Can Tiki Ibiza: Redecorating Your Villa in Classic and Modern Ways

Planning for a wonderful style for your villa? Then you can get great ideas in the stunning villa at Can Tiki, Ibiza. You can see a ethnic but retro style in this villa since it was totally been renovate d by Godrich Interiors, which as London-based designers. You can mimic the cushions and daybed in this villa from Violet & George, as well as the Tropicalia chairs by Patricia Urquiola, a Spanish designer for Moroso. In addition, you can also find a Pumpkin chairs from Chaplins. The striking pendant lights complement well this room. You can avail this kind of light from Le Souk.

The living room gives a relaxing feeling as well. From the colorful carpet to center table and the sofa, you can see the perfect combination of these kinds of furniture. The color also complement well with every piece of furnishing in this living room. You can also add different kinds of frames on the wall or even China plates. These decorations will give a classic look in your villa.

Though this may show classiness in your villa, you can still design the other part of it with modern designs and styles like the pictures below. You can see the various designs on the walls as well as the lights used. However, it harmonized well with the other designs of the villa that give you a classic, but modern look of it.