17 Unique Boy Bedroom Ideas & Decorating Designs for

Your son needs a room for himself, one that matches his personality, one with some interest, one that will wow his friends at birthday parties. So what is the boy room going to look like? Decorating a room is easy, once you have a theme to work with. The tricky part however, is choosing the actual theme for the room. To help you out, here are some very cool themed boys’ bedroom ideas and designs that’ll inspire you to create the perfect room.

1. Drive-By

car room ideas
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Watching your child grow happens all too fast, one second they’re there, the next day they are driving their own car. So why not try to reduce the shock of seeing them behind the wheel with a race car themed boy bedroom.

The design of this room is quite simple, there’s a car in the middle of the room. Having the bed look like a car is the first step to creating the car theme, next would be to place checkered prints around for the typical race flag. Having a stenciled raceway running across the wall adds a cool effect to the room. Then along the way, the toy cars will come along to finish the room.

2. No Girls Allowed

treehouse themed boy’s bedroom idea
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This treehouse themed boy’s bedroom idea is the perfect way to hit two birds with one stone. Your son will always have access to his own clubhouse and you mastered creating an awesome room. The bed can either be under or in the treehouse fort.

The decorating theme is only really complete if it gets a feeling that it’s a boy hideout. That means putting up some childish signs and making small spots great for secret meetings. Trees and plants give off the belief that it is outdoors. Climbing pieces are recommended to entertain the treehouse idea. It’s not a treehouse if you’re on the ground.

3. Around the World

Little Boys Bedroom Decorations
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A spirit for exploring should be a part of your son’s life, so that he feels ready to try out and see new things, and no better to conceive such a passion than in their room design. Give your son a globe, a perspective on the wonders of the worlds, novels and story books to learn.

It’s fairly easy to theme a boy room this way, try thinking of a geography classroom. The pictures showing different parts of the world, perhaps blimps and planes to inspire the idea that it is possible to go anywhere.

4. A Wizard’s World

A Wizards World bedroom
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The land of Harry Potter is one of the most spectacularly created worlds in literature. Any lover of the series wishes to attend Hogwarts and see the wonders of magic. A great boy bedroom idea for your son is to bring the world of Harry Potter to him in his own room.

This boy bedroom design idea, of course can go anyway. A mural of Hogwarts, a stenciling of the Chosen One himself, or extracting every miniscule detail from the book as shown in this room. The broom and tapestry really bring out the feeling that this is a hard core Potter-heads room. Small touches like the Hogwarts robes or the stuffed owl really spark creativity into the room. There are so many things to choose from and piece together to create a true wizard’s room.

5. Flying to Neverland

17 Unique Boy Bedroom Ideas & Decorating Designs for
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A love for literature runs in the family? The dream to fly away to higher places? The theme of Peter Pan is your best shot for your boy bedroom idea. Nothing describes the free spirit of a child better than the iconic character Peter Pan. The most fitting way to go with Peter is a mural that really catches the pleasure of soaring in the skies. The colors in the rest of the room can emulate those that occur in the mural. The mural then becomes the center of the room and the design stands out.

6.  Among the Stars

Source: OdeliabyDesign.com

The dream to be an astronaut shouldn’t be ignored, it’s a big dream, perfect for a big kid and perfect for a big boy bedroom idea. The big design is going to space, so space should be the centerpiece of the room. Painting the walls midnight blue to make the vast space, then placing in the planets to make the solar system. A telescope for seeing the actual stars and toys that can fit the passion. Slowly, the room will come together to form the space your son knows and loves.

7.  The Dark Knight

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Why does every little boy want to be him? Because he’s Batman.

This mysterious hero is the wonder of children’s dreams, and a perfect decorating theme for your superhero’s room. It is easier if the room had the bat symbol as the focal point since there are too many varieties to Batman’s appearance. A bedspread of Batman is easy enough to place in the room. A nice touch to the room would be to place action figures or a scenery of Gotham City on the wall.

This boy bedroom idea doesn’t just have to apply for Batman, you can do the same with any other famed superhero that your son may favor.

8.  Brick by Brick

Source: AtHomeInterior.net

A child’s personality is created piece by piece throughout their life, so why not make the foundation of those building blocks a Lego themed boy room? It is a nifty design idea that can work as long as Lego blocks played the role of a toy in your son’s life.

The bed frame would be the main attraction here, seeming as if it’s made out of Lego pieces. The sheets can be bought or even handmade, stitched to resemble the Lego blocks. The rest of the room can follow with creative Lego creations and furniture made to mimic the appearance of the building blocks.

9. Up in the Clouds

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This boy bedroom idea is a light hearted airy theme, being up in the sky, and head in the clouds. The cool colors make everything in the room smoothly fix together so nothing really stands out, like an empty clear sky. The furniture sticks to nude, light colors and is very limited so the room looks spacious.

The decorating design is focused more to the ceiling where everything is suspended in mid-air as if you were really flying. The hot air balloon presents the sense of being lifted off of the ground. Having large windows allows sunlight to penetrate the room, merging reality into the fictional dreamscape of soaring through the atmosphere.

10.  The Seas and Beyond

Source: AlternativeAlexandriaWaterFrontPlan.com

A great nautical boy bedroom idea starts with the color blue, and some sailboats. Blue and white are the best lead you have for creating a sea themed room. The boat shaped bed is a really nice touch to the whole sailing design, as well as the whale toy box.

The mast is however a much easier addition to make, shaping the mast and placing a sheet for the sail. Model boats and sea-side pictures will build up the coastal feeling.

11.  Star Wars Fan

Source: HomeMyDesign.com

In a galaxy far far away, a young Star Wars fan is getting the perfect bedroom he wished for. This boy bedroom idea is a great summary to a Star Wars lover. Posters and figurines are a great start to the decorating theme, but it can go further. Bedsheets with the characters printed on them, sayings from the movies covering the walls, and a great big death star. Although it’s displayed on a poster, you can get crafty with your own room and make the death star a paper chandelier to boost the originality of your plan.

12.  Digging Dinosaurs

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Paleontologist, meaning the study of fossils to discover and analyze previous geologic periods. If you know the definition of this word because of your son, he may be interested in dinosaurs.

This boy bedroom idea is an exceptional way of encouraging your child to pursue their passion of dinosaurs. Start with a mural or a painting of dinosaurs, get some sheets to match the dinosaurs on the wall, and even some toys. Books are great for him, and some dinosaur decorations can elevate the room.

13.  Moonlit Bedroom

Source: PrettyHandyGirl.com

This boy bedroom idea is more calming than a personality blast. It is a detached scenery that is simple and serene. It is visually appealing, a moonlit forest. To continue this theme with the mural on the wall, stuffed animals and warm colors for the furniture. The style calls for fuzzy friends and soft quilts, since the boy bedroom design is related to nighttime. Glow in the dark stars on the sky or a night light to brighten up the room at night will complete its sleepy feel.

14.  Bookish Bed

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If your son is a bookworm, constantly found with his nose between pages, then this is an admirable idea for boy room. Decorations wouldn’t matter, how many books it can hold would. A drawer under the bed provides an accessible storage for novels he can access in bed.

The placement of the books makes it easy to skim through the titles. The shelves overhead would hold other stories that are wanted, not necessarily read repeatedly. Lights right above the bed makes sure that he is always reading in suitable lighting, even if it is in the middle of the night.

15.  Sports Room

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It’s the sports room, as well as a boy bedroom. If you have a little jock running around your house, then this is the ideal bedroom layout for him. It catches a bit of every sport there they may want to play and there is plenty of space for more to be added. Of course, of all their sports equipment can go anywhere in this room without looking like a mess.

The basketball is an easy effective design of making it feel lived in. The football toy box is useful and cute, fitting for the room. If your son really an athlete, then he deserves his own trophy shelf. Posters and bed sheets with sports equipment are easy enough to come by. In the end, it comes down to how far your son takes his athletic hobby and brings it home.

16. Tropical Treat

Source: Chile2016.info

A wonderful scenery change from the city, your own straw shack to play in, away from the everyday world, isn’t it great? This is a great boy bedroom idea if your son is seeking some solitude in peace. The theme is Luau, which is easy enough to follow.

Blue and yellow are the colors to go with, and the beach is the scenery you want to imitate. Rope and straw are the textures you want to spread around the room, with some fishes and aquatic life to spruce up the room.

17.  Spooktacular Room

Source: ResidenceStyle.com

Sometimes, spooky is what is perfect. Kids just enjoy the chills that creepy brings with it. So keep it simple, but make sure the room says ‘boo’. Bats and silly hanging decorations are a hit, along with smiling faces around the boy room on the furniture.

Colors close to white and black, so evidently grey, are good bases for the room. Orange, green and deep purple are good additions to the rest of the room. The room will look a lot better with personalized crafts so that the boy bedroom doesn’t just feel spooky, but also friendly.

Inspirations come from anywhere, anything, at any time. These boy bedroom ideas branch out to many different interesting and unique themes and designs. Hopefully, with all of these ideas placed together for you, you have found the inspiration you needed to create the ideal bedroom that your son wants.