Eclectic Interior Design Ideas

Do you second guess your decorating skills? Perhaps you look around your home and find yourself at a loss for words when trying to describe your decorating style – or you start to feel a bit boxed in at the thought of sticking with one style of design? Then you will be happy to know that an Eclectic Interior Design is probably where your true heart lies.

Eclectic Interior Design Ideas

Eclectic Unites All Styles

With so many different styles of interior design, it is truly hard to pick just one and stay on that straight and narrow path. With an Eclectic design, you will create a relaxing and individual style of interior decorating that will combine all the things you love – no matter which designing category they may fall in.

Whether you have been partial to the warm and rustic tones of a Log Cabin Interior Design, or the bling and flamboyancy found in the Baroque Interior Design, – by choosing the Eclectic style you can combine several elements from these, as well as everything in between.

Tips for Achieving an Eclectic Interior Design

  • Have a Focal Point: Depending on how Eclectic you may be, your room may have a lot going on – creating a focal point will help you to combine all the different designing elements into a unified, purposeful manner. A fireplace would be an obvious choice, however a clever Lighting Design or your favorite piece of artwork would also do nicely.
  • Become a Collector: An Eclectic Design is the perfect style of interior decorating for those who love collecting … stuff. Perhaps you are a fan of auctions and love to collect antique furniture, or you are one who can’t pass up a flea market when it’s in town, or you travel a lot and bring home souvenirs – whatever you collect should become part of your interior design.
  • Use Your Heart: A rule of thumb in decorating with an Eclectic Design is to follow your heart. It will be your guide in selecting everything from furniture to light fixtures to accessories. If you absolutely love it, it should be part of your design.
  • Choose Items Proportionately: You can mix up your furniture choices to your heart’s content, just try to keep them relatively proportional – it will help soften the impact of the different styles, textures and patterns that you may have implemented.
  • Keep The Background Simple: When coming so many different interior styles, you’ll want to keep the walls and flooring simple. Think neutral colors as they will provide a nice backdrop for your Eclectic tastes.
  • Change it Up: One of the wonderful things about an Eclectic Design is that you can change elements anytime you wish. If you enjoy injecting new furnishings, new colors, new accessories and other designing elements into your home as your mood dictates … then feel free!

Avoid the Chaos

Although on the surface an Eclectic Interior Designs sounds simple with it’s random designing elements, it actually requires a great deal of attention to basic guidelines in order to achieve harmony, rather than chaos.

One suggestion in order to avoid a house full of clutter, versus a well unified work of love, is to hire an Eclectic Interior Designer. With a professional on board, you’ll be assured that your new design will resonate with cohesiveness, warmth, comfort and most importantly – the love you have for your home.

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