15 Cute Bedroom Ideas & Decorating Themes

A bedroom is the last room we spend time in at night and the first one we spend time in in the morning, so it only makes sense that you’d want your Bedroom Design to evoke calmness, relaxation and serenity, as a way to end your day – as well as enabling you to start tomorrow feeling fresh, invigorated and ready to take on what whatever comes your way.

Although the main function of your bedroom is to rest your head and get some zzzz’s – with a cute bedroom design it can also serve as your own personal sanctuary – your own little corner of the world where you can escape and retreat from outside elements, stress and worries. There are many cute room ideas that you can try out for setting up your ideal place. A space that is truly designed and tailored to your own individual comforts and whims.

Designing Tips for the Cute Bedroom

  1. Create a Focal Point: Although you may think the focus should be on the bed, that doesn’t always have to be the case. If you are fortunate enough to have a fireplace, built in bookshelves, or even a large window, those will work nicely as well. You could even choose to make one of the walls the focal point by painting it a stronger color than the rest of the room or applying another treatment such as wallpaper.
  2. Choose Comfortable Furniture: Your bed is your greatest asset in this room – choose wisely. Keep the bed size to scale in your cute room so as to allow clear isles to avoid tripping in the middle of the night. Freeing up space will also allow you to bring in a comfortable easy chair or bench, which when positioned correctly, can become your own private retreat within itself.
  3. Lighting Options: It’s very important to consider a lighting design that will be multi-functional. A Bedroom Design evokes many different moods and your lighting will need to play along. No matter the choice of fixtures, be it lamps, sconces, or an overhead chandelier – using a dimmer switch will create an additional function and provide the ambiance you may be needing.
  4. Your Design Style: Which style of decorating you choose should depend on how you’ve designed the rest of your home. Any style of design will transition into your bedroom nicely. In some cases you may wish to tone down the color to allow a more restful, romantic room, but then again, you may wish to use bold, empowering colors that will breathe life into your morning.
  5. Attend to Privacy: Window Treatments deserve much consideration depending on their height and placement. A combination of window coverings may work best in order to take advantage of letting in daylight and air flow, while also being able to provide sanctuary from the outside world.
  6. Accessories: More than having just “stuff” for accessories, you should give some thought to how the “stuff” makes you feel. Go with items that have sentimental, comforting feelings; your wedding photo, souvenirs from special places, treasures that are close to your heart. Bring more ambiance into the cute room with candles, mirrors, and live flowers or plants.

There are no rules when it comes to a cute bedroom design – it should reflect your own personal style and comfort level. Consider hiring a professional bedroom designer to help you achieve a truly functional, restful bedroom that will be a reflection of your own individual personality. An Interior Designer takes all the guesswork out of making dreams come true.

It is important to have a space that inspires you to be who you are by setting it according to your own ideas. Therefore, every once in a while you need to re-decorate your bedroom. Besides, we all get tired of the same setting and rearranging will give you the new surge to start all over again.

15 Cute Bedroom Design Ideas & Decorating Themes

There are many intriguing and unique themes that can be applied for your bedroom décor. Following are some cute room ideas that you can try out for your bedroom if you want to re-invent or renew the space that you live in.

1. Femme Fatale

15 Cute Bedroom Ideas & Decorating Themes for
Source: SOCIETY19

This is an easy to create look for which you might not have to redo your wall paint. If you are looking for cute room ideas to channel the inner girl boss, this might strike your creative sense. You can get framed pictures of chic women in history that inspire you the most to hang on the walls. Adding a hint of red with black and white theme will highlight this bedroom idea the best.

You can also add black and white bedspreads with a pinch of color with decoration pieces, wall stickers and other knickknacks around the room. They key is to neatly organize posters and furniture to match the boss lady aesthetic.

2. Go Green

incorporating plants in your bedroom
Source: laidbackgardener.blog

Another one of the cute room ideas which is also good for your overall health is incorporating plants in your bedroom. If you are becoming environment conscious, love plants or just want a unique bedroom, add pots and vases with plants in the bedroom. Moreover, if you think your bedroom is bland, adding a burst of plants will easily make it look much more enchanting and colorful.

There are many house plants that can be arranged in the window, on decorative stands, study table and other parts of the room. You can stick to one range of plants like cactus or simply add as many as you like. Green plants or plants with flowers will also lift up bedrooms with white or other monotonous color tones.

3. The Fairy Land

using fairy lights in the bedroom décor
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One of the cute room ideas that you could try is using fairy lights in the décor. Using fairy lights is an easy way to cheer things up in the interior without putting in too much effort. There are string lights available in different sizes and colors that you can get to match the rest of the interior. Besides that, you can set string lights behind your bed, on shelves around the bedroom, along the dresser or any other corner that looks boring.

Adding colorful string lights to old bottles is a unique way to make your own colorful lamps using string lights. There are multiple ways to get creative using these lights.

4. Vintage Corner

giving your bedroom a vintage DIY touch
Source: LessThanPerfectLifeOfBliss.com

If you like to travel back in time, giving your bedroom a vintage DIY touch will help you do just that. The best way to achieve an authentic vintage look is to go to a thrift store to purchase old furniture items. You can get trunks, record players, gramophones, dressers and much more from the old times in cheaper prices. Otherwise, you can always purchase modern items that imitate vintage stuff.

Adding a stack of record players from artists of golden age, bottles and clock pieces will play a great role in making your bedroom look like a blast from past. You can also turn trunks into tabletops in many ways that will also give a vintage touch to your cute bedroom.

5. Ultra-Modern Belle

have her modern bedroom where she can be herself

The modern woman should have her modern bedroom where she can be herself. This modern design is one of the ideal cute room ideas for women who want to adopt a contemporary bedroom. Modern interiors are focused on minimalism and reductionist ideas that will de-clutter the mind and space of busy bees.

You can also follow an ultra-modern look on a budget as you need fewer decoration items around the bedroom. Your color range should include the colors black, white, golden and grey that can be arranged in various patterns across the room. You can add lamps, pen holders, and books as a way of decorating the room without feeling congested. This minimal setting will also fit small dorm rooms that do not have much space.

6. Find Your Zen

inner Zen - cute bedroom idea
Source: TheSuburbanMom.com

It is true that your surroundings can impact your mindset. For those who are spiritual and on the journey to find their inner Zen there are many cute bedroom ideas. The best and easiest way to start creating a peaceful environment is adding tapestry to the wall as a backdrop. You can also find tapestry printed bedspreads and cushions to further enhance the look.

Besides that, adding dream catchers to windows or board of bed will give you the peaceful look in the room. You can also find crystals, sage and other knickknacks which are essential to many spiritual practices. Other items that you can add to this look are candles, essence sticks and frames with quotes that set your mind to peace and inner satisfaction.

7. Luxury Extravaganza

the luxurious look in your bedroom
Source: BocadoLobo.com

A luxurious bedroom means having a luxurious lifestyle. If you are tired of your bedroom then it is time to redecorate it to a new look. For the luxurious look in your bedroom, use somber shades like navy blue, scarlet, pale pink and gold. These shades are always safest yet they can be used in unique ways without driving you to boredom.

In addition, using texture inside room like velvet, satin and other beautiful material will create patterns without making the room feel congested or overwhelming. Add decorative pieces that are minimal yet feel spectacular. You can use unique blends of colors like sea green with mauve, turquoise with scarlet through bedspreads, tapestry, curtains and other stuff.

8. The Book Nerd’s Bedroom

The Book Nerd’s bedroom
Source: OneKindesign.com

If you have a collection of books then you can use them to make your bedroom look according to your personality type. Instead of putting books under your bed or cardboard boxes, invest in shelves and racks that can be used around the room. You can color coordinate books to match with the rest of your theme. For instance, using pink, red and white book covers to stack on your side table will instantly add color to the bedroom.

Otherwise, using rustic racks placed around a chair, for a somber and decent look in the room. Having a black or white shelf for the books will give you more space for placing your books in an organized manner and show off your library to the guests as well.

9. Pink Is the New Black

add pink to bedroom décor
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Everyone knows that pink is a color that never goes out of fashion. You can add pink to any décor and it will instantly look more charming. For cute room ideas, you cannot resist pairing pink with other shades like black, white, grey or blue. However, there is nothing like a pink and black décor. It looks fascinating as well as adorable. If you want to reinvent your bedroom, add pink fluffy cushions and a soft black rug that will pick up the room.

You can add pink in many ways such as bedspreads, carpet, seats or simply getting furniture with pink paint. Blend in shades of hot pink with pale pink which has been trending with modern day interior decorators because of its innocent yet charming effect on the bedroom.

10. The Classic Combination

The classic combination room
Source: savvysouthernstyle

The classic combination of red, black and white is something that has been used for interiors time and time again. If you cannot seem to settle for any of the cute room ideas then this look is bound to grasp your attention. Adding multiple layers of bedspreads and comforters in these three blasting shades will make your bedroom warming and romantic. Moreover, you have the opportunity to use one color more than the other.

For instance, a black bed with white bedspread and red decorative pieces will give you’re the classical combination. You can switch around and see what fits you the best.

11. Lighten Up

Lighten up your bedroom

If you want somewhat of a neutral bedroom that looks vibrant and joyful then there is nothing like using yellow. With a yellow backdrop and blue bedspread you can create a cute interior without making it look overdone. Yellow is a lift-me-up for mood and will keep you in a positive mood all the time. On the other hand, blue will keep you calm and steady. Using these two shades for wallpapers, bedspreads and carpets is a great way for changing your bedroom.

A bright bedroom is the best among cute room ideas since it can be arranged for any gender. Moreover, you can add knickknacks with multiple bright shades for hints of color that will combine to give you a unique bedroom.

12. The Minimalist

The Minimalist bedroom
Source: SfGirlbybay.com

Have you noticed that geometrical shapes are trending whether it is for interiors, jewelry or clothes? Well, you can get on the bandwagon to create a unique minimal bedroom of your own. You can purchase mirrors, frames and furniture which are stylish yet only accommodate what you need. Using all white in the bedroom might not sound appealing at first but you’d be surprised at how much you can play around with just one color.

The key to using all white is to pattern and layer different materials in a creative manner. Having all white curtains, lacy bedspread in white and white carpet will make your bedroom look cozy and beautiful. However, you might have to be very careful about not staining things

13. The Color Purple

The Color Purple room design
Source: thedecorologist

Purple is a color that exudes energy and happiness. There are so many shades of purple so you can settle for lilac, mauve, lavender or any others that you prefer the most. Furthermore, to use purple in your bedroom, you should opt for having wallpapers or wall paint in the shades you love. Adding contrasts of light and dark is a great way to arrange this color in your bedroom.

For instance, dark purple bedspread with lilac walls will look radiating and luxurious too. If you want to stay low key with the color then add candles, frames and lamps with patterned purples prints that will make your room look cool and colorful.

14. Bed of Flowers

purchase floral prints for room decors

Floral prints look good for everything. From curtains to carpets, you can purchase floral prints for room decors that give a great merry vive. If you want the flowers to be dominating, you should get wallpapers or paint the floral print on the walls. You also have the space to use either low tones or vibrant colors for this print.

Another way to add floral prints is with bedspreads that match curtains. For more color, use colorful furniture like chairs and tables. If you are in the mood to get creative, you can always paint floral prints on the furniture on your own.

15. Artsy

using arts to display around the bedroom
Source: Effingham.info

Last but not the least, the best among cute room ideas is using arts to display around the bedroom. You have so many ways to purchase arts from modern day artists, get prints of classical prints and so on that you can hang around the room. Simple quotes in frames around the room, pictures of your favorite memories and murals in the bedroom will also make your bedroom artistic and unique.

This theme gives you the lead to take your idea of artistic and apply it to your space. If you have the skill of drawing or painting, you can hang your own art around the room. It will always help you get inspired to create more.