17 Fun and Cool Door Decorating Ideas & Door Décor

While some people like to keep everything around the house simple, others like to spice stuff up. You must have seen wreaths and stickers on doors but there is so much more that you can do. What you decide to put on your door acts as the first impression of your house or room for anyone who enters. These fun and cool door decorating ideas will help you make boring doors look artsy and interesting.

1. Hanging Initials

the hanging initials door decorating idea
Source : TwoTwentyOne

The first one of the door decorating ideas on the list is the hanging initials. This is very easy to do as you only need cardboard and some ribbons. So, take a piece of thermophore sheet that is as big as you want your hanging to be. With a hot knife, cut out the initial of your name from the thermophore sheet. Cover with brown paper. Cut out a big ribbon and make a bow out of it. Also, make some flowers to complete the look. Hang this on your bedroom door for a purely aesthetic feel.

2. Number Wall Hanging

Number Wall Hanging door idea
Source : LoveandLifeatLeadora

If you want to make your front door look pretty, this is one of the door decorating ideas that you can try. It is super simple and there are a lot of chances that you already have the required materials at home. So, for this, you will need a blackboard of your choice. Write the number of your house on it with white chalk or coloured chalk. Cut out a long strip of ribbon and tie a bow at the end of it. Hang it on your door for a cute front door look.

3. Flower Wreath Door Decoration Ideas

Flower Wreath Door Decoration Ideas
Source : KleinWorthco

You don’t always have to go out of your way to decorate your house. Sometimes conventional décor ideas are also quite brilliant. This is a simple wreath decoration for you door. You can put it up during the holidays or keep it up the whole year. Take a thermophore sheet and cut it in a circle. Glue flowers to this sheet and cover it up completely. Since you want the décor to last for a long time, make sure you use artificial flowers.

4. Bag Door Decoration Ideas

Bag Door Decoration Ideas
Source : GreenTeaChandelier

This is another creative idea that will also make your door a great backdrop for pictures. For this DIY, head over to your local thrift store and find an old basket or woven bag. The effect would be great if the bag or basket is darker in color, such as in shades of brown or black. Put some artificial flowers in the basket to complete the look. The more variety there is in flowers, the prettier this DIY will look. You can also put in fresh flowers every day from your garden, if you want.

5. Fluffy Tiered Wreath Idea

Fluffy Tiered Wreath Idea
Source: TheInspiredRoom

This is one of those door decorating ideas that you can do in a matter of an hour. For this, you will need cardboard or thermophore sheet. Cut out three circles out of either of them. Then, take small cotton balls and glue them to the sheets. Your aim is to create a three tiered wreath. Join the three circles to each other with ribbons and make a bow to attach the wreath to the door.

If you want to get more creative, you can also paint your décor idea.

6. Price Tag Door Décor

Price Tag Door Décor
Source: That’s My Letter

This is probably one of the more interesting door decorating ideas on this list. It is very easy to make and also serves a purpose. Cut out two pieces of cloth of the same size, in the shape of price tags. Use stencils and spray paint to write anything of your choice on them. Go with ideas like  ‘Welcome’ or ‘Happy Holidays’. The choice is entirely yours. Hang this on your wall or tie it to the door knob to give character to your door.

7. Black and White Door Décor

Black and White Door Décor
Source: BlackandWhiteObbsession.com

If you’re a movie fan and you want to make something inspired from your favorite shows, this is the door decoration idea for you. Most of the door decoration ideas require a little bit of skill and some craft experience. But this one is so simple that you can make it even if you’ve never done a DIY in your life before.

For this décor idea, you will need a horizontal frame that has more length than height. Print out a poster size picture of any character of your choice. Simply, prop the picture up in the frame and hang it on your door.

8. Floral Door Décor

Floral Door Décor
Source: RedChilena.com

Floral door decoration ideas are always in fashion and many people like the neat and beautiful feel that flowers give to a house. You can do this DIY for your front door or any other door in the house. First of all, you need to search some flower shapes on the Internet and even print out templates if you want. Then cut out flowers of this shape from felt. Put these felt flowers on your door in any manner you want. You can fill the whole door with flowers or you can simply decorate the corners or middle.

9. Kids’ Bedroom Door Decoration Ideas

Kids’ Bedroom Door Decoration Ideas
Source: Viraladremus.com

If you have kids, you can decorate their bedroom doors in a hundred different ways. One of the ways to do this is to tell them to make cute drawings of their favourite things. Then, tell your little one to say adjectives to describe themselves. Glue their drawings or paintings to small squares cut out of card board to chart paper. Join all these together with a string and hang this little piece to the door knob. You can also put up pictures of your little one from their birthday, first day at school and other occasions.

10. Framed Ornament Wreath

Framed Ornament Wreath
Source: ArtsyChicksRule

This is a very unique and interesting wreath idea. No one on the block would have the same wreath as your front door. For this idea, you will need a frame. Get a picture frame in a bright color or just buy a white frame and paint it red or yellow. Buy ornaments from the store or use the ones from Christmas. Hang ornaments at alternating heights to the frame with a ribbon. Add a bow made out of ribbon on the top of the frame and hang the frame on your front door.

11. Cute Sparrow Door Décor

Cute Sparrow Door Décor
Source: ExtraWellness.net

If you’re a bird person or appreciate colourful things, this is a door decorating idea for you.

While the image shows a bird, you can make anything you want using these basics. Just like other DIYs, for this one you will also need a thermophore sheet. Use a hot knife to cut the shape of your choice. Be very careful when handling the hot knife. Glue fake flowers to the sheet and form the whole shape by covering every inch of the sheet. Hang it to your door knob with a ribbon. If you want to make it prettier, take three ribbon strands of contrasting colors and form a braid. Hang the bird with this ribbon braid.

12. Umbrella Door Decoration Ideas

Umbrella Door Decoration Ideas
Source: Dekorasyonvetasarim.com

If you want to make something different and you want your door to be that unique door on the block everyone admires, this DIY is for you. For this, you will need an old umbrella or you can get one from the thrift store. Tie a ribbon of any bright colour on the front part of the umbrella and tie a knot. Fill the umbrella with flowers, either real ones or fake. If you are using real flowers, you will need to replace them after two or three days. Hang this décor to your door using the handle of the umbrella.

13. Beaded Strings Door Décor

Beaded Strings Door Décor
Source: ChristopherDallman

You can try this door decorating idea if you like to have beads in the house and you like the tinkling sounds they make.

Take strings of alternating sizes and put beads in them. Separate the bigger beads with smaller ones so that a pattern is made. Take a long wire and tie the strings to this in any manner that you want. You can create a dropping illusion or any upside down U. This is ideal for that one door that separates two smaller rooms or for the door to your wardrobe. Enjoy the aesthetics as well as the music this decoration makes.

14. Leaves Wreath Door Decoration Ideas

Leaves Wreath Door Decoration Ideas
Source: Lowes.com

This idea is ideal for the fall as you will be going for a leafy impression. For this, you can use fall inspired craft paper with hues of yellow, red and orange. You can also do other colors if you want.

Take a cardboard and cut it in a circle. This will form the base of your wreath. Simply arrange the leaves that you cut out on this cardboard as shown in the image. You can also border your entire door with leaves or just stick with the wreath. For a more permanent look, you can also use spray paint to make these shades.

15. Colorful Leaves Wreath

Colorful Leaves Wreath
Source: DreaminginDiy

This is another wreath idea that you can easily do. You can let your kids in this project too as it is very simple. You will need to find a round piece of metal wire for this project. If you cannot find round wires, get the linear wants and just make circles out of them.

Then, cut out flowers from coloured A4 sheets or cardboard and stick them in random places on the wires. This is a very simple wreath and you can play with it as much as you want. If you want to fill it a little more than the picture, you can also add more leaves. Similarly, you can also add some felt flowers on the wreath to make it look more natural.

16. Umbrella Wreath

Umbrella Wreath door idea
Source: Cfabridesigns.com

Some door decorating ideas can be made using things that you get from the craft store. You can use an assortment of cocktail umbrellas to put together this colorful wreath idea. To make your own, get these from the store and glue a piece of skewer stick to the middle to form the umbrella.

Take a piece of thermophore sheet and cut it in a circle. It would work well for this project because the tips of the umbrellas will easily get into the sheet. Just poke the sticks of these umbrellas into the sheet until you have covered all of it and no surface can be seen. Hang the wreath on your door knob. This idea is so colourful and unique that everyone will be praising you for it.

17. Halloween Door Décor

17 Fun and Cool Door Decorating Ideas & Door Décor for
Source: Diys.com

Halloween door decorating ideas only get better with time.  You can get inspiration from the Internet or you can decorate your door according to your theme for that year. For example, if you are going for an asylum or haunted house theme, you can do the DIY that is shown in the image here.

For this, you will need long strips of cardboard and black paint. Glue the cardboard pieces to the door as shown in the picture and write ‘’Keep Out’’ in two of the strips in black paint. Also, paint little black dots on the corners of the cardboard to make it seem like you can nailed the strips in place. This will be a great backdrop for you to take pictures for Halloween and your neighbours might even take inspiration from you for their decoration the following year.

For the most part, all you need is to make a trip to the craft store, get a handful of DIY items and you are good to go with decorating your doors at home. If you are more of a DIYer, you can change exterior door decorations seasonally and make interior decorations more permanent.