Balichun 5.8 Qt Cast Iron Dutch Oven (Product Review)

The Balichun 5.8 Qt Cast Iron Dutch Oven is a top seller and top-rated product. Furthermore, with all of the features this product possesses and the affordable price, is it any wonder why? So, in this Dutch oven review, we will be taking a closer look at this highly recommended product.

First, we will break down the many features of this product. Second, we’ll take a deeper look at the pros and cons that other customers reported. Then we will answer some commonly asked question.

Next, we move on to the question of who is the Balichun 5.8 Qt Cast Iron Dutch Oven made for? This discussion will hopefully help you more easily decide if this product is right for you. Finally, we’ll share the best place to purchase this product for the best price.

With that said, we hope you take the information given as a supplement to your own research. Furthermore, it would be wise to compare prices, features, and positives and negatives between other Dutch ovens. So, without further ado, let’s begin with the top features.

Balichun 5.8 Qt Cast Iron Dutch Oven Features

  • Large 5.8 Quart capacity is ideal for larger meal preparation
  • Imported Japanese and European exterior glaze coating is smooth and glossy
  • The superior heat-retention qualities of cast iron will save energy and time
  • Will add a small amount of nutritional iron to your diet
  • The lid will redistribute moisture back into food for added moisture
  • Dutch oven can be used on gas, ceramic, induction and electric cooktops
  • This Dutch oven measures 12.6 inches by 10.2 inches by 4.7 inches

Our Quick Verdict:

The Balichun 5.8 Qt Cast Iron Dutch Oven should definitely not be ignored. This is true because of all of the great features and benefits it offers. Furthermore, at an affordable price, we have no choice but to highly recommend.

In conclusion, this product will bring beauty and utility to any kitchen. Likewise, it comes in many vibrant colors which are sure to add style to any home decor. With that said, the Balichun 5.8 Qt Cast Iron Dutch Oven can be found at today.

Balichun 5.8 Qt Cast Iron Dutch Oven Review Overview

At 5.8 Quarts in capacity, the Balichun Cast Iron Dutch Oven will make short work of any meal. Furthermore, the large capacity prevents the need to prepare multiple batches of the same recipe for bigger families.

As far as quality goes, the Balichun 5.8 Qt Cast Iron Dutch Oven is a definite top tier player. Furthermore, the high-gloss exterior coating is designed to resist fading, staining and chipping. On top of that, the coating is also imported from Japan and Europe, so you know its top quality.

As you probably already know, cast-iron has some of the best heat-retention characteristics of any material type. This will not only save energy but also your time because your food will stay hot longer.

And on the issue of cast-iron characteristics, cast-iron can also give you nutritional iron in your diet. This is especially important for people with iron deficiencies as the iron you’ll receive can be of great benefit.

Some Other Great Features?

Another great feature of this product is the moisture circulating lid. This handy design feature will prevent your meals from drying out and losing flavor. It works by catching condensation from cooked food and distributes it back down to amplify the flavor.

Continuing its versatility streak, the Balichun Dutch oven can be used on ceramic, induction, electric, and gas cooktops. This feature will allow you to use this product on almost any stove top type, which is very convenient.

Finally, this Dutch oven offers a very generous size. This item measures 12.6 inches from handle to handle by 4.7 inches deep. And as for the interior, it measures 10.2 inches across the top. With that said, the interior is not enameled like the exterior, as its plain cast iron.

In conclusion, the Balichun 5.8 Qt Cast Iron Dutch Oven is a feature rich piece of cookware. This product can enhance meal preparation for you as well as for the whole family. And if you’re interested, it can be picked up today from at a great price.


  • Will add a small amount of dietary iron in your food
  • Vibrant color choices
  • Works on all cooktop types
  • Large capacity for large groups and families


  • It has been reported that the interior is somewhat rough
  • Cooking highly acidic food is NOT recommended
  • Interior is NOT enameled and is plain cast iron
  • Cooking surface needs to be seasoned before each use

Some Commonly Asked Questions and Answers:

We would now like to take the time to answer some commonly asked questions. This will hopefully, in turn, help you better decide if this product meets your standards. So, let’s begin with the Q & A, shall we?

What Is The 360° Water Cycling System And What Is It Used For?

The lid is specifically designed to reintroduce moisture from the food being cooked. This will both keep food from drying out as well as keep in flavor.

Where Is This Dutch Oven made?

This product is made in China. However, it should be noted that the construction quality is very high. On top of that, it is a top rated product with very few negative reviews.

Can This Dutch Oven Be Used In The Microwave?

No, this product should never be used inside of a microwave. This product has a cast iron core and cooking surface. However, it does work well on electric, gas, ceramic, and induction cooktops, as well as in the oven.

Can This Product Be Used On A Glass Stovetop?

Yes, absolutely. This product works great on all cooktop types.

What Are The Dimensions Of This Dutch Oven?

This item is 12.6 inches by 10.2 inches by 4.7 inches

Can it be used on a campfire and camp stove?

This Dutch oven should NOT be used over a campfire or any open flame. This is due to the fact enameled cookware can crack from open flame cooking.

Is This Item Dishwasher Safe?

It is not recommended to wash this Dutch oven in an automatic dishwasher. Furthermore, hand washing with warm water is preferable. On top of that, it should also be re-seasoned before every use.

What Is the Maximum Oven Temperature Of This Dutch Oven?

This product has a maximum temperature rating of 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

Who Should Buy The Balichun 5.8 Qt Cast Iron Dutch Oven?

The Balichun Dutch Oven is a great product for anyone new to Dutch ovens. Furthermore, if you’re in need of a replacement for your old cookware, it would also be a great fit. And if you have a larger family, the 5.8-quart capacity would be great.

However, if you’re single, the larger size of this Dutch oven may be overkill. And, if you have a smaller family to cook for, then it may also be too large. Finally, if are looking for an all enameled Dutch oven, you may want to look elsewhere. And that’s because this product has an enameled exterior with a plain cast iron cooking surface.

While there are some downsides to this Dutch oven, all in all, it’s a very versatile piece of cookware. Likewise, it is sure to enrich any meal it creates as well as make your life a lot easier. With that said, let’s move on to the best place to purchase as well as to re-cap its great features.

Where To Buy?

The Balichun 5.8 Qt Cast Iron Dutch Oven is both economical and versatile. This enameled piece of cookware comes in many different colors to fit any style and home decor. So, where is the best place to purchase the Balichun Dutch Oven you ask?

This product can be found at for a very affordable price. Furthermore, for all of the features this Dutch oven possesses, the price can’t be beat. Finally, let’s summarize some of the reasons why you might want to take a closer look at this product.

First of all, this Dutch oven gives you a large 5.8 Quart capacity which is designed for large meal preparation. And we all know how convenient and freeing it can be to cook bigger meals in one go. Furthermore, while it is quite large in size, it is still very easy to transport and handle.

Second, the enamel coating is designed to last and resist cracking and fading. Furthermore, the coating is imported from Japan and Europe which means quality materials are very important to Balichun.

Next, the amazing heat-retention qualities that cast iron offers is second to none. Likewise, you can even receive a small amount of nutritional iron to your diet. This is especially important for people with iron deficiencies.

Finally, the lid is designed to deliver moisture back into the meals you create. This makes cooking a much more enjoyable experience. On top of that, the lid, as well as the Dutch oven itself, are oven safe up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. With that said, if you would like, you can pick up this Dutch oven at Amazon today.

Balichun 5.8 Qt Cast Iron Dutch Oven Conclusion

Well, there you have it, our review of the Balichun 5.8 Qt Cast Iron Dutch Oven. We hope you gained some knowledge and insight into this top-rated product. Furthermore, if you would like information on cleaning an enameled Dutch oven, you can click here.

And if you need tips on cleaning a cast iron Dutch oven, feel free to click here. If you would like more information on this Dutch oven you can find it at And, take a look at our Enameled Dutch Oven Buyers Guide for more amazing Dutch ovens. With that said, we hope to see you again soon, and as always, please take care.