17 Fun Bonus Room Ideas for Your Home

There might be an extra room in your house that you want to utilize in a productive and interesting way. Different people have different decorating ideas and taste which means that bonus rooms can be set up in multiple ways as well. The following are bonus room ideas that might inspire you to make your bonus room the place of your dreams:

1. Home Theatre

17 Fun Bonus Room Ideas for Your Home
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If you have a spare room or a bonus room in your house, you can easily turn it into a home theatre. Everyone likes binge watching movies, shows or documentaries and with the multiple streaming websites that are now available to public, it has become much easier to do at home. This is one of the bonus room ideas that will be received well by people who enjoy watching cinematic masterpieces on the big screen.

You will need certain equipment like a two-piece projector or you can invest in flat-panel plasma for the screen to show movies. You will also need speaker systems and other devices that will complete your home theatre. Give the final theatrical touch to the cinema room by adding comfy and fluffy chairs so you can enjoy your entertainment while relaxing in your own home.

2. Music Room

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One of the best bonus room ideas that will sit well with music lovers is to turn your bonus room into a music room. If you enjoy creating professionally or as an amateur, there is nothing better than owning a music studio where you can work whenever you want to.

Sticking to warm shades like walnut brown, orange, or scarlet will give this room a snug feeling. You can decorate with musical instruments such as a piano, guitar, music sheets and more. Whether you enjoy music in your free time or you are a professional musician, a music studio inside your house can be a great way for creating space for hobbies.

3. Personal Office

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If you work from home, you should definitely set up an office where you can work comfortably. This is one of the most productive bonus room ideas. If you have employees or more people who work from your home, this will set up a nice organization space for everyone to stay motivated.

For this idea, you can get built-in table tops, cabinets, drawers and office chairs. You can also use other office equipment including PCs, printers, scanners and other objects which are used during the working period. The best thing about turning your bonus room into an office room is that you can work without being distracted with all of the benefits of staying at home included.

4. Home Gymnasium

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Another one of the amazing bonus room decorating ideas is to use the room as home gymnasium. Many people prefer working out from home than going to a gym on regular basis. If you have a workout room, you will be able to keep up with your workout routine thoroughly without having to really go anywhere.

Your workout room is your space, so try to have only the equipment that fit your workout needs, and make your environment more welcoming to you. If you like music, or you really feel you need a snack stand for when you’re blown out, the room is yours along with the freedom to personalize it.

5. Display Room

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A style room is one of the bonus room ideas that give you the space to show off your creativity. If you have always wanted to try your hand at interior decoration, your personal display room is the perfect way to do it. This is the place where you can incorporate the architecture and furniture that you find the most interesting and design a trendy place.

Besides being stylish, the room will give you some extra space where you can unwind after a long day. A display room can be filled with ultra-modern furniture pieces, beautiful rugs and comforters of your choice. You can also try distinguished color combinations which are considered unconventional or non-traditional for rooms. This is after all, your own room, so go crazy and make a space that is perfect just for you.

6. Extra Attic Space

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If you have an extra attic room, don’t let it go to waste. You can use the extra attic space to set up space for an entertainment or hang out room. Most people use attics as a place for storage but you can get creative with this space as well. There are many bonus room ideas through which you can decorate the space. Although attic spaces are smaller in size, you can still furnish it with carpet, lamps and loungers.

You can also put book shelves to turn extra attic space into a place where you can read in peace. Otherwise, you can decorate it with frames and posters to make it more colourful. Try mounting a TV screen if you are looking for space for entertainment.

7. Arts and Crafts Only

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. This is among the bonus room ideas that all creative people enjoy. If you have a knack for creative work, arts and crafting, then you can set up a special room for it. If you have extra room in your house you can turn it into a place for executing ideas into reality. You can add a proper table with chairs, color pencils, sketch books and canvases around the room. Everything you need to get crafty.

Fill your space with storage compartments, since you’ll need them for all the art supplies. You can spark an interest of arts and crafts in your kids by having a specific room of the house dedicated to it. Don’t forget to also make some space to display all of the things you are going to make.

8. Basement Space

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If you have basement space, you should furnish it well. There are many ways to decorate and design the basement too. Many people like to use concrete and stone tiles in the basement along with wooden furniture and cabinets which give it a surreal feeling. Basements are relatively cooler too so you can use different bonus room ideas to furnish it and use it during the summer time.

The best way to make use of your basement space is to turn it into home-bar with a rock wall where you can enjoy a good drink. You can also host parties and hangouts in your basement if you have a home bar. Adding a bar shelf with bar chairs will be a great way to complete the look of bar.

9. Personal Art Room

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Another one of the bonus room ideas that you can try in your extra room is to turn it into an art studio. If you are an art student or an artist, you might know how important it is to have space for creative work. If you want to create work in your comfort zone then you should turn your extra room into an art studio.

You should set up tables and shelves to place your art supplies along. Adding carpeting will give it a more comfortable feel. You can add storage shelves, canvases, and a sofa to make your art room your favourite spot for working. One thing that you should be careful about in your art room should be the lighting as it will have great influence on your work as well.

10. Kids Playroom

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If you have kids you can use bonus room decorating ideas to give them a place to play. Kids should always get a place where they can play with their toys as they explore their personality and life ambitions. There is no better way to help them develop by providing them a healthy and happy environment. You should use the extra room to set up a play room with colourful toys, informative mats and posters.

You can get mats with alphabets, playing blocks with numbers and similar things that will not only keep your children busy but also help them learn. Other things that you can use in the play room are little camps, stuffed toys and chairs for the children. Make it their favourite place to stay by providing a TV, putting your playroom in an accessible spot in the house, and near to where you will mostly be.

11. The Bar

Source: TheWowDecor.com

One of the most enjoyable bonus room ideas is to set up a bar in your extra space. If you like to enjoy drinks on your own or host hangouts with friends for a chill time, this could be perfect. For this idea, you will need free standing bar which come in various sizes, shapes and styles. In order to compliment the bar, there should also be bar stools where you can sit for a drink.

Adding built-in cabinets to show off your collection of liquor and drink-ware is not only a way for decorating the room but it will also give you easy access to a drink when you need it. You should also invest in other equipment for the home bar such as refrigerator, bar cart and cooler.

12. Games Room

Source: TheSkunkPot.com

In order to set up a video game room in your extra space, you should invest in a flat screen so it is used exclusively for playing games. Besides making this room a place for video games, you can add other entertainment such as pool, a foosball table, a chess board and so on. This could be the place where everyone can come to enjoy free time and keep themselves entertained.

You should add speakers to provide background music along with funky posters for decoration. Other things that you can add to game room can be sofas and stools where you can sit or place equipment for video games.

13. Sewing Room

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If you have a taste for fashion designing this could be the best bonus room idea for you. Setting up a sewing studio could be fun and productive if you want to work on your ideas in peace. You will need sewing tools and materials such as machines, threads, and scissors along with other accessories that you need to work with.

However, in order to have your dream sewing room you can also set up the colors that you love the most as dominating shades. You can also use furniture, mannequins and tables to make your sewing studio look stunning like your work.

14. In Home Library

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All book worms would agree that reading is the best when you are at your home wrapped up in your favourite blanket. For bonus room ideas, you can also try to make a library of your own. If you have a lot of books that need to be organized, invest in shelves of different types. Making DIY shelves that cover the entire wall would make your room look like a real library as well.

Once your books are settled, you need to start organizing the space for seating. You can make a special reading corner by setting a single-seat next to window. You can get proper couches and rugs coupled with cushions for more reading positions as well.

15. Study Room

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Your mind focuses the best when there are no distractions around. Most of us spend too much time creating the perfect ambience for studying than working on our projects. This is why setting up a study room is among the most beneficial bonus room ideas. Whether it is you or your children, if you have a place for studying, the work will be finished on time.

This place can be used to work on homework, revise, focus on projects and simply learn more. A learning space can be set up using work chairs, tables and other components which are necessary for your study time. Try finding a quiet, relaxing place that’s surroundings do not distract you.

16. Wine Cellar

Source: Mcs95.com

Using your bonus room as wine cellar could be wonderful especially if you are a wine enthusiast. In order to make sure that your wine is aging fine, you will need to control the temperature of the room. Make sure that you have perfected the temperature and taken measurements to maintain it as well.

Besides that, you will need storage for wine bottles along with wine closets that will look luxurious and fancy in the wine cellar. If you want to create a secret wine pool, you can do it with an underground storage in the wine cellar. Adding a warm and romantic seating place to enjoy wine will complete your wine cellar room.

17. Dance Studio

Source: JenniferBrouwerDesign.com

For people who love dancing or need to practice dance, there could be nothing better than having a dance studio at home. This is one of the best bonus room ideas for everyone who is passionate about dancing. No matter what genre of dance you are into, practice is what makes you perfect.

You can decorate a studio with mirrors, a smooth floor and a changing room to practice what you love. The color scheme of your room should be fitting to your taste so you can enjoy your dance space. Furniture in this room should not be a concern since your main objective is to have as much space as you need to move around freely.