Creating Personal Space Within Your Bedroom

Your bedroom is not only a reflection of your truest self, but a space where closing the door allows you complete privacy and relaxation. The bed is of course the central piece of furniture in the room, but alongside it there is great opportunity to create comfortable personal areas for use other than sleeping. In order to create a space within a space for more intimate comfort, you need only look to the surrounding floor plan and determine what excitement you can bring into your bedroom interior design plan.

Creating Personal Space Within Your Bedroom

Reading nook

Even with a limited foot print for extra space, a small reading nook comprised of a wing backed chair and an ottoman next to a well lit window will bring texture and depth to a bedroom design. Choose fabrics that will not only match your bedding and room décor style, but also reflect the changing light that enters the nook. Place artwork in conjunction with the seating arrangement, and add a semi-room divider between the bed and chair such as a potted plant or single-frame decorative screen.

Have a small reading table or bookcase within reach for showing off your prized tomes. This also becomes a good area to keep collectable books that deserve to be opened once in a while breath. Use the primary wall color for a paint choice, or choose a color offset by one on the color wheel for a striking effect.

Window Seating

This option may entail the services of a sub-contracted carpenter, but the results will increase your useable bedroom space considerably. By installing a window seat with a facing of good light, you can add seating and expand the visual appeal of your room. Use this opportunity to explore over-stuffed pillows and cushions, as well as extra wall area for hanging small artwork. Add a wool or fleece throw on one end for chilly mornings and insert more texture.

Artistic endeavors

Though maintaining a single pallet of coloration or two, your bedroom is a wonderful opportunity to showcase selective works of art that stray from the overall theme. As it is not the primary socializing area, more whimsical and experimental artistic designs can be utilized that share similar colors found within your bedroom interior design strategy.

Expand upon your overall design by branching into striking contrasts. With a post modern look, hang paintings or engravings of floral still life, or traditional turn of the century European landscapes. This contrast highlights individual looks and how they come together in the larger style sense. It is also a wonderful way to choose pieces that speak to your personality that might not showcase well in the living room or dining room.

A word about bedroom divans

Without a doubt, the classic style of an antique lounging divan would complete the look of any Victorian inspired bedroom ensemble. The key word here is ‘look.’ Lounging divans for the most part were not constructed of materials that held up over the span of time, filled and stuffed with straw and horsehair to retain the shape of the piece rather than synthetic fibers and cotton batting. The antique divan you might be considering would hands down be the most uncomfortable seating opportunity within your entire house, best suited for a showpiece in a wax museum display.

If, however, you have your heart set on such a piece to replicate the feel of the era, do yourself a favor and choose and up to date model manufactured with sensitive 21st rears in mind. You can still enjoy the luxurious look, and gain treasured and comfortable personal space at the same time.