you an easy access to creativity. This cool flamingo look has to be among the best because of its trendy and natural touch to the room.

11. Tropical Blend

using tropical colors around the nursery
Source: TheGlamPad.com

What could be cooler than using tropical colors around the nursery? If you cannot seem to settle for any other baby girl nursery ideas then this might really catch your attention. For this look, you will need interesting blend of pinks, yellows and greens. Think of the shades you would see during a fun vacation to Hawaii. You can also add cushions, rugs or wall art with zebra print to this tropical blend.

Moreover, adding plants, vases and pots in this nursery look is essential. It will make the room look breezy and bright. There are leaf printed loungers, lamps and frames that can also be placed in the bedroom. Overall, this look can be spiked up with yellow and blue decoration. At the same time, use hints of golden around the girl nursery to make it more glamorous

12. Black and White

Black and White theme for baby nurseries
Source: PotteryBarn.com

Are you looking for unique baby girl nursery ideas? The black and white is a timeless combination that you can try out for nursery too. This is also a very unique combination for nurseries and makes them look sophisticated and elegant. With a white backdrop, add black crib and other furniture with black polish. A furry white rug or black and white patterned carpet will make this idea outstanding.

If you want more color in the room, you can do it using colored ribbons that can be bowed around crib. Furthermore, colored stuffed toys, frames and decorations also give you the sprinkle of color that you are looking for. Using printed drapes with colored shapes is a nice way to make black and white theme look colorful.

13. Tiny Wanderer Theme

Tiny Wanderer girl baby nursery Theme
Source: The Aprecio Family

Do you want to raise your girl to be an adventurer who loves exploring, camping and being out in the nature? Why not set up the nursery for the tiny camper. Painting a world map for the backdrop is a nice way to start setting up this nursery. Besides that, you can use sheets to set up a little camp where you can sit and read to your baby girl. Decorating stuffed toys shaped as animals will eventually help her recognize them as friends too.

Other things that you can use for this setting is pictures of landscapes and framed quotes such as “Let her sleep for when she wakes she will move mountains”.

14. Mint Green

Mint Green baby girl nursery idea
Source: greylikesbaby

A color that has become very trendy is mint green as it looks good with multiple other colors. If you are looking for baby girl nursery ideas then this might strike you as different. A mint green backdrop has the capacity to look good with pink, blue, chocolate brown and many other shades. Moreover, drapes of this shade also look wonderful in girl nursery. This is a color that exudes innocence and charm.

Decorating mint green backdrop, floral prints, polka dot patterns and horizontal lines in various shades also look luxurious. In short, this mint green is a color that can be used in several creative ways if you are ready to take the risk with it.