16 Corner Fireplace Ideas & Designs to Revamp your Home

Fireplaces are great for cozying up on cold days and nights. When engineered cleverly, they can also add to the aesthetics of your home. But designing corner fireplaces may not always be easy. So here are some ideas to get you started. Use these corner fireplace ideas and designs and warm up your home.

1. Traditionally Yours

16 Corner Fireplace Ideas & Designs to Revamp your Home
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Make your living room impactful by using this corner fireplace idea. This traditional brick and marble inspired fireplace idea can be useful to those who have homes located in the mountainous regions or towards the north. The design idea will provide an authentic character to the room and a dose of warmth.

This type of tile design, however, is best suited for houses that are spacious. The resistance and durability of the concrete bricks make it the perfect material to be used around a fireplace. The brick tiles provide with a more earthy and rustic look. The tiles can be matched with the overall interior of the room and then placed. They are the perfect piece to be used if you wish to add some flair to the fireplace.

2. Sidelined

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If you want to keep things simple and plain, opt for this corner fireplace idea. The ceramic tiles are perfect for providing and contributing towards a sophisticated environment. Keep yourself warm by implementing this fireplace idea that will fit well with almost any kind of decor.

Ceramic tiles aren’t very costly and help retain brick warmth. They are available in different colors and varieties. Despite being built in a corner this corner fireplace idea is aesthetically appealing. The fireplace wall design on its own is attention-grabbing that doesn’t put forward the need of additional decor. Go for this idea to maintain the peace that it provides. Make your nights warm and cozy by using this idea.

3. For Cozy Nights

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Consider this corner fireplace idea that has a layering of marble rocks from top to bottom. The idea leaves behind a stunning impact grabbing attention. Stone fireplaces make an excellent choice but you can raise the bar further by placing the stone arrangement in a creative way.

Traditional spaces or arches in the architecture draw towards them more attention since most house designs are straight. A slight arch or a brick surrounded fireplace is a beautiful way of drawing attention. Color has an important role to play when selecting for a fireplace. Either you can opt for a fireplace that matches the overall tone of the house or select a hue to contrast it with.

4. For the Modern Setting

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How stunning is this corner fireplace idea? Perfect for a providing a modern look, this fireplace idea can be used by those who have modern furniture settings. If you want a fireplace that isn’t too mainstream and projects a different look then this one is for you.

Use porcelain surrounds around the fireplace to give rise to a contemporary environment. Porcelain tiles are suitable for all types of furniture ranging from modern to rustic. From leather furniture to stainless steel, porcelain can work well with all.

The transparent glass will allow the warmth to be felt and also firelight to spread across the room. This design is unique and sets apart the eye-catching corner fireplace. Use it for modern settings to transform the entire look of the room.

5. Mosaic


This corner fireplace idea defines elegance and sophistication. The mosaic fireplace tiles blend completely with the interior providing a delicacy. The simple frame around the fireplace is stylish and brings the fireplace in focus. Complete the look by adding a circular wall mirror or any other frame of your choice that can fit well with the background.

In a living room which is exposed to natural light selecting darker tiles would be a good design. The properties of the dark tiles will contribute to enhancing the window lighting. Even with the presence of dark tiles, the room will feel brighter. Mosaic corner fireplaces are best suited for those who want to try something different and new. The cool styling provides the room with a lively atmosphere.

6. Back to the Stone Age

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Take stonework a notch ahead by completely soaking your fireplace in it. This corner fireplace idea is suitable for all those who want a combination of traditional and modern. This brick inspired fireplace tile design can be perfect for creating a warm effect. It doesn’t matter if you prefer the rustic charm of stones, the elegance of stones that are hand carved or polished stones that deliver clean lines. An idea that encompasses stones can be crafted in every way to satisfy the requirements. Enjoy a romantic and warm radiation with this fireplace idea.

7. The Timeless Look

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Redefine elegance by opting for this simple corner fireplace idea. Provide your fireplace an elegant, timeless and luxurious appeal by using marble. Marble tiles come in various designs and styles, choose the one that best fits your need. The uniqueness and versatility of the marbles are what makes it an option to choose.

Marble alone can add glamour to any room and space which is why it should be selected. A plain frame around the fireplace with the layering of marble is all you need to add that luxurious touch to the surroundings.

8. Completely Stoned

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If you reside in colder regions you might want to consider this corner fireplace idea. Built using stones (that are big in size) this fireplace idea will provide the comfy environment you are looking for. With that antique rustic look, it can complement the overall interior of the house.

This fireplace has been built in a room; you can also have it designed for your lounge. The fireplace provides a rather natural setting allowing you to enjoy the warmth while you read your favorite book.

9. Redefining Elegance

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The surrounds, tiles, and slabs made of marble allows the corner fireplace to work with fireboxes of today and enjoy the warmth they have to provide. The marble contrast well with mantelpiece’s details and project forward a rectangular firebox.

The mud color marble reflects perfectly the attitude of the room. When choosing marble you are likely to come across a lot of variations and color tones. Go for a fine that matches the overall interior of your house or just stick to the white marble that can work well with almost everything.

The rectangular colonial white frame completes the look altogether by displaying an elegant and decent fireplace. You can also hang a photo frame of your choice or any other wall hanging that you want to showcase. Add in vases on the sides and on top of the fireplace to make it stand out.

10. Surrounded By Stones

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Stone has been one of the earliest and most enduring choices for corner fireplaces. Sturdy and striking at the same time stone has always been the material that has been used in the construction of fortresses and castles. Using the stone to support fire naturally has no exception. Availability of stone fireplaces in any home provides a majestic air and reinforcement.

Opting for the typical medieval stone fireplaces is no longer a compulsion as today’s stone veneers are very much in line with haute couture values. Expect the supreme performance you are looking for by adding the stone corner fireplace to your house. The use of stone veneers can turn your home into a lavish place.

11. Keeping It Simple

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Another decent looking corner fireplace design idea that is simple yet elegant for a room setting. The ceramic surrounding and the decent frame around the firework presents a nice picture altogether. Decorate the mantle with décor items of your choice and add hangings on the wall that will match the look. Add LED lights if you wish or just leave it empty. Opt for either the ceramic look or marble tiles, the choice is yours.

12. Tiled Dimensions

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Rectangular shaped pairs of marble tiles installed around the corner fireplace generate understated interest. The fireplace displays a modern countenance that will fit well with the overall living room look. When it comes to marbles there are perhaps hundreds of options available. It is up to you to decide which one you wish to choose.

As shown here, there is an entire wall covered with marble tiles that blend perfectly with the overall design and structure of the room. Create a wooden slab on top of the fireplace where décor items can be displayed. Make sure the slab is heavy enough to carry the weight of the items. Add in a rectangular frame of your choice on the slap to present a complete look.

13. Colonial Style

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Who says antique fireplaces best suit old-world interior only? Check out this colonial style corner fireplace idea that blends well with the interior of the living room. The white shade and surround portray a peaceful message and give rise to a serene environment. If you want you can further get artwork done on the fireplace or leave it plain as shown in the picture.

Choose a simple frame for the fireplace that mixes well with the overall theme. Place a set of photo frames on the top and decorate with your favorite items. Add in candles to promote a romantic atmosphere (go for scented candles).

14. Sleek and Stylish


Here is another corner fireplace idea with a stone covering that gives rise to coziness. Despite the presence of modern furniture, the rustic and rough look mixes well with the interior. The entire surround is covered in stone making it an eye-catching sight.

The stacking of the stones on its own can make a huge difference. When stacked in lines similar to the way bricks are stacked, the fireplace gets a neat and classic look. Using big stones when building a fireplace will showcase a rustic look. Stone fireplaces are also perfect for outdoor use. Nowadays stone fireplaces are becoming part of the futuristically themed living rooms and even business settings.

Besides adding aesthetics to the room, stone corner fireplace designs also bring a textural element. This is because they come in amazing variations.

15. A Blend of Both

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The use of stone veneer is perhaps the most budget-friendly way to transform your corner fireplace. Stone fireplaces provide that homey feeling bringing to mind the cozy nights that you can spend with loved ones. However, you do not always require actual stone to use this idea.

The cast stone veneer that we find today is pretty much similar to the ones available in the market. The fireplace stone veneer will allow you to get the traditional stack stone fireplace look. The contemporary lines and the smoothness of the mantel provide a contrast to the rustic stone.

16. Updating Stylishly

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Lastly, there is this marble tiled corner fireplace that fits perfectly well with the living room setting. The marble surrounding isn’t expensive to purchase. It provides plentiful panache and contribute to the beautification of the room. The purpose of a fireplace extends more than just providing warmth; it is supposed to be an attractive focal point.

If you think your fireplace isn’t doing its job that it’s time to give it a facelift by opting for this simple but stylish corner fireplace idea and designs.  Turn its features into something you adore by getting the right material used. No matter what the style, the success of a fireplace depends on how the marble is being presented and how it works with other elements in the room.

These are some of the corner fireplace ideas and designs that can be used to transform the house. Make yourself warm and comfortable by implementing these stylish ideas.