Dallas’ Larru Leathers

Larru LeathersSometimes, knowing you have a soft spot to land at the end of a long, hard day – is what gets you through the day. With Dallas’ Larru Leathers in your home, that soft spot just got a little sweeter.

Since 1983 Larru Leathers has been providing homes, offices and businesses, with the highest quality of luxurious leather products which exceed the definition of comfort and styling.

Whether your design style is Modern, Traditional, or Whimsical, Larru Leathers has got you covered with their extensive knowledge in customizing and handcrafting exquisite whole leather – for just about any project or space you can imagine.

Located in Dallas, Texas, Larru Leathers has extended its reach internationally to offer Interior Design Professionals, architects, builders, and others in the design industry, a direct connection to their products and services. Which, in turn, helps to better serve your own clients by providing them with the highest level of service and product available.

Larru Leathers Desktop

Stunning Custom Hand Dyed Leather Desktop by Larru Leathers

Larru Leathers brings a touch of glamor and class to any residential or commercial project by offering a wide range of merchandise that includes: home and office furnishings, desktops, writing implements, book covers, wall treatments, and even custom aircraft interiors.

French Knotting - Larru Leathers

French Knotting - Larru Leathers

With world renowned recognition, Larru Leathers prides itself on delivering a whole new level of luxury and opulence, partnered with form and function, to offer distinctive styling and impressive workmanship. Their commitment to quality and detail is what sets this company apart and gives everyone the opportunity to look forward to retreating to their own luxurious “soft spot” within the comfort of their own home.

Custom Bronze and Brass Indoor / Outdoor Planter by Larru Leathers

Custom Bronze and Brass Indoor / Outdoor Planter by Larru Leathers

To learn more about Larru Leathers’ products, as well as other Interior Design Products suitable for all areas of your home, office or buisness, please visit us online at InteriorDesignPro today!