Bedtime Stories Made More Comfy!

The 3 little pigs, Sleeping Beauty and etc.! What could be more comforting and soothing to a child than being read some good ole bedtime stories transporting kids from their room to a fantasy land? Ridder & Clown certainly did the children’s bed some justice by creating the wonderful Bedtime Stories bed which would make your child’s bedroom a magical place.

The lovely wooden bed can be your child’s fantasy land. It contains a pocket for books and a canopy like cover at the top so you can have that magical atmosphere with your child. So if you are thinking to redecorate your child’s bedroom, this would be a great bed choice.

Your children’s room will be cozier if you have this bed. Your stories would be more fun and bedtime won’t be so bad. Check out this great bed over at Ridder & Clown.