Our top 5 best foldable mattress – Folding mattress reviews

Do you wish for a bed which is inexpensive yet portable? If so, a foldable mattress is a perfect product for you.

A foldable mattress is not just the perfect bed to travel with but it also makes for an excellent bed for your guests, especially if you do not have a lot of space and the only viable option for your guest is the couch. Moreover, the fact that a folding mattress takes up less space regardless of whether the product is a folding king mattress or a folding queen mattress makes it an ideal choice for those who crave easy storage.

Amidst an array of folding mattresses to choose from, it is easy to get overwhelmed. Therefore, we are here to provide you with some of the best folding mattresses available. Any of these will prove to be a perfect mattress for folding bed.

Product nameTypeRatingPrice range
LUCID 4 Inch Folding Mattress - Twin SizeFolding twin mattress4.170$ - 180$
Black Tri Fold Foam BedsTri fold mattress4.3Under 100$
Zinus Sleep Master Memory Foam 4 Inch Tri-Fold Comfort Portable Folding Mattress or Floor MatMemory Foam Folding Mattress4.2Under 100$
Kit for Kids Kidtex Foam Travel Cot MattressFolding cot mattress for kids4Under 50$
Folding Pack-n-Play Mattress by Sproutwise KidsFolding floor mattress for kids4.7Under 100$

1.LUCID Folding Mattress – Twin Size

Lucid Folding Mattress is known for its quality. It is considered to be the best folding twin mattress under $100 and has been well-received by users. They have lauded it for its comfortable material and durability. The product is also available in foldable mattress queen and king size for a higher price.

Main features

Lucid four-inch folding mattress succeeds in performing multiple functions. Not only does it make for a great folding guest mattress but it can also be used as a chair in the spare time. The folding nature of this product allows it to take the form of a bed or a chair according to your needs, thereby providing you with a comfy seat and a comfortable mattress for your guests at the same time.

Such design and construction make this mattress perfect for camping, dorm rooms, and children playroom. It can serve to be a floor mattress and provide your children with a comfortable playing environment. Such a value-added feature has allowed the product to stand out amongst the crowd.


  • The foldable foam mattress is accompanied by a carry handle which allows for ease of transport.
  • The cover of the mattress is removable and hence washable, thereby adding on to the convenience of the product.
  • The twin folding mattress has dimensions of 39” x 75” x 4”.
  • When folded, the dimensions of the product are 26.75” x 39” x 12”, hence allowing for easy storage.
  • The weight of the product is 17.3 pounds which is light enough to allow for easy portability.
  • The foam used in the foam folding mattress is certified by CertiPUR-US, which authenticates the manufacturer’s claim of producing environment-friendly products.

Customer Reviews & verdict
Users have been quick to appreciate this product for its multi-functional features and easy storing abilities. Both of these features combined make this a great purchase for those who have small spaces and frequent arrival of guests. Customers have also lauded it for being a portable folding mattress, a feature which has been insured by the compactness and the lightweight of the product.

However, few are of the opinion that this twin size folding mattress is a little on the pricey side compared to other similar-sized mattresses available.

Nonetheless, since the product has such value-added features to back up its cost, the majority are of the view that somewhat premium price is justified. Therefore, if you are looking for a twin folding mattress which can perform the function of a chair as well as a bed, then Lucid four-inch folding mattress will not disappoint you.

2.Black Tri Fold Foam Bed

D&D Futon Furniture is a reputable name in the futon furniture industry primarily known for its full-size folding mattress. It’s Black Tri Fold mattress has managed to uphold the company’s legacy of providing excellent quality, comfortable, and portable product. This affordable foam folding mattress can be considered as the best foldable foam mattress under $80.

Main features
This product is made purely of polyester, and while such a material may not be as comfortable as a memory foam folding mattress, the construction is good enough to allow for comfort and excellent support. Such a feature has been achieved by the high density of the material used in the making of the mattress.

The three-inch thickness of the product makes it perfect to be used as a floor mattress during yoga or as a comfortable landing when your children are playing. Moreover, the compact size of the fold up mattress makes it ideal for small spaces and hence can be a right choice of a mattress to take when going camping. The small size also makes the product highly portable, a feature appreciated by the masses.


  • The product is only available in black color.
  • The cover of the fold up mattress cannot be removed.
  • The dimensions of the product when unfolded are 3” thick x 27” wide x 75” long.
  • The dimensions of the foldable mattress in nature, when folding it up are 9” x 25” x 27”.
  • The weight of the folding mattress is approximately nine pounds allowing it to be extremely portable.

Customer Reviews & verdict
This 3 fold mattress has received raving reviews from users worldwide. Customers appreciate the low price of the product which makes it a budget-friendly purchase. Moreover, the light weight and size of the fold out mattress enhance the portability function of the mattress which is the primary feature looked in a foldable mattress.

However, users feel that the polyester used in the construction of the product prevents ventilation of air. Moreover, many have suggested that the product should be available in a variety of sizes so as to fulfill the needs of the masses.

Regardless of the minor flaws exhibited by the product, the fact remains that the Tri Fold Mattress is an excellent value for money and therefore worth a try.

3.Zinus Sleep Master Memory Foam Folding Mattress

This memory foam folding mattress serves to be the perfect product for those suffering from body aches or arthritis. It is because the memory foam of this folding mattress provides therapeutic relief to users. Value-added features mark this tri fold mattress under $200.

Main features
This foldable mattress not only features a memory foam which is bound to provide you with a comfortable night sleep, but it is also made out of components which ensure that the product remains usable for an extended time. The BioFoam is accompanied by elements which allow this folding mattress to absorb moisture and eliminate unpleasant odor. Both of these features combined guarantee a fresh and durable mattress for you to enjoy.

Moreover, the claims of superior performance and durability find credibility in the CertiPUR-US certification that the foam features. Such reliability enhances customer confidence in the foldable mattress.


  • This foldable mattress is a twin size product.
  • The product is equipped with one-inch High-density Base Support Foam, two-inch Viscolatex Responsive foam, and one-inch memory foam. Together, the construction of the foldable mattress ensures enhanced support and comfort.
  • One year warranty accompanies the fold out mattress.
  • The product dimensions are 75” x 39” x 4”.
  • The weight of the product is 15.7 pounds, hence insuring portability.

Customer Reviews & verdict
This folding memory foam mattress has managed in satisfying its customer base. The users believe that the light weight of the product allows it to be easily transported and therefore can be used when traveling or going on vacations. Moreover, customers have reported that the product is extremely comfortable and relieves back pains.

However, some have indicated that the tri fold memory foam mattress may not be ideal for users who are tall. It is because the size of the product allows it to only cater to people below the height of 5’11” or so.

Regardless of the size constraints that the product experiences, the manufacturers of this product have succeeded in delivering a comfortable, portable, and durable fold away mattress. Since these are the features looked in such a product, one can say that the mattress has managed to deliver what matters to the customers.

4.Kidtex Foam Travel Cot Mattress

This folding cot mattress claims to be the perfect solution to sleeping accommodations for your kids. This folding bed mattress can be used for your kids whether for traveling, playing, or camping, making it the best folding cot mattress under $20.

Main features
The primary distinctive feature of this product is that it includes micropores. Such micropores enhance the breathability characteristic of the folding cot mattress which ensures that your child’s body temperature is maintained.

Moreover, this fold up foam mattress is perfect for newborns and can be used for babies which are accommodated in a travel cot. Such a comfortable and durable cot floor mattress has been a likely choice for newborns as well as toddlers.


  • The foam folding mattress is 2.5 cm thick.
  • The folding cot mattress can be folded into three to allow for easy portability.
  • The interior of the product is made to ensure the prevention of allergies.
  • The weight of the foldable mattress is 786g, which ensures the portability feature of the product.
  • The product dimensions of the cot are 96 x 64 x 2.5 cm.
  • The material of the product is polypropylene.

Customer Reviews & verdict
Users have lauded this full size folding mattress for its cheap price along with the fact that it is perfect for kids. The quality of the product is good enough to garner praise from the masses. Moreover, customers have lauded the fold up floor mattress for providing comfort which is parallel to the experience of the bed for their babies. Moreover, the hypoallergenic nature of the cot mattress has made it a safe choice for babies.

However, users have reported that the product’s dimensions are quite small; and while that leads to easy storage, it also renders the product useless for toddlers after they have crossed a certain age.

All in all, the pros of the folding cot mattress greatly outweigh the cons. Therefore, masses have been quick to overlook the flaws and use the product due to its convenience.

5.Folding Pack-n-Play Mattress

This folding floor mattress is an ideal product for babies. It provides them with a comfortable bed to play or take a nap on. Moreover, the fact that it can be folded up allows it to be used when traveling.

Main features
This product is considered to be the best folding mattress for toddlers and babies. The product ensures the comfort of your kids via the use of supportive latex foam which is dense in nature. This feature allows for enough support to guarantee a good nap time.

The white cover of the portable folding mattress is made of an ultra-soft bamboo material which is free from unnatural ingredients. This feature, in turn, ensures that the product is safe for babies. Moreover, the cover is equipped with a liner which is waterproof in nature. Such a cover ensures that the floor mattress is safe from any damage from water.


  • The foldable foam mattress has dimensions of 38” x 25” x 2” which is small enough to serve the purpose it has been manufactured for.
  • The size of the fold out mattress is such that it can be fitted into playpens.
  • The weight of the product is 7.5 pounds.
  • A travel bag accompanies the fold away mattress for easy transportation.
  • The latex foam used is environmental-friendly in nature.

Customer Reviews & conclusion
Parents have appreciated this product not only for the convenience that it provides but also due to the attention it gives to the safety of babies as insured by the use of natural components. Moreover, the compactness of the product along with the travel bag has managed in enhancing the portability of the foldable mattress. The fact that the front cover can be removed has been lauded by the masses since it ensures cleanliness of the product.

However, some believe that the manufacturers should make this folding bed mattress in a variety of sizes so as to cater to slightly older children as well.

Nonetheless, this fold up mattress proves to be a haven for babies and therefore is worth the money.


All in all, any of these mattresses can claim the title of the best foldable mattress 2017. Analyze your needs and choose one of them accordingly. You will not be disappointed with the performance.