Design Ideas to Maximize Closet Space

No longer merely an after thought, a Closet Design can be the deciding factor when thinking of purchasing a home – or even when the option of remodeling becomes available.

Design Ideas to Maximize Closet Space

There are literally hundreds of variations that can be incorporated into a closet design, but there are only two styles to choose from: walk-in or reach-in. Once that’s determined, the closet designing process can begin.

Reach-In Closet

Walk-in closets can literally be an extension of your home and can provide many useful amenities – besides just a few rods that will hang your clothes.

Although much smaller in size, a reach-in closet can still be designed in such a way as to make use of every inch of space while providing function with style.

Many Possibilities in Closet Design

Whether you choose to use a Closet Design Professional or go it alone, your choices will be plentiful – depending on your wants, needs, and of course – the space you have to work with.

A good place to start is to take stock of all the different functions you’d like to achieve in your closet. Obviously, you want it to hold all your clothing, but what about your shoes? Your handbags? Your ties? Closets no longer hold just clothes; consider utilizing it for jewelry, gifts, and excess storage as well.

Let There Be Light

Closet Organizer

There are basically two ways to achieve good lighting: natural and artificial.

Natural lighting can be accomplished with an overhead skylight, or if enough wall space permits; a window. Keep in mind artificial light will also need to be present when daylight fades. Also worth note: over time sunlight has been known to fade clothes and that should be taken into consideration.

Artificial light can be achieved in many different ways. However, if installed incorrectly, it can cast shadows on clothing which will defeat the purpose. Choose fluorescent lights as opposed to incandescent bulbs as they can be hot to the touch and hazardous in small confined spaces. Consider hiring a qualified electrician for this part of the designing process.

Closet Design Tips & Ideas

  1. Seating: With a walk-in closet, seating may be an option. Aesthetically appealing, as well as functional, having dedicated seating in the closet is a major plus. Whether it’s a built-in bench or a stand alone chair, it’s an option worth exploring – and comes in very handy for putting on shoes.
  2. Mirrors: The obvious can usually become the most forgotten. Install full length mirrors on the inside of the closet if the space allows, if not, install close by.
  3. Ironing Board: Convenient and appropriate, a built-in ironing board is a must have. Have one custom built for the space, or visit your local home improvement store for a pre-built one.
  4. Hamper: Whether purchased as a stand alone, or conveniently build-in, a hamper is an essential part of any closet. If the closet resides on a second story, your hamper can function as a laundry shoot directly down to the lower floor.
  5. Dresser: Built-in components are generally preferred, but not essential. A purchased stand alone dresser will do nicely to hold all your essentials and then some.
  6. Step Stool: There should be no such thing as “wasted space” in your closet design; no matter what size it is. A step stool within easy reach will allow you to make the most of your space and access it too.
  7. Closet Organizers: Useful in any size of closet, a professional organizer can take the hassle out of designing. Local home improvement stores have many options to choose from, or consult a professional.

Walk-In Closet with Bench

Feng Shui Your Closet

If there were ever place in your home to incorporate a Feng Shui Interior Design, your closet should rank high on the list – as it tends to be one of the more chaotic rooms in your home. An uncluttered, well organized closet will start your day off calm and stress free.