5 Baby Interior Design Ideas

When there is a baby on the way, one of the many decisions that must be made is how to decorate the nursery. No longer bound by just pink and blue, creating a unique Baby Interior Design for your new family member has evolved in ways which have no boundaries.

5 Baby Interior Design Ideas

Do you know if it’s a boy or a girl? Even if that knowledge is kept secret, there are limitless possibities to creating a stunning and purposeful room. Many parents now-a-days prefer to not only make the room visually appealing, but they would like it to be that way for a long time to come. In other words, if you planned on having any more children you may want to use more gender neutral themes and colors so as to avoid redecorating in the future.

A Baby Interior Designer?

Creating a Baby Interior Design should be an exciting and joyful journey. The end result is only limited to your creativity and imagination. Like most of us however, those attributes may be hard to come by. If you find yourself struggling for ideas, time or extra energy, you might want to explore hiring a Baby Interior Designer who will relieve some of your responsibilities and take some of that burden off your shoulders. It can be an investment that will pay for itself every time you walk in the room.

Baby Interior Design Tips

  1. Where to Start: This is the toughest part. Whether you go with a particular theme or not, you’ll need to find a frame of reference to draw inspiration from. Perhaps you already have a favorite character or animal that will give you a starting point? If not, browse story books or magazines for ideas. Conjure up super hero’s or revisit childhood movies. The next step is to pull your colors from that image. For instance, if you like bunnies, you’ll be using yellows, whites, creams, pinks and greens in your decor.
  2. Adding Furniture: Baby furniture is pretty standard; crib, rocking chair, dresser, changing table, etc. However, give some thought to purchasing furniture that will grow with your child. A convertible crib that converts into a toddler bed or a changing table that duplicates as a dresser. Above all else, safety is the most important reason for selecting furniture, so be sure to read the manufacture’s guidelines and warranties.
  3. Accessories: Fun, fun, fun! Use area rugs to compliment your decor, Window Treatments that will pull the whole room together, and little touches like picture frames, growth charts, diaper pail, wall hooks, bookends, mobiles, crib quilts, and a throw to keep you and your little one snug in the rocker. Don’t forget shelving, mirrors and miscellaneous items to hold storage that helps keep clutter off the floor.
  4. Wall Decor: Choose a paint color that blends with your theme, but have fun with it! Free hand murals of trees, pathways, birdhouses, or other items that flow with your inspirational element. Block wooden letters, or vinyl words, have become very popular and will create a wall that everyone will talk about.
  5. Lighting: Choose an overhead light to mimic your theme, perhaps a birdhouse chandelier or color cordinated shades with vibrant patterns to catch the baby’s eye. A free standing light next to your rocker is a must for late night story telling; and for tip toeing in to check on the baby – a nightlight is essential.

Don’t Forget About Mom and Dad

With the focus so much on the new baby that is coming, don’t forget that you will also be spending a great deal of time in this newly designed baby room. You’ll want to make sure you have any basic supplies you might need in order to feel comfortable and content within the new surroundings.

Remember, safety comes first, but conveneniece and decor are a close second. If you aren’t competely comfortable spending a great deal of time in this baby room, neither will your baby.

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