16 Easy DIY Hat Rack Ideas to Stack Your Hats

Hat racks can be a remarkable way of decorating your main entrance area. A simple or colorful rack according to your choice can be placed at a perfect spot for the incomer to see. The racks are useful not only for hats but also for scarves and coats that the guests take off on entering the house.

Hat racks may well be the first piece of your furniture that guests see on entering the house so they need to be good enough to give a good impression from the very start. So you need to get them right to make an important style statement.

Here are some easy DIY hat rack ideas to get you started:

1. Stick Design Hat Rack

This DIY hat rack idea is very simple and can probably be made easily at home given you know the basics on how to put this together. The colors can be matched according to the color scheme of your house such as the color of your carpeting or wallpaper. Another plus point for this is that it is really cheap and does not require you to spend much on it.

The only drawback of this is that it does not have too many stands to hold hats or other items. But this too can be solved, simply by adding more sticks to the same design.

16 Easy DIY Hat Rack Ideas to Stack Your Hats
Source: StylebyEmilyHenderson.com

2. Wooden Tree Hat Rack

This hat rack idea is perfect for any setting. Your home? Check. A kindergarten class? Check. A warehouse? Check. This design can also be put together at home easily, provided you are handy with the tools. It can be made with pallets or the lightest wood available. So it is quite feasible too. Apart from serving its actual purpose, it is aesthetically appealing. Any one entering would see this little artsy work of yours and appreciate it.

This hat rack is easy to build at home, cheap and artistic- all at once! More ‘branches’ can be added to this hat rack tree if you have more space, or more hats!

Source: AliExpress

3. Elegant DIY Hat Rack

This catches the eye right away! It is simple and invloves just the hooks. But the colors of the hat and the single line that they are arranged in look brilliant. This is perfect for hat-lovers who can proudly arrange their hats of all colors and sizes like this. It especially looks eye catching with the plain white background.

This can be the only decoration you use for the entire room with a color like this. This is sure to catch the eye of any one who enters the room and get you a compliment on your sense of decor!

Source: Spiros Soulis.com

4. Hat Rack for Smaller Spaces

This DIY hat rack idea is ideal for a smaller space. While it does lack any design, it serves its purpose and that is probably the only requirement in a space so small. It can be used for other clothing and bags too, along with hats. The only design that can be added to it is on the wall behind. A bright color or some nice patterns on the wall behind can help add some style to this.

Source: Smallfryblog.com

5.  Transparent Hat Rack

This hat rack idea is simply wonderful in terms of aesthetics! While it is not something that can be placed at the entrance of the house, it will look quite good in a walk in closet or the dressing area of the room. It is perfect for hat lovers who like to flaunt their unique and stylish hats. Not only this, placing such a rack in the room will reflect amazing taste and class on the part of the owner.

This DIY hat rack design can make the entire room like more stylish and classy and is very different and unique compared the normal hat racks we see everywhere.

Source: Refinery29.com

6. Baseball Bat Hat Rack

This looks straight out of a bachelor’s pad or a dorm room! It is great utilization of space and very decorative. For one’s own room alone, this can be very useful. Other than hats, coats or scarves, other hanging like keys or bags can also be placed on it. The caps in the picture are complimenting the color of the furniture really well.

In a room where there is not enough space for decorations, this DIY hat rack can make the appearance much brighter. So this hat rack is not only amazing for holding a lot of items to make the place tidier, it can also make it look pretty good and decorative.

Source: etsy.com

7. A Hat Rack Idea for the Outdoors

This hat rack idea is ideal for outdoors but it can be used indoors too. It will go with just about any furniture you have in your outside sitting space. Whether you have wooden dining furniture outside or lounging lawn furniture, this DIY hat rack will fit right in. It will add some color and life to the sitting space outside.

If the hats are placed just like in the picture, they make the whole space seem much brighter.

Source: EmerlyeArts.com

8. Hat Rack Design for the Whole Wall

This hat rack design can be called a ‘hat wall’ instead of a hat rack! It is a very good idea for a farmhouse or a themed restaurant since it gives a very tomboy like appearance. The entire wall is decorated so easily and with simplicity. A plain table or stand below with a vase, and all the decoration is done! The hooks for the hats in this picture are equally spaced but you can change that in the form a pattern too.

The wall behind it can be used to add more color to it. A patterned wallpaper behind, or some posters to go along with the theme or even a colored sheet can change the outlook of this DIY hat rack.

Source: DonPedroBrooklyn.com

9. Framed Hat Rack

This hat rack idea is simple and does not need a lot of space. It serves the purpose well and does not need a lot to put it together. It need not be this small, the dimensions can be changed according to the size you want. Adding actual frames to the same wall could look very aesthetically appealing.

The color of the frame can be changed, or a carved framework can be used to make the DIY hat rack a bit more decorative and less plain than it looks in the picture. It may look even better if small soft lights were added to it to highlight it even more.

Source: Bspokeon.com

10. A Unique Hat Rack Idea

 This hat rack idea is very different from the other ideas on the list. It does not have any hooks or a lot of space. It simply uses a fabric as the base and the fabric strips are used to hold the hats in place. This is ideal for the house entrance space or for bedroom or dressing area, you name it.

The internet is full of DIY videos on how to make hat racks like this easily with just a few supplies. The choice of the fabric used, in terms of material, color and design can make it look exactly according to your choice and in good contrast with the rest of the setting of the room.

Source: SimplySpaced.com

11. Hat Rack Idea for Decoration

While this may not be very ideal for the actual purpose of a DIY hat rack placed alongside the entrance door, it is a nice idea for the purpose of decoration. Instead of using these hats, colorful ones matching the tones of your house/room can make it look brighter and rather pretty. The hooks holding these hats in place can be nailed in any design and pattern according to your choice.

Source: Architecture-Interieur-Lille.fr

12. Another DIY Hat Rack Wall Idea

This design also utilizes the entire wall. The hats can be used in different colors and designs instead of these plain ones. Just like in this picture, it is a great idea for decorating a baby boy’s room when following a tomboy or farm theme. A clothing cabinet underneath will complete this part of the room as a dressing area.

Source: GripElements.com

13. A Small Hat Rack

This hat rack design can be implemented on the door itself, not considering the possibility of the hats hitting the floor when the door is opened. This design is compact and gives a very tidy and clean appearance. It can be used to hold hats, baseball caps, jackets or scarves. The design is not very complicated and any one can easily put it together at home with the help of some hooks.

Source: CapRacks.com

14. A Bigger Hat Rack Idea

This hat rack idea has a lot of space to hold as many hats and caps as one could own! This DIY hat rack is ideal for those who own too many hats and caps or a big family who enjoys baseball too much. It can probably hold the hats of the whole family in one space. Placing colorful hats and baseball caps here can make it look bright and light up the whole area!

Source: BolondonRestaurant.com

15. A Very Different Hat Rack Design

This hat rack design has everything! Tasteful, simple, small and looks too good! The only drawback with this is that it does not hold many hats, just two to be precise, which makes it ideal if you just want to have one for the decor. The plain black framework with antlers looks very stylish and thoughtful.

Source: CasiJewelry.com

16. Hat Racks for Smaller Spaces

This hat rack idea is best for a minimal space but also for someone who likes to have a lot of people over. It has a functional design that won’t look repetitive if you use more than one. You can add in different colors for versatility and with the hats placed on it, it can look pretty nice. The biggest advantage of this is more slots and spaces for more hats! This DIY hat rack is easy to put together at home and you can make more than one if you need more slots for hanging hats.

Source: Vanilka.info

Hat racks can be a wonderful and different approach to decorating your house, room or any other space. They can reflect good taste and choice on the part of the owner. They can be such a brilliant way to flaunt all those unique hats you have been storing in the cupboards and closets for so long!