Relax At Home with 15 Beautiful Backyard Patio Ideas & Designs

Patios are spaces in the house that are outdoors, generally open to the sky. Sometimes they may also include a roofed area. Patios are added to the house for outdoor dining, lounging and other outdoor activities. There are numerous backyard patio ideas and designs with most being paved but there are other options too.

1. Brick Backyard Patio

Relax At Home with 15 Beautiful Backyard Patio Ideas & Designs
Source: RoundHouseCo

This backyard patio idea is ideal for any space, big or small. The bricks allow for better designing like the curved pattern on the side of this one. It also allows for a wide variety of furniture to go with it, from lounging chairs to dining tables and chairs. The fire place gives it a very traditional and cozy look.

This patio idea can not only become a favourite spot in your house to relax in the sun, but also to enjoy pleasant nights outside. The patio also has a space for plantation. Adding seasonal, bright colored plants will further enhance the beauty of the backyard.

2. Backyard Patio with Tiles

 Backyard Patio with Tiles

This backyard patio design has it all. The tiles allow for more choice in the color and pattern on the floor. The wooden framework allows for some sheltered area too. Light curtains can be added to that particular area to give it more privacy and protection from sun or rain when needed. Since a much bigger space has been utilized for this patio, there is enough room for good furniture and decor.

The light colored sofas and chairs make the space look even bigger and spacious. The fire-place in one part of the patio will help make the area cozier, especially if you like to enjoy cool and breezy nights out.

This place could be ideal for sleepovers and hang outs, day or night. The rocks are added in the whole setting to make it more aesthetically appealing. Even with all the decor, furniture and roofed area, some space is still left to show the green grass and plants, helping to keep the outdoor look.

3. Patio Idea For A Bigger Lawn

Patio Idea For A Bigger Lawn
Source: Steval Decorations

This backyard patio idea is perfect for those who do not want to use up much of their open, lawn space for a paved patio. For those who want to keep most of part of their backyard as a lawn, and as natural as possible and give little space to the outdoor lounging area.

It is a plain area to keep it from distracting from the natural surroundings. Such a space is ideal to enjoy the peace and tranquility of nature, rather than to hold gatherings or sleepovers. For those who love plantation, this could be ideal as it does not take up too much space and leaves a lot more for plantation.

4. Modern Backyard Patio

Modern Backyard Patio

The patio shown here is a more contemporary take on patios. It can be used as the dining space and for gatherings. The wooden framework above allows for some form of shelter, whichever one you like. Curtains can be used too, for decoration or for maintaining privacy of the space.

For a family who likes to watch television and movies and also enjoys outdoors, this is a brilliant backyard patio idea. Not only is the backyard space utilized, it is also like a complete second living room. Only better, since it lets you enjoy outdoors too.

More greenery and flowers can be designed on the space next to the patio to give it a more natural and relaxing atmosphere. The wooden framework also allows for any soft and subtle lights to be added. A soft light, just enough to give a warm glow to the area will transform the look of this patio completely.

5. Composite Decking Patio

Composite Decking Patio
Source: Clean Scentsible

This backyard patio idea is very unique in the sense that it is like a deck, raised at a certain height above the rest of the ground. From an aesthetics point of view, this design is brilliant. It looks unique and gives the home a very cute appearance and is ideal for relaxing and enjoying the view of the lawn.

Adding the bright pink and purple flowers to the white painted deck gives a very subtle and sweet look. The rug and the umbrella add more color and life to the patio. Even though this very combination of blue, pink, purple and white looks perfect, it can be changed according to the tones of the house paint. The stairs at the front of the deck also provide a very good place to sit and relax with a nice cup of tea, enjoying the serenity of early mornings.

6. Roofed Backyard Patio

Roofed Backyard Patio

This patio idea is for people who want to add a roofed patio to their backyard. The one pictured here takes up quite a lot of space but it can be reduced according to the space that you have. For areas with really hot summers and a lot of sunny days, this design idea can be really helpful.

The solid roof above provides excellent protection against the burning hot sun. It is also an ideal place to sit and enjoy the rain from. Any sort of furniture would look suitable in a patio designed like this. It can be turned into a dining area. It can also be turned into an outdoor study area, complete with a desk and a book case.

7. Patio for Hosting Gatherings

Patio for Hosting Gatherings

For anyone who enjoys hosting a lot of parties and gatherings, this backyard patio idea is perfect. It is open to the lawn area where the actual gathering can be and also has furniture and setting that allows for food and drinks to be placed there. Not just for big gatherings, this patio is great for everyday meals and different from the usual dining areas in homes.

The cabinets give enough storage to keep all the cutlery so that it does not have to be carried out every single time. Adding big stylish lamps on the counter can give a nicer look, especially adding a soft glow at night. The BBQ grill at the side makes this place the best spot to have a BBQ at home.

8. Beautiful Patio

Beautiful backyard Patio

This backyard patio design idea is based over a larger area and is more costly than the rest. Not just in terms of building it, but also in terms of how much has been spent on the decor.

One part is by the fire, which already has a sitting area around it, instead of placing chairs here too. The other part is at the far end that has some lounging chairs and is covered by an umbrella. The distant part of it is covered and provides an excellent retreat rainy weather or if the sun gets a bit too much to relax in. The soft lighting in the covered area makes it more welcoming at evening or night time. Instead of placing too many sofas and chairs like in the picture, lounging chairs or divan can be added.

9. Everything Outdoors

Everything Outdoors backyard patio

This backyard patio idea is only feasible if you have a large space available, in which case it can very well replace the sitting areas like the living room or drawing room inside the house. The flooring is solid, paved and all at a single level. A very modern touch has been added by the curves in the construction along the sides. It looks particularly eye catching due to the design of the wooden railing.

Soft yellow lighting inside the beautiful lamps makes the place looks even more surreal. It is the ideal place for small gatherings, and even for photography. This place looks like a vacation resort! The furniture setting is perfect. To keep it subtle, only a vase or two of single type of flowers has been tastefully placed.

10.  Poolside Patio

Poolside Patio

This backyard patio idea is very graceful and has both a modern and traditional touch. The big fireplace by the pool has all the focus and makes it look very cozy. To enjoy some solitude by the pool, this could easily become your personal favorite spot in the house.

The furniture chosen is comfy and cozy too. Adding a blanket or two here would make it perfect for some quiet time curled up with a good book. The greenery on the other three sides of the pool give it a more natural and serene environment.

11. Sophisticated Patio Design

Sophisticated Patio Design

This backyard patio design is very sophisticated and modern. The decor and interior is very tastefully picked and set to go with the outline of the patio. The round fireplace in the middle is the center of the whole furniture setting. The round shaped sofas compliment it perfectly. The patio is well lit and also allows for ample natural light to flow in. It is complete with plantation in the pots. The dining area on the side makes it the best spot for spending some quality family time.

12. Gravel Patio

Gravel Patio

This backyard patio idea is unique in that it is a gravel design. There is ample dining space and a place to sit and relax by the fire place afterwards. More flowers can be added on the sides to make it look brighter if you feel like it looks slightly dull. The fabric of the sofa can also be used of a brighter color and pattern to bring out more life in the patio. Soft lights can be added on the boundaries to make it perfect for nights too.  As it is completely open and without any shelter, it has the disadvantage against rain.

13. Brick and Wood

Brick and Wood backyard design

This amazing backyard patio design has a lot to it. There is a lot of room and space to sit and relax, to hold a gathering and to dine. With a design like this, you could end up spending most of your time outside enjoying the fresh air and weather. It does have a slightly dull appearance due to the lack of color. But adding a more colorful rug, more flowers and some bright colored floor cushions could really bring out the best in this otherwise complete design. It also has a roofed portion in case the weather makes it hard to enjoy out in the open.

14. Keeping it Simple

Simple backyard design
Source: Architectural Design

This backyard patio idea is ideal where there is a restriction of area and a smaller budget. The construction of this is not as costly as that of the other ideas on the list. The furniture used here is not very expensive either. Any kind of chairs or sofas will fit right in with this patio design. This design is also roofed so that it is shielded from direct sunlight or rain that could ruin the furniture.

15.  Bold and Modern

Bold and Modern backyard patio

This backyard patio design is by far the most modern one on the list. It is a poolside patio, which makes it all the more unique. It is almost as if the kitchen and living room were shifted outdoors. For a person who loves to spend time in their swimming pool, there could not be a better patio idea. There is a lot of storage space for food and cutlery. You can also add lounging chairs by the poolside and enjoy the cool breeze to beat the heat in summers. It is also a great place to cook while enjoying fresh air and the surrounding greenery.

Backyard patios can be a wonderful way to add more beauty to the house and to utilize your own outdoor space effectively. The cost on them can be as low or high as your budget goes. It can be a great way to soak in the sun or get some fresh air and relax. Not only are patios ideal for gatherings but are also great if you love yourself some peaceful ‘me-time’.