Why Should You Hire a Color Consultant?

Whether you are in the process of moving and want a fresh coat of paint for your new surroundings, or if the outside of your home is in need of a little Color Consulting of its own, you will be faced with an array of choices that can make the process a bit intimidating on some level.

We’ve all been there … standing in the isle at the local home improvement store, staring at hundreds of paint swatches that almost seem to be mocking us because we can’t make a decision for fear of it being the wrong decision. And then, it’s off to wander the endless corridor of paint cans sitting on shelves too high to reach – and not quite knowing a “semi-gloss” from the “satin”, or the “latex” versions from the “enamel”. Can you say, “headache”? And let’s not even get started about which brush to use or how many of those paint cans you’ll end up using because you forgot to apply primer.

Color is an Important Element in Interior Design

Painting is, in itself, as important as the Interior Design of your living space. You can have the fanciest, most expensive furniture with exquisite accessories adorning your marble fireplace, but if your walls are a color that your guests would have a hard time describing without it sounding like the name of baby food, then your fine furnishings aren’t being seen in the best light.

You would not be alone if you have not thought of seeking the expert advice of a Color Consultant. With all the other important decisions you must make when decorating your space, choosing a paint color may be at the bottom of the list. However, if it’s not on your list at all, here are a few reasons to reconsider.

Why Choose a Color Consultant?

    • No Guesswork Involved: A trained Consultant is skilled at knowing how to use color to accomplish the end result you are seeking. You may see a color swatch that piques your interest, but will it work in your home? Have you ever purchased a paint color according to the swatch, applied it – and then discovered it looks much better on a 2″ x 2″ swatch versus an 8′ x 12′ room? A Color Consultant keeps you from guessing if it the color is indeed what you have in mind.
    • Save Some Money: How many paint colors have you gone through before you find one you like? How many trips to the store will you make because you either needed more paint, or didn’t like the color when it went on the wall? A Color Consultant will get it done right the first time – on the first trip. There’s no running back and forth to the store wasting your gas, your time and more importantly, draining your pocket book.
    • Understands the Lighting Factor: Lighting Design plays a huge role in the outcome of your paint choice. What looks fabulous on a paint swatch inside a florescent building may look hideous inside your living room. Paint absorbs light in a way that an experienced Color Consultant understands so that if you are looking for a deep romantic red wall in your Bedroom, you don’t end up with a Pepto Bismal pink.
    • Breathes Life Into Furniture: It’s amazing what a fresh color on your walls will do for your furnishings. Selecting the right color that compliments not only the space, but factors in your furniture and home decor, will serve to put the “highlight” back into your fabrics. Nothing breathes new life into your furniture better than a complimentary backdrop of color.
    • Creates Harmony: One of the basic rules of a Feng Shui Design is to choose color that provides harmony and balance in the room. Even if your goal is far from Feng Shui principles, a Color Consultant can create a color palate for your space that will unite all the other elements in the room in such a way that the paint becomes more than just a color – but rather an emotion and a strong factor in how comfortable you’ll feel in the room.

Color Consulting Makes Cents

Choosing the right paint color, whether it be interior or exterior, is one of the most important decisions you will make when decorating your home, office or business. With so many different color combinations, textures, manufactures and choices on the market today, it make sense to hire someone who can take the guesswork out of the confusion and create the color palate that provides you with years of enjoyment and pride – and saves you time and money doing it.

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