Fable Bedworks Crafts Whimsical Children´s Beds

In 2010, following 20 years in operations management roles in manufacturing and technology companies, Doug Robinson discovered a penchant for designing and crafting children´s beds with fantasy themes.

As the primary designer at Fable Bedworks, of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, Robinson oversees a team of professionals who build his whimsical works.

His boundless imagination, coupled with a strong grasp of the practicalities of assembling durable, strong, and safe products, is apparent in every bed he creates.

Fable Bedworks raises the bar on enchanted and fantastical children´s furniture. His-and-hers castles and wild-west wagons are just some of the elaborate designs currently available, with more on the way.

Robinson stumbled upon his unique passion when he made Chuck Wagon and Dragonslayer Castle beds for his nephews years ago. “Seeing the look of delight on Wyatt’s and Bodie’s faces was so deeply rewarding. I want to make kids happy,¨ he said. ¨I want to build beds that I would have loved as a child.¨

Featuring integrated lighting, concealed storage areas, and unique styling throughout, a Fable Bedworks design is the ultimate centerpiece for that lucky child´s fantasy-themed bedroom. For smaller rooms, a special wall-bed design lifts up like a drawbridge to free up floor space for daytime play. And unlike those mass-produced alternatives, all Fable Bedworks products are limited editions, hand-crafted from top-quality materials at the Fable Bedworks workshop.

Robinson’s commitment to detail ensures that each bed is engineered to the highest standards of safety, quality, and craftsmanship. The beds can shipped worldwide.