Top cheap sectional sofas – Our 5 picks and reviews

When you think of sectional sofas, you imagine big comfy sectionals. You picture your tiredness going away as you sit down on what you consider to be the most comfortable sectional sofa in the world. But one does wonder, how could we find the sectional sofas of our dreams? How could you get your hands on a big comfy sectional couch while staying within a budget? How do you select the best from all the cheap sectional sofas available?

Choosing a perfect sofa is not an easy task. You are required to analyze the space you have in order to make sure that a given sectional could fit in the limited space without looking too claustrophobic. Moreover, for some people, the price is also a deciding factor. Regardless of what your budgetary constraints are, make sure that you pick a product which is the best within the price range.

Do you feel overwhelmed by the decision of choosing a quality sectional sofa? Do not worry, for we are here to provide you some of the top rated cheap sectional sofas available in the market today.

Product namePrice rangeRating
Intex Inflatable Corner SofaUnder 300$3.4
Pearington Mia Microfiber Sofa Sleeper Bed & Lounger with Storage, JavaUnder 400$4
Classic Scroll Arm Tufted Button Bonded Leather Chesterfield Style Sofa (Black)Under 500$4.3
Poundex Bobkona Hardin Polyfabric Left or Right Hand Reversible Sectional Sofa, Slate BlackUnder 1000$4.1

Top cheap Sectionals under 300

Sometimes, a low cost does not mean low quality and these products prove it. The given cheap sectionals have succeeded in satisfying customers and garnering favorable reviews. These sectional sofas under 300 are surely worth a try.

1.Intex Corner Sofa

This cozy sectional sofa is ideal for cabins and camping. This product will prove to be a great addition to your home décor.
Main features
This product is available in a neutral color so as to ensure that it goes well with your home décor regardless of what kind it is. The sleek streamlining of this most comfortable sectional sofa adds on to the aesthetic appeal of the product.

The exterior of the couch is made to be waterproof while the bottom is made out of vinyl. The material used for the product makes sure that you are as comfortable as possible. The inflatable nature of the product makes it a likely choice for a temporary haven when going camping or on a picnic.

Customer Reviews & verdict
The customers have lauded this product for being a comfortable sectional sofa for a cheap price. Many have been reported as dubbing the product the most comfortable sectional sofa under $300. Users have appreciated the fact that the sectional sofa could be made as firm as you like.

Others believe that the inflatable nature of the sofa makes it vulnerable to damage, thereby undermining the durability of the product.

All in all, since the product is immensely cheap, the flaws of the sofas are overlooked by the masses who have appreciated the comfort and the aesthetic appeal of the couch, thereby making it one of the best cheap sectional sofas available.

Top cheap sectional sofas under 400

While some of the above choices are ideal for those wishing for cheap sectionals, raising your price limit slightly higher can lead to some better options. Here is one of the best cheap sectional sofas under 400.

2.Pearington Mia Microfiber Sofa Sleeper Bed & Lounger

This product, at a price of under 400$, is multipurpose in nature. Since sectionals with sofa bed are in demand, this sofa sleeper bed has been well-received by all.
Main features
This product can be transformed from a sectional to a sleeper with immense ease. Such a multifunctional feature of the product has allowed it to be immensely convenient for users. The cushions of the couch are filled with foam and plush polyester while the sofa features a microfiber fabric. Such material allows this product to be one of the most comfortable sectional couches under $400.

The fact that this sectional with cuddler is robust in nature which is achieved via the natural hardwood frame used in the construction makes this product durable and hence worth the money. The additional storage space underneath the bottom cushion further enhances the convenience of the product, making it excellent for everyday use.

Customer Reviews & verdict
This cozy sectional sofa has been appreciated for the convenience and comfort it has succeeded in providing. Customers believe that the large armrest of the couch along with the storage space is a distinct feature which allows this sofa to stand out amongst its competitors.

However, while users have raved about the product, some have found it difficult to assemble due to poor instructions that it comes with.

All in all, since the product itself has not met with much criticism, one can say that this product is one of the best cheap sectional sofas.

Top cheap sectional sofas under 500

Amongst an array of cheap sectional sofas under 500, one of them proves to be one of the most comfortable sectional couches in town.

3.Classic Scroll Arm Tufted Button Bonded Leather Chesterfield Style Sofa

This couch, at a price of under 500$, proves to be highly comfortable yet sophisticated. This black sofa not only proves to be a symbol of class but also ensures that you are as comfortable as possible.

Main features
This big comfy sectional couch proves to be an esthetically pleasant addition to any home décor. While being sophisticated, it also gives off an aura of being a casual sofa which allows it to be excellent for everyday use.

The bonded leather upholstery of the sofa gives it a modern classic look which separates it from other cheap sectionals. The Victorian style wooden legs further alleviate the esthetic appeal of the product.

All you need to do is screw the legs onto the frame, and the sofa is ready to be used. Such easy assembly has been a source of convenience for the masses.

Customer Reviews & verdict
Users believe this product to be one of the most comfortable sectional couches which also proves to be designed amicably. The spacious, luxurious feel has not been lost on customers. Since comfort and design are what the most users value, this product has been able to strike a chord with the masses.

However, some find the product to be too firm for their liking and have suggested that the company could further improve the comfort feature of the product.

All in all, for those of you who value design and wish to beautify your lounge, this product would be the best sectional couch for such a purpose.

Top sectionals under 1000

Those of you, for whom a price is just a number, here are some of the best sectionals, which although are on the pricey side, but guarantee to make your life better. These are some of the most comfortable sectional sofas you could find under $1,000.

4.Poundex Bobkona Hardin Polyfabric Left or Right Hand Reversible Sectional Sofa

This sectional sofa under 1000 is well below the price limit costing about $582.67. Such a low price along with premium quality has made this product a likely choice of the masses.

Main features
Commonly when you are sifting through products to find the best cheap sectional sofas, your options are limited by if you need right- or left-hand configuration item. However, with this cozy sectional sofa, you do not need to worry about such a factor. It is because of the design of this product, which is patented, that it can be reversed allowing the sectional sofa to be set up as both right and left configuration.

Moreover, the material used for the product is poly fabric which is known for its durability and comfort hence making this product one of the most comfortable sectional couches. Furthermore, this two-piece sectional sofa with cuddler consists of a wooden frame to enhance the comfort feature of the product. Such features, together with easy assembly, make this product one of the best sectionals available.

Customer Reviews & verdict
This sectional couch is dubbed the best sectional sofa for small spaces since it fits perfectly in apartments. While the product is quite firm when taken out of the box, upon use it has been reported to be comfortable. The masses have appreciated the design and the convenience of easy assembly.

However, some have reported that the product is rather squeaky and could be improved further. The users also wish that the sectional sofa should be manufactured in more colors to provide customers with more choice.

Nonetheless, majority of the users have been left satisfied with the product, thereby making it worthy of being amongst the top rated sectionals.

5.Armadale Right Hand Facing Sectional

cheap sectional sofas

This product has a price of $948.99 and consists of sets of sofas which can be used separately as well. This best quality sectional sofa is worth the cost.

Main features
This product features a full-length design. The sofas are wrapped in faux leather which gives the product a sophisticated feel. The design of the product features a wide seating space which allows this product to be one of the best sectionals regarding comfort.

The sectional couch also includes a distinct feature of adjustable back support. Such support allows you to adjust the product according to your comfort needs. Such a feature has allowed many to claim that the product is the most comfortable sectional sofa in the world.

Customer Reviews & verdict
Users have well-received the product. The masses have appreciated the choice between black and cream color, both of which go well with an array of home decors. The easy assembly of the product has been a source of great convenience for the masses.

Customers are also of the view that the product is not a good choice as a sectional for small spaces. Others feel that the product requires a recliner so the sectional sofas with recliners would be an even greater purchase.

Nonetheless, with the customers providing recommendations, the fact remains that there is nothing wrong with the quality and comfort feature of the product which is what the most people look for. Hence, this sectional sofa under 1000 has proved to be one of the most comfortable sectional couches and the most sought-after product in this price range.


All in all, all of the sectionals mentioned above succeed in offering exceptional value to customers. These sofas are not only high-quality sectionals, but they are also immensely comfy sectionals.

If you are looking for cheap sectional sofas, any of the mentioned products will be enough to satisfy you.

Buy the best sectionals. Insure that your leisure time is as comfortable as possible.