Consider New and Improved Carpeting for Bedroom Floor Covering

Wall-to-wall carpeting had its hay-day a couple of decades back, since then hard floor surfaces have taken over the floor covering industry and pushed carpeting out of the limelight. The competition from hard-scape floor covering almost defeated the wall-to-wall plush carpet that had dominated the flooring market for decades. But carpeting has bounced back as a worthy contender by upping its game. The new and improved carpet being manufactured today offers many of the same features that hardwood and manufactured flooring offers, just with a softer side and often a lower price.
Stain Resistant
In the past, carpeting had been treated with a surface coating of stain protection, today’s carpeting has stain protection infused into every yarn fiber and lasts for the life of the carpeting. Clean-up on most new carpeting today only requires water and a clean cloth, and when the water has dried, you’ll never know the stain was there.
Odor Control
The new and improved carpeting of today can actually make your home smell better by helping to control odors. Some major carpet manufacturers are using additives in the yarn fiber that are designed to reduce common household smells, like pet and cooking odors. The odors are not locked into the carpet fibers, but rather dissipated through the magic of the additives within each yarn fiber.
Pet Smart Carpet
Stain resistant and odor-controlling are great features for new carpeting to have, but if you own an indoor pet, this feature will sell you on new carpet for your floors. One brand of carpeting comes with a lifetime warranty against pet urine stains. When a pet accident happens (and it will) and if the stain can’t be removed, you get new carpeting, free. For life. This particular carpet manufacturer gives written warranty to that effect as well.
Patterns and Color

Bi-color and patterned carpet of yesteryear only came in woven or level loop styles. Pretty, but not too soft underfoot. Today you can get plush cut-pile in a variety of patterns and bi-color designs that will match any home décor plan. Custom made carpeting that will meet your own design specifics can be also be manufactured for your bedroom.
Your bare feet will be able to tell the difference in the feel of modern manufactured carpeting, and the under-foot softness is the selling point for bedroom floor covering. No one wants to get out of a warm bed and place their feet on a cold, hard floor. When the bedroom floor is covered with plush carpeting, you don’t have to feel the coldness of the floor on your feet.
Thinner yarn fibers that are packed more densely and made with non-traditional (corn, recycled plastic) materials have produced a finished product that is softer, yet more durable, then yesteryear’s wall-to-wall carpeting. The thinner fibers make vacuuming less of a chore too.
Pricing and Installation
Carpeting is competitively priced and typically costs far less than hard-surface flooring material. Installation is quicker and easier than other hard-scapes like tile or hardwood flooring. Carpet installation is often a DIY home project and that saves you even more money.
Manufacturer’s Warranties
Each carpet manufacturer will offer a different warranty for their product. Read the fine print of these warranties as most will require a certain type of padding to be placed under the carpet in order for the warranty to be valid. Warranty validity may also hinge on other factors too, so it’s always wise to read the fine print on any purchase.