Creating the look of luxury in your bedroom

Everyone dreams of having a luxurious bedroom, and the good news is that this can be achieved no matter what the budget.  It does not take many changes to give a room a new elegant and luxurious feel.  Consider all the details of the room and begin by changing just a few of these before opting for a complete revamp.  Make sure that the room is clean and free of clutter, as this will make it easier to visualize the finished area.

Small changes

Think first about the textures that are already in the room.  Changing a standard duvet cover for a satin-style cover will instantly give the room a luxurious lift.  Duvet covers are available with matching pillowcases, cushion covers and even curtains, so buying items from just one range is easy and the style of the room can be changed within an hour or two.  This could then be extended to items such as lampshades and rugs.

Fabrics such as velvet and suede are also a good idea, as these are synonymous with luxury, and rugs should have a deep pile on them for that feeling of softness and warmth.  Add these in a contrasting color to the main décor of the walls and this will help to draw attention to the luxury touches.  Curtains and blinds are a good way to finish off the décor of a room.  It is possible to buy custom blinds onlineat a very reasonable price.

New furniture can be expensive, but revamping existing furniture is a much cheaper option.  Wooden furniture can be given a new lease of life with a coat of paint, and chairs can be re-upholstered.  If this sounds like too much effort, make sure that the wood is polished and the chairs are covered with a throw.

Bigger changes

If the budget will allow, the homeowner will be able to consider larger changes such as redecorating, a new bed, or a new carpet.  Redecorating is not necessarily a big job, as it could be that the changes are made to just one wall.  Adding a different color or bright and bold wallpaper to a feature wall could be the ideal way to give the room a luxurious lift.  This is a popular option for many people who want to change the way that their room looks.

A new bed can be a major purchase, but if the finances will not allow this then simply choose a new headboard.  Opt for wood instead of a padded headboard, or if the preference is for a padded headboard then consider carefully the fabric that is used to cover it.  Velvet is a good option.

Carpets are another way of giving the room a new look.  As for rugs, a deeper pile can be a luxurious touch.  If the preference is for wooden floors then choose the best that the budget will allow.  Laminate floor looks very similar to hardwood floors, but will not last as long.  Hardwood floors are hardwearing, warm, and are good quality.